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Some People Just Throw Plastic Bottles Away, Others Make This...

Some People Just Throw Plastic Bottles Away, Others Make This...
Practically everyone drinks soda and if you are someone who prefers 2 liter bottles, you may have mounds of plastic to throw away at the end of the month. Instead of throwing out those bottles, why not do something creative? People are increasingly creating different ways of reducing the damage we are causing to the planet bringing intelligent ideas about recycling and reusing daily objects. Vertical Garden Chandelier Broom Beautiful Mosaic From Caps Left By Hurricane Sandy Spoon Lamp Jewelry Stand Cherry Blossom Paint Stamp Parking Canopy Bouquet Lamp Christmas Tree Cute Planters Intricate Bottle Vase Durable Purse Sci-Fi Rocket Jet Pack Hanging Chandelier Lake Boat Pencil/Marker Organizers Solar Light Bulb Ottoman Seat Curtain Bottle Cap Decoration Bird Feeder Napkin Ring

41 Cheap And Easy Backyard DIYs You Must Do This Summer 1. Cover the springs of your trampoline with sliced up pool noodles as an extra safety precaution. 2. 3. Perfect for your garden graffiti wall. 4. Attach one side to the house and the other side to a pole or tree, then slide the curtains across for shade. 5. 6. See how they did this here. 7. Get more info about how they did this here. 8. 9. Your solar lights will likely get weathered and cloudy over time. 10. Or you can buy them at a nickel apiece here. 11. 12. 13. 14. It’s a heady process that involves technical-grade chemicals, but think of how MAGICAL your summer nights will be. 15. 16. 17. See how this was made using just lumber and a bucket or galvanized tub. 18. Fill the pipes with soil and plant succulents on top. 19. Watch the instructional video here. 20. Get the directions here. 21. Get the DIY here. 22. Get the full instructions here. 23. Get the directions here. 24. Bonus: If you plant lemongrass, it’ll keep the mosquitoes away. 25. 26. 27. Your kids will love it, I promise. 28. 29.

New Post: Decorate Creatively with Old Wooden Crates - claudinesivri - Gmail DIY Linen Fabric Book Cover. If you want to protect the books you love, why not sew a linen book cover? Year after year, I would wrestle with school textbooks as I tried to wrap them in paper. Now that I’ve discovered this easy trick, I wonder why I wasted my time with paper. The linen lasts so much longer than paper covers and looks a thousand times better. This is great idea if you like to buy used books like me. With a linen fabric cover, you can prevent older books from falling apart. Make them if you are a student to protect your textbooks from damage. Materials: linen fabric (the size will depend on the size of the book you wish to cover)a bookmeasuring tape or rulerscissorsa pencilsewing machine Level of Difficulty: This is a great DIY project if you are new at using a sewing machine or need some practice. Measure the front of your book to get the height. Then add an extra two inches to each end of your linen and mark it with your pencil. Now cut your piece of linen according to you measurements. And you’re done!

New Post: 17 Smart Ideas for Home Improvement - claudinesivri - Gmail Inspiring DIY Garden Planters Decorate your garden with the planters you’ve created yourself by transforming anything!#1 via(brit) Landfill Harmonic — A Moving Story About 'The Recycled Orchestra' in Paraguay Landfill Harmonic is a heartfelt story of how instruments made from recycled garbage have brought hope to children whose future was otherwise spiritless. It all began when a garbage picker named Nicolás Gómez found what resembled a violin in a landfill in Paraguay. The landfill actually serves as a primary form of subsistence for many local residents; a place where a violin is worth more than a house. Using other found objects, Nicolás transformed the garbage he had found into a fully functional violin. He soon after built a flute, cello, and drum, and then a youth’s orchestra was born. A group is making a film about the project and are currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Share With Your Friends

Unique Craft Ideas With Neck Ties Have you ever imagined that you can turn your husband’s old ties into a purse, bag, bracelet and even a waist coat? Have a look at our post and discover the projects you can make out of old neck ties.#1 via (rickrackruby)#4 via (projectconquer) via (toolgirl) via (tiesandwhimsy) via(ragzdesignhouse) “Trash to Tresure” 5 DIY Ideas With Old Magazines If you have been around here long, you know that we are crazy about DIY ideas. This time we wonder what we can do with old magazines and booklets that are thrown away or waiting for recycling and found this roundup of simple, affordable, and fun projects from paper coasters to photo frames. What do we like best with old magazine crafts? They are low-to-no cost! #1 Waste Basket You can decorate your office with this super cute paper basket. via (replayground) #2 Picture Frame Maybe the most popular way to upcycle magazine pages is to turn them into beautiful picture frames. If you have lots of magazines and time why not trying this mirror frame? via (ggcaa) #3 Woven Basket Another craft making with magazines is turning them into paper baskets, either woven into square baskets or round ones. via (howaboutorange) #4 Magazine Coasters With their lovely colors and fonts, making your own drink coaster with old mags is one of the cleverest ideas. via (bluealgae) via (planetforward) via (ideasmag)

Awesome DIY Ideas With Wine Corks Here you can find our favourite ways to recycle your wine corks into cool crafts.