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How To Integrate iPads With The New Google Classroom

How To Integrate iPads With The New Google Classroom
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Переход на новую версию Google Таблиц - Cправка - Редакторы Документов С марта 2014 года все таблицы будут по умолчанию создаваться в новой версии Google Таблиц. Таблицы, созданные до перехода, пока будут открываться в старой версии*. Чтобы перенести их в новую версию, выполните следующие действия: Скопируйте содержимое из таблицы, созданной в старой версии, и вставьте его в новую. Прокрутите таблицу, созданную в старой версии, до конца страницы, нажмите на стрелку рядом с названием вкладки, выберите Копировать в… и скопируйте лист вместе с его содержимым в таблицу, созданную в новой версии. Экспортируйте содержимое таблицы, созданной в старой версии, и импортируйте его в новую. *Со временем все таблицы, созданные в старой версии, по умолчанию будут открываться в новой версии Google Таблиц. Как поделиться таблицами, созданными в старой версии Google Таблиц Если вы поделились таблицей, созданной в старой версии Google Таблиц, с другими пользователями, она будет показана им в старой версии, даже если они сами используют новую.

Using Book Creator to collaborate on a class ebook: "A week in 2nd grade" 110 Flares Twitter 29 Facebook 23 Google+ 2 Pin It Share 56 56 110 Flares × Andrea Hernandez’s students were inspired to create an ebook about life in the 2nd grade. Here’s what they came up with. Andrea Hernandez is a Google Certified Teacher and teaches at Martin J. She started using Book Creator after being introduced to it by her colleague Silvia Tolisano, who has long been an advocate of using Book Creator in the classroom. iPad explorations in 2nd grade Our school has been running a project called iPad explorations in 2nd grade, where students have had the opportunity not only to read ebooks but also create them. The class decides together Julia, who loves looking at the daily agenda, suggested that it would be fun to write a book about a day in 2nd grade. The first step was a collaborative brainstorming session to decide the most important and interesting things to include in the book. From paper and pencil to iPad Sharing with parents Was it worth it?

Handful of Good Resources for Technology Integration in Early Grades Thinglink Created and Assembled using Canva by Lisa Technology in the Early Grades: Are you eager to share your students' learning with the world? To allow young learners to create, explore and have fun while meeting state and national standards? We will share a number of kid-friendly, technology-enhanced lesson ideas that foster inquiry and produce evidence of learning. This lively session, featuring primary-grade guest presenters, will showcase great apps and projects that transform learning for the youngest students! Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad! Practice spelling, typing, sight words, and vocabulary (even add your own word lists). Balance of Screen Time by Beth Holland:- Is it Appropriate? Tips for Screen Parent Involvement is Key! Digital Citizenship Survival Parent Sites, Filters, and Safe Browsing Email Directly to a Specific Notebook Blog Directly from Evernote Evernote Lincoln ePortfolio example

Trust, Equity, and Student-Centered Learning With Fourth-Graders Tom Woodward/Flickr School administrators are looking to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies as a way to bring technology resources in the community to bear in the classroom when there is little funding for classroom devices. We will examine how three different teachers in three completely different communities — urban, rural, and immigrant — are dealing with BYOD issues, including trust, equity, and what happens when teachers try to put student-centered learning in the hands of students who’ve never experienced it. The advantage of BYOD has always been flexibility — educators don’t have to wait until a school board approves funds for mobile technology, rolls out a policy and implements a training program. Instead, teachers began experimenting with technology to engage learners and allow them to have more ownership over their learning. Using student-owned devices has the added benefit of helping students to see their phones as learning tools that can be used for research at home.

Bloomin' Apps This page gathers all of the Bloomin' Apps projects in one place.Each image has clickable hotspots and includes suggestions for iPad, Android, Google and online tools and applications to support each of the levels of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.I have created a page to allow you to share your favorite online tool, iOS, or Android app with others. Cogs of the Cognitive Processes I began to think about the triangular shape of Bloom's Taxonomy and realized I thought of it a bit differently.Since the cognitive processes are meant to be used when necessary, and any learner goes in and out of the each level as they acquire new content and turn it into knowledge, I created a different type of image that showcased my thoughts about Bloom's more meaningfully.Here is my visual which showcases the interlocking nature of the cognitive processes or, simply, the "Cogs of the Cognitive Processes". IPAD APPS TO SUPPORT BLOOM'S REVISED TAXONOMYassembled by Kathy Schrock​ Bloom's and SAMR: My thoughts

Scan documents with the Google Drive Android app - Drive Help With the Drive app for Android, you can scan important documents, like receipts, letters, and billing statements, as long as you have a camera on the back of your device. After you've scanned a document, the app will save it as a searchable PDF file and store it right in your Drive. Scan a document From the Drive app, touch the button in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you have the scan feature, there are other buttons in the same bar that you can use to take action in Drive. to create a new document, spreadsheet, or folder in Drive. in the bar. Add a scanning shortcut to your home screen If you want a quick shortcut to scan documents, you can add a "Drive scan" widget on the home screen of your device that will automatically save scanned documents to a specific folder. Navigate to the widget section of your device.

AR Flashcards 2.0 IS Here And It's FREE! | AR Flashcards Welcome to a new world of Flashcards. AR Flashcards make learning fun with the technology of Augmented Reality! “It’s definitely unique and a very clever way to get children involved in learning the alphabet and animal names.” – “Through the use of augmented reality (AR) and flashcards – this app allows your children to learn in a new and exciting way! A new approach to flashcards!” – Digital Mom Blog “My daughter was repeating the letters and animal names and I could tell that she was learning a lot from this app, which of course is what is most important to me as a parent.” – “Children will love playing around with the cards and animals while learning the letters of the alphabet.” – “I absolutely love this unique twist on flashcards. AR Flashcards are a new way to interact and make Flashcards more entertaining for toddlers and preschoolers. Features: - 26 beautifully rendered Animals to help your toddler or preschooler learn the alphabet!

La gestione dei video contenuti nell'iPad a scuola.Una guida grafica per gli insegnanti red - "Gestione dell'iPad YouTube nelle scuole" è una guida grafica creata da iPadWells da iPad4Schools, con lo scopo di guidare i docenti nel processo di insegnamento. Diversi docenti usano nella loro scuola strumenti multimediali per creare, condividere e insegnare utilizzando video. YouTube è l'hosting di video principale utilizzato in questa guida. La mappa grafica, anche se impostata per Youtube, ha cararrere generale e offre degli spunti per poter effettuare le stesse procedure mediante altri servizi di hosting gratuiti. Le principali applicazioni utilizzate in questa guida sono: YouTube, iMovie, la macchina fotografica e Google Plus. La guida inizia con alcune istruzioni su come creare una playlist su YouTube a cui è possibile aggiungere video effettuati utilizzando le applicazioni citate in precedenza o video che possono essere trovati online. Clicca qui per accedere alla guida.