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3 TED Talks That Might Actually Change How You Teach (And Think)

3 TED Talks That Might Actually Change How You Teach (And Think)
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Be a better writer in 15 minutes: 4 TED-Ed lessons on grammar and word choice There’s no denying it — the English language can be mighty tricky. When writing a paper, a novel or even an e-mail, you might look at a sentence you just wrote and think, “Is that comma supposed to be there?” or “Is that really the best word to use?” Fear not! TED-Ed has put together a list of four of our favorite grammar and language lessons to get your next piece of writing in tip-top shape. First, let’s look at the often-confusing comma. What about the Oxford comma? Now, take an adjective such as “implacable” or a verb like “proliferate” or even another noun “crony,” and add a suffix, such as “-ity” or “-tion” or “-ism.” Finally, when it comes to good writing, don’t take the easy route!

Teachers, can you pass this test? If you got at least half right we will call it passing…. CLICK the orange tabs or swipe left to view all of the slides Teachers, Can You Pass This Test? The answers to the 15 questions from the Teachers Can You Pass This Test? PLN – Professional Learning NetworkPBL – Project Based LearningMOOC – Massive Open Online CoursesBIP – Behavior Intervention PlanLEP – Limited English ProficiencyOPT OUT – Movement of parents opting their children out of standardized testingSLO – Student Learning ObjectiveBLENDED LEARNING – Intentional learning outside of school (usually digital) to free up school day for more interaction with students. Made with Haiku Deck

Critics challenge MOOC leaders to a debate Dive Brief: The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education is maintaining its steady drumbeat of criticism against massive open online courses, challenging the leaders of Udacity, edX, and Coursera on Tuesday to a public debate about the “claims and promises” of the online education industry. Also on Tuesday, the group released a video called “Online Ed: Teaching Millions or Making Millions?" The clip includes cartoons representing the founders of the top three MOOC providers: Daphne Koller, Anant Agarwal, and Sebastian Thrun, who appears to be permanently wearing Google Glass. The campaign issued letters to the three last week, repeating the same basic themes about MOOCs promising more than they deliver and their motives skewing more to investors than to disadvantaged students. Dive Insight: Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Thrun, Koller, and Agarwal debating the powers-that-be in the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education? Recommended Reading:

Fossilizzato? Spesso è inevitabile Filomena Fuduli Sorrentino Nell’apprendimento di una lingua straniera, non tutti arrivano a parlare o a scrivere una seconda lingua correttamente. I motivi che impediscono di acquisire una seconda lingua senza errori sono tanti, e il più complicato è la fossilizzazione Con la parola l’uomo si distingue dagli altri esseri viventi, e per via del linguaggio può esprimere le sue opinioni descrivendo se stesso e ciò che lo circonda. Che cos’è la fossilizzazione? Infatti, per affermare la fossilizzazione, le analisi dovrebbero durare anche tutta la vita, e ciò rappresenta una notevole difficoltà per qualsiasi studioso. Perché si forma la fossilizzazione? Nei casi di studenti che hanno lasciato il loro paese di origine sapendo parlare il dialetto e l’italiano per stabilirsi in un altro paese, dove è parlata un’altra lingua, il problema può essere più complesso e diverso da individuo a individuo. *Filomena Fuduli Sorrentino, insegna alla South Middle School, ECSD, Newburgh, NY.

Literacy, families and learning What Students Can Learn from Giving TEDx Talks Student Curran Stockton Gives a TEDx talk on technology and communication with the image of Steve Jobs in the background. By Linda Flanagan When Kate Griffith brought a huge batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies into an 8th grade class, she was doing more than sharing her culinary talents with hungry kids. An 8th grader herself, Griffith was conducting an experiment as part of the background research for her upcoming TEDx presentation. The test was simple: anyone willing and able to wait an hour would be rewarded with three cookies. Two years ago, Griffith was one of 10 students at the Lawton C. More than 10,000 TEDx events have been held around the world since the program was launched in 2009, including those put on by schools like the one in Summit. At Summit, Randy Wallock provides that support. Wallock recruited students that first year. Some students gained insight into learning itself. The students gained emotionally as well, starting with a boost in confidence. Related

Techie Brekkie | ... It's an exciting time to be alive! Back to school for lessons on teaching Opinion Geoff Masters Geoff Masters: research shows learning is maximised when students face challenges appropriate to their levels of achievement. Reforming schools and improving student achievement levels are priorities for governments around the world, but the question is which reform strategies are proving most effective? Those tried include: Setting standards and targets: This attempts to drive improvement by setting explicit curriculum standards to make it clear what teachers should teach and what students should learn in each year of school and targets for improvement, such as the “adequate yearly progress” targets for schools in the United States and the Australian government’s goal to be among the top five countries in the world by 2025. Using performance measures: This has led to a push for greater public transparency about how schools are performing. Rewards and sanctions: Little improvement So why have results not improved? Take, for example, the evidence on incentive schemes.

5 app che ti aiutano a fare la valigia Hai portato tutto? Se fare la valigia mette ansia, ecco i rimedi migliori. Se invece siete convinti di saper domare ogni bagaglio, date un’occhiata: Packpoint e le altre app vi stupiranno Pubblicato (Foto: Getty Images) Sfatiamo subito il mito: fare la valigia non è così difficile. PackpointiOS, Android: gratis Dopo una serie di domande generiche come sesso del viaggiatore, durata e tipologia del viaggio (partite per lavoro o per piacere?) Valigia & Bagaglio ProAndroid: 1,99 euro La possibilità di personalizzare la propria lista vanta un inventario con 15 categorie e oltre 640 oggetti. BaglistAndroid: gratis Ormai abbiamo capito che, tendenzialmente, queste app delineano il profilo dell’utente in procinto di partire con una serie di domande che sono a grandi linee le stesse. Packing ProiOS: 2,69 euro Una volta individuata la lista ad hoc per il viaggio, non solo l’app da la possibilità di salvare la lista, ma si sincronizza automaticamente con iCloud, così siete sicuri di non perderla più.

Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator 50 Inspiring TED Talks For Teachers: An Updated List For 2014 50 Inspiring TED Talks For Teachers: Updated For 2014 by Sara Briggs The communication explosion reaches its peak when you explore the endless avenues running through TED Talks. Moreover, the title educator embodies many forms within these talks. So it’s precisely for this reason that any educator benefits from so many of these talks. Each speaker reveals his or her passion of a view or a subject with the enthusiasm of a first-year teacher. Using TED Talks to convey an important message or spark creativity might be more effective in teaching students than an individual agenda or preconceived notion of what should be said. These are the best TED Talks for any educator because they make us laugh, warm our hearts, break down barriers, and always inspire us to dig a little deeper and push a little harder, challenging your educator perspective. 1. 100,000 Tutors 2. Sugata Mitra won the 2013 TED Prize for his idea: Build a school in the cloud. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.