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Code and Theory

Code and Theory
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Hot Dot Production — заурядная, молодая-динамично-развивающаяся корпорация Создание сайтов в точке пересечениятехнологий и дизайна Логотип, фирменный стиль и сайтдля салона WebGL игра INTERNET SECURITY Multi device Промо сайт Промо сайт Сайт по продаже билетов Сайт по продаже билетов Оставить заявку Москва, ул. Home - Delcan & Company : Delcan & Company Experimental Cartography: The Map as Art by Maria Popova What tattoo art has to do with fashion, vintage atlases and Nazi concentration camps. We’ve always been fascinated by maps — through various elements of design, from typography to color theory to data visualization, they brilliantly condense and capture complex notions about space, scale, topography, politics and more. But where things get most interesting is that elusive intersection of the traditional and the experimental, where artists explore the map medium as a conceptual tool of abstract representation. And that’s exactly what The Map of the Art, a fantastic Morning News piece by Katharine Harmon, examines. Matthew Cusick, 'Fiona’s Wave,' 2005 Cusick's oversized collages are painted with fragments of vintage atlases and school geography books from the golden era of cartography, 1872-1945. Corriette Schoenaerts, 'Europe,' 2005 Schoenaerts, a conceptual photographer living in Amsterdam, constructs countries and continents out of clothing. Arie A. Paula Scher: Africa, 2003

Pioucube | Réalisation vidéo, film corporate, communication et publicité à Lyon EMC Federation Announces New And Enhanced Solutions And Federation Ready Partner Program The EMC2 Federation, today previewed updates to the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution at VMworld® and announced a new Federation End-User Computing solution. With integrated hardware, software and services from EMC Information Infrastructure (EMC II), VMware and VCE, the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution unites the strengths of private and public cloud and drives business agility by self-service provisioning of applications and resources to policy-driven service levels. Customers of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud are gaining efficiencies in traditional IT functions and workflows, with some projecting more than $50 million in IT savings over five years. With the new Federation End-User Computing solution, customers benefit from an integrated, validated solution aimed at driving the complexity out of deploying and maintaining Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). New Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Features New Federation End-User Computing Solution

Diogo Akio — Designer Quadra Collective is a interactive & branding studio created from the partnership of Diogo Akio and Caio Rogério. A small company that believes in working with big proportions, made with love and trust. "Quadra" in Portuguese means, "block", i.e., from neighborhood, which conveys an idea of something at reach and quite reliable. Back to Projects Sin Palabras: Cómo dibujar la innovación. Visual thoughts, pensamientos visuales 1 La metodología que empleamos en nuestros proyectos arranca con una fase muy importante: Captura de la información. Gracias a dos sesiones de trabajo y a una dinámica colaborativa identificamos junto a nuestros clientes cuáles son los mensajes claves y la forma más entendible de mostrarlos. Durante la primera jornada de trabajo, que denominamos 'sesión de descubrimiento', los asistentes dibujan, escriben, opinan, debaten, analizan, categorizan y sintetizan… Durante cuatro horas redefinimos el objetivo, identificamos a quiénes nos vamos a dirigir, descubrimos cómo son y cuáles son sus dudas sobre el proyecto y posteriormente organizamos toda la información sobre la estructura que nos parece más comprensible. En definitiva se trata de abrir la mente y generar el máximo número de ideas. Tal vez sea la sesión más dura para el cliente que habitualmente no está acostumbrado a este tipo de ejercicios. El segundo día visualizamos los mensajes identificados en la primera reunión.

Clever Typography Art A beautiful collection of clever typography art This is a beautiful collection of clever typography art that we found on popular meme website, 9GAG. Sadly, there was no reference to the artist who created these images, so if you happen to know who they are, please share with us in the comments. We’ll be happy to give them full credit and feature their work here on the Wix Blog. * Update – Thanks to our reader Audrey, we now know this ovely work is from the book Word As Image by Ji Lee Word As Image by Ji Lee

5 Ways That Joining a Trade Association Can Help You Boost Business Ever feel like an ant crawling through a landscape of giant big-box competitors? If so, consider this: The average anthill packs plenty of collective power, and when its residents gather in large numbers, they can send even the largest beast running. Trade associations can give small businesses similar leverage, affording them access to innovative business practices and winning business strategies. These industry-specific groups can also give independent operations more political clout, which may be helpful whenever proposed local, state, or federal legislation threatens to harm small businesses. Here are five ways to boost your business by joining a trade association. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Abcdr du Son, le magazine rap Carrera en Accenture Interactive – Spain El tamaño y la escala de Accenture brinda innumerables oportunidades profesionales en el área de digital, mientras que nuestro enfoque “boutique” y a medida te permitirá trabajar conjuntamente con algunas de las organizaciones más fascinantes del mundo—nuestros clientes. Si eres una persona creativa e innovadora, Accenture Interactive es el lugar perfecto para ti. Preparamos a nuestra gente para el éxito y no existe mejor manera que invertir en tu crecimiento y desarrollo. Los programas de capacitación de Accenture Interactive están organizados por conocimiento y especialización en la industria, para brindarte exactamente lo que necesitas y cuando lo necesitas. También formarás parte de una comunidad vibrante e increíblemente creativa, que disfruta imaginando, creando y proporcionando productos, servicios y soluciones que la mayoría de la gente ni siquiera sabe que necesita (o desea).

mr. div all in our heads // video 16,984 notes Kris Menace ‘The Entirety of Matter’ // Album art by Mr. Div Check out the first in a series of 'gif videos’ for the album here: Kris Menace - Mona 827 notes Top Professional Associations for Business Students Are you looking for ways to strengthen your resume and develop relevant work experience? Joining a professional organization or the student chapter of a professional association is one powerful way to position your future for success in your respective career field. A professional organization is a non-profit organization seeking to further a particular profession and the interests of individuals employed in the field. Nearly every career field has at least one professional organization and membership is typically welcome at all points in your career. There are several professional business organizations for individuals pursuing careers in this field. Why join a professional business organization? Joining a group like this allows you to take advantage of student leadership opportunities that can help you sharpen the skills you’ll need to advance your business career. What’s more is that you’ll often have opportunities to attend prominent business conferences and conventions. Marketing:

Inspiration for Article Intro Effects | Demo 3 We may define a food to be any substance which will repair the functional waste of the body, increase its growth, or maintain the heat, muscular, and nervous energy. In its most comprehensive sense, the oxygen of the air is a food; as although it is admitted by the lungs, it passes into the blood, and there re-acts upon the other food which has passed through the stomach. It is usual, however, to restrict the term food to such nutriment as enters the body by the intestinal canal. Many popular writers have divided foods into flesh-formers, heat-givers, and bone-formers. These last are not strictly foods, if we keep to the definition already given; but they are consumed with the true foods or nutrients, comprised in the other two classes, and cannot well be excluded from consideration. Water forms an essential part of all the tissues of the body. Mineral Matter or Salts, is left as an ash when food is thoroughly burnt. Flesh-formers, heat-givers, and bone-formers Soaking in cold water