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5 Free Sites to Help Journalists Build an Online Portfolio Whether you’re a soon-to-be J-school graduate or a journalist looking for a new gig, one thing you will most certainly need is a good portfolio. And not just any portfolio — it has to be online. When a potential employer Googles your name, you want your website — complete with all your best articles, social media profiles, videos and other work — to be the first thing that shows up. An online portfolio is the new first impression and you want yours to be a strong one. This doesn’t mean you have to b a web designer or someone who can code in their sleep. Luckily, more and more sites are popping up that make collecting your clips in one place and creating an online portfolio as easy as 1-2-3.

Mail Online Anthony Owen, 68, was found unconscious 20 yards from his home, next to his white Honda civic, which was still running Witnesses reported seeing three youths on BMX bikes cycling away from Mr Owen's home on millionaires' row in Hale Village, near Liverpool By James Tozer Published: 19:45 GMT, 20 March 2012 | Updated: 18:02 GMT, 21 March 2012 Head injuries: Anthony Owen died a week after being found unconscious just 20 yards from his home Police are continuing to question three teenagers today over the murder of a surgeon outside his millionaires' row home. Anthony Owen, 68, was found unconscious 20 yards from the property next to his white Honda Civic, which was still running.

Couleur 3 Point Barre Édition Pixel: PowerUp FPV, Star Wars Battlefront, The Crew Wild Run (S3E13) Point Barre Édition Pixel: Carrera Connected, Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Jetson TX1 (S3E12) Point Barre Édition Pixel: Paris Games Week, Magic Leap, Halo V Guaridans (S3E10) Point Barre Édition Pixel: BLOCKS, Witcher 3 Hearths of Stone, Bedlam, Windows IoT (S3E08) Point Barre Édition Pixel: Microsoft, Transformers, Flame in the Flood, RePhone Kit (S3E07) Point Barre Édition Pixel: Google, Armikrog , nVidia Shield TV , Skarp Razor (S3E06) Point Barre Édition Pixel: ETH Flying Machine, Soma, Rinse & Repeat, USS Entreprise-D (S3E05) Point Barre Édition Pixel: Tilt Brush Forza 6, Tokyo Game Show, Dronie (S3E04) Point Barre Édition Pixel: IFA 2015, Keynote Apple, Tearaway Unfolded, Mario Maker (S3E03) Point Barre Édition Pixel: Robin Smartphone, Metal Gear Solid, Mad Max (S3E02)

Conseils aux voyageurs Canada La situation politique est stable. Observez les précautions d'usage contre la petite criminalité. Transports et infrastructures Chile’s Raised Coast after earthquake « Mannaismayaadventure's Blog By Brett Israel Caleta Yane The Chilean earthquake that struck on Feb. 27 changed the country’s landscape by raising the ground near the coast and sinking land farther inward, a new study finds. Here on the Arauco Peninsula, the uplift of a marine terrace displaced the coastline about 980 feet (300 meters) seaward. New coast

Institute for Advanced Studies In Culture: Publications - The Hedgehog Review Fall 2013 (15.3) Parenting in America has become the subject of vigorous debate among scholars, policy advocates, and parents themselves. Do parents truly want to be their children's best friends? Do parents today hesitate to use the language of “should” and “shouldn’t”? Is raising “awesome” children really all about the “awesomeness” of their parents? People Maria Miller is still an MP and the poor people of Basingstoke are lumbered with her Selfies Like most people, Sunday People columnist Carol McGiffin had not forgotten the expenses scandals, but had kind of moved on - now it has all come flooding back Radio Ouistiti - avec Radio Ouistiti on apprend petit à petit ! Radio pour les enfants Publications Rapport annuel 2012: Encouragement de l’intégration par la Confédération Publié par l’Office fédéral des migrations (ODM), le rapport annuel portant sur "L’encouragement de l’intégration par la Confédération et ses effets dans les cantons" présente les activités cofinancées par la Confédération en vue de mieux intégrer les migrants. Rapport sur la migration 2012

Wales - the ancient Celtic heritage The National Eisteddfod of Wales is Europe's oldest and largest festival of culture, literature and indigenous music; its origins backdate to the 12th Century. Every August, the attraction of Wales's National Eisteddfod draws 170,000 visitors over a week long event, which is best described as a Welsh cultural and artistic Olympics, a celebration of the Welsh love of art, literature and pageant. Throughout the year, local and regional Welsh Eisteddfodau qualify a total 6,000 competitors for the national event, which range from poets to choirs and musicians to artists.

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