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Swissinfo - Plateforme suisse d'informations - Nouvelles, radio, téléjournal, politique, sport, météo

Swissinfo - Plateforme suisse d'informations - Nouvelles, radio, téléjournal, politique, sport, météo

Radio Ouistiti - avec Radio Ouistiti on apprend petit à petit ! Radio pour les enfants Immigration to Australia › forside Chile’s Raised Coast after earthquake « Mannaismayaadventure's Blog By Brett Israel Caleta Yane The Chilean earthquake that struck on Feb. 27 changed the country’s landscape by raising the ground near the coast and sinking land farther inward, a new study finds. Here on the Arauco Peninsula, the uplift of a marine terrace displaced the coastline about 980 feet (300 meters) seaward. New coast Uplift of the ground is seen at the beach of Lebu. Punta Lavapié An uplifted marine platform was found at Punta Lavapié (the northernmost tip of the Arauco Peninsula). This photograph shows several species of dead algae and mollusks that lived in the coastal waters. The white coating on the rocks is from the dead algae. Credit: Science/AAAS Santa Maria Island At the southern end of Santa Maria Island, several marine platforms uplifted more than 5 feet (1.5 m), leaving some species far from their living zone. Arauco Peninsula The magnitude 8.8 earthquake also caused massive landslides, as seen in this image of the coastal slope of the Arauco Peninsula. Raised marine platform

France 2 : site de la chaîne de télévision - France 2 France 2 est la chaîne de l’événement, de l'information, du sport et du divertissement. Elle est disponible sur en direct et en replay. Chaîne généraliste du service public français, France 2 propose une offre de programmes large, variée et fédératrice qui s'adresse à tous les publics. France 2 a pris la suite d’Antenne 2 depuis 1992 et fait partie du groupe France Télévisions. Pour visionner toutes les émissions que vous appréciez, vous pouvez opter pour la TNT, le satellite, le web mais aussi la télévision IP et le câble. Toutes les émissions et les programmes diffusés en direct à la télévision sur France 2 et que vous aviez l’habitude de retrouver en replay sur Pluzz le sont désormais sur

Wales - the ancient Celtic heritage The National Eisteddfod of Wales is Europe's oldest and largest festival of culture, literature and indigenous music; its origins backdate to the 12th Century. Every August, the attraction of Wales's National Eisteddfod draws 170,000 visitors over a week long event, which is best described as a Welsh cultural and artistic Olympics, a celebration of the Welsh love of art, literature and pageant. Throughout the year, local and regional Welsh Eisteddfodau qualify a total 6,000 competitors for the national event, which range from poets to choirs and musicians to artists. While the Eisteddfod is held at towns and cities alternately in northern and southern Wales, the institution is exclusively Welsh language orientated and provides a high profile focus and convergence of the Welsh speaking communities of Wales. The most coveted literary prize in the National Eisteddfod is the "chair" - indeed, the word "Eisteddfod" translates as "chairing" or "sitting".

Home BBC News Home Top Stories Trump to drop Iran deal, Macron says France's leader admits he may have failed to persuade his US counterpart to stick to the 2015 accord. Related content Video Five times Macron ripped into Trumpism President Emmanuel Macron used a speech to Congress to deliver several rebukes to his US counterpart. Trump nominee bows out amid allegations Ronny Jackson rails against "baseless and anonymous attacks on my character and integrity". Kim to cross border for Korea talks Final details are announced for Friday's historic meeting between the two Korean leaders. 'Why I performed magic in North Korea' A Singaporean magician explains how he ended up performing in a Pyongyang arts festival. Trump's lawyer to plead Fifth Amendment Michael Cohen invokes his right to remain silent in the case of adult film star Stormy Daniels. Dead author 'helped catch serial killer' Comedian Patton Oswalt says his late wife's bestselling book helped identify suspected California killer. Canada and the world

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