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Atom Smashers Error Message Generator

Atom Smashers Error Message Generator
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0to255 Yay Ponies - Archive (Design from BronyAsia) The Secret Lives of Stormtroopers Ever wonder what your toys do when you're not around watching over them? Star Wars fan and photographer Stefan brings to life his stormtrooper action figures in a series of photos he's taking every day for a year. His stormtroopers are capture on film undergoing dangerous adventures, playing games, hanging out with monkeys and more. Here are some of the best moments in this project.

The Bored Ninja – Fun, Interesting, and Cool Stuff on the Internet Les Petites Phrases Dont Pay for Technology: 25 Freebies for Students Jun 29, 2009 In today's economic climate, paying for technology isn't prudent, and for some students, it isn't even an option. Fortunately, there are plenty of freebies on the web that can help with document creation, research, writing, storage, collaboration, studying and more. Here are 25 free web apps and software programs that may be useful to students. Document Creation Zoho Office - Zoho Office is an amazing suite of web-based productivity and collaboration tools. Research and Writing Schoolr - This meta search engine combines other academic search engines to make research faster and more efficient for students. Online Storage and Collaboration ADrive - Offering more than 50 GB of free storage, ADrive is one of the best places to upload and store files online. Study Help and Web-Based Learning Mindpicnic - Mindpicnic is helping to revolutionize the way students learn by providing free courses and study materials online. Miscellaneous Tech Tools

Ask Retro Pony Pixels Also, a further test of a new style of Retro Pony Pixels that came about during my participation in EQD’s Artist Training Grounds Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Grounds V Art Dump. Only Got about half of them, but hey, I did my best :) Just testing out an alternative design. Luna seems to have forgotten where she is ;) Happy (LATE) 4th of July all :) From now (june 2) til tommorrow (june 3) I am running a contest on my Deviant Art Journal to have a spritesheet or animation of an OC of your choice created, with the 1st, 2nd , and 3rd place winners actually getting their OC featured in the news letter! Want your OC featured in a game? At least his luck turned around in the end :)

33 Perfectly Timed Photos You may be the best photographer in the world, but sometimes all it takes to take the best shot is being in the right place at the right moment. It doesn’t even matter if you take it with your cell or high-end DSLR. Often, you won’t even notice you made an incredible picture until you come home and transfer your photos to a computer. Show Full Text However, that doesn’t mean you should stop improving your photography skills and just wait for that one and only moment. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” So be prepared for it and be lucky! Update: Perfectly Timed Photos (PART III) is out! Thanks for sharing! 3x per week 30,000,000+ monthly readers Error sending email Photo Credits: Photo Credits: Photo Credits: Photo Credits: Photo by Simon Dawson Photo Credits: Photo Credits: nature-wallpapers Photo Credits: Photo Credits: Photo Credits: unknown Photo Credits: Jibby

9 Reasons It’s Important to Have a Best Girlfriend … Every girl needs a best girlfriend. Female friendship is so rich and rewarding, and I think that as you get older, it's easy to forget that sometimes. I remember my best friend being the most important thing to me when I was younger. Women are known for the emotional support they can provide to anyone they love. Echolalie - Le site de toutes les listes, de tous les mots YouTube Toolbox: 100+ Tools and Resources to Enhance Your Video Experience YouTube is still the undisputed king of video sharing on the web, so it only makes sense that there would be a slew of tricks and tools for it. From Adobe AIR applications that let you download videos to Firefox extensions that protect you from RickRolls, and much more, here are over 100 tools and resources to help you enhance your video experience. Have a favorite? Adobe AIR Applications Sometimes you just want to get out of the browser environment, and Adobe AIR apps offer a viable solution with many of the same features you enjoy in the browser. DeskTube - A social YouTube viewer that allows you to send links to friends to open their DeskTube, tweet what you are watching along with a link, and more. MyYouTube - Play or download videos from YouTube, create playlists, manage your collection and more. YouTube Video Widget works Online and Offline - An application designed with mobile devices in mind. Alternative Viewing Methods Firefox Extensions Is there anything Firefox can't do? Tools

Storm The Castle -Creativity, Epic Fantasy, Classical Guitar, video game making, writing, dioramas, terrariums, and more

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