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Revealed: 19 Things to Know Before You Start a Blog

Revealed: 19 Things to Know Before You Start a Blog
Last Update November 19th, 2016. Thinking that you’d like to start a blog this year? This post is for you! Today I’m going to show you some really important things you need to know before you jump in. If you follow these tips you’ll save a lot of time and valuable energy. NOTE: This post on starting a blog contains some affiliate links. The quick steps involved in starting a blog First up, if you don’t have a blog yet and are wondering about the best way to get started there are a few quick steps you’ll want to follow: Set short and long term goals.Get a domain name and blog host from BlueHost and install WordPress as your blogging platform.Choose a theme and decide on branding elements like logos and colors.Add an opt-in form to start collecting email subscribers.Begin producing strategic content that helps people. The content below will go into much deeper detail about starting a blog this year and give you a bunch of helpful resources that you can use to skyrocket your blogging progress.

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10 Best Blog Sites to Create a Free Website Creating a website or a blog is as easy as it gets, in just few seconds you can start blogging. In this article you will find ten of the best blog sites to create a free website. If you are completely new to blogging then read – what is a blog? and reasons to start a blog, plus don’t panic, we will cover almost every bit of blogging knowledge on this website. is a also a blog cum website that is made on a blogging platform called WordPress. THE Best Places to Start a Blog (Updated 2015 Edition) - Dear Blogger Please check out my guide to blog hosting sites and answer some blogging questions below if you want (you have my permission to do so, though you don’t really need it ). I can’t get to them all anymore and who knows, you might find an answer you’re looking for too! —

The Complete Guide To Building Your Blog Audience Build A Community That Gives You Permission To Market To Them A great blog begins with the content you create, but to be successful a blog also needs a strong community or audience. The members of your community will follow your blog by giving you permission to send them updates. This is a powerful step in marketing. The 50 most influential travellers of our time These 50 innovators are the ultimate globetrotters for the 21st century - inspirational movers and shakers who will change the way you see the world, from Angelina Jolie to the Dalai Lama

Best Blogging Sites Comparison Guide 2016 01 Mar Best Blogging Sites Comparison Guide 2016 Posted at 10:00h in Blogging by Jamie Blogging is a great way to connect with the world. Whether you blog to express your passion for your hobbies, blog to connect on a personal level with others or blog to help promote a business, it can be a great way to connect with the world. VITAL: 15 Predictions to Read Before You Start a Blog in 2015 Want to start a blog in 2015? You might like to read this first… At the end of last year I did a post about the things you’d need to know before starting a blog in the year to come. It was a lot of fun predicting what I thought the next 12 months would look like for bloggers. So, I thought we’d make it a bit of an annual tradition – this year involving freebies, rewards and encouragement for bloggers who want to make 2015 awesome. Here are the 15 things I think you need to know before you go and start a blog in 2015.

How To Make a Niche Review Site that Earns You $1000/Month - Dear Blogger Note: You can now watch our video series on how to make a review site. Update: Reader Nick pointed out that the FTC requires a disclaimer these days that you have an affiliate relationship with the companies you are reviewing. Make sure to create one! Best Blogging Platforms of 2014 Medium A Better Place to Read and Write. Cost: Free, but Twitter account is required Pros: Readability, community interaction, built-in analytics, great SEO, best UI of the bunch Better Blogger Survey Results: How To Make Your Blog Stand Out In 2015 Is finding enough time to plan and produce really great content your biggest challenge? According to the results of our 2015 Better Blogger Survey, that’s exactly what most of us are dealing with right now. Actually, a ton of bloggers say this is their biggest professional challenge: 22% can’t find enough time to create content.20% find it tough to plan content ahead of time.16% say the hardest part of blogging is creating really good content.

Sugar Aunts: Quick As A Cricket Activity Teach Empathy Kids can have a difficult time with learning to be empathetic. Teaching kids empathy doesn't have to be hard. Empathy is an important part of social-emotional awareness and self-awareness. When we read our recent Book Club Play Date book, "Quick as a Cricket", the feelings and values each animal stood out. This book really hits on the self-awareness of a child as they see that each feeling in the book makes up a part of him. We thought that if this boy is feeling all of these emotions about himself, then others are too! 10 Things To Do After Your Blog Goes Live - Dear Blogger Your blog goes live and…now what? You have a blank slate of a blog with nothing on it, yet all the potential in the world! Lately I’ve been helping so many people with the setup part of blogging that I’ve sort of forgotten the post-launch period.

How to Use Medium: The Complete Guide for Marketers Imagine starting a blog with zero overhead. Imagine having a place online to write your thoughts, tips, and learnings and share with a built-in audience and an immediate potential for viral traffic. Imagine a really great writing app. This is Medium, a blogging platform from the creator of Blogger and Twitter. It’s slick and snappy and could very well be worth a deeper look for digital marketers and first-time bloggers. We’ve enjoyed experimenting with the best way to use Medium here at Buffer, and we’re eager to learn more about what the best practices might be for helping the Medium community and engaging with an audience.

How to start a blog: 10 pro tips The web, and in particular the blogosphere, is a crowded place. With so many blogs out there, it's important to make sure you know how to start a blog that stands out from the crowd in more ways than one. And the basics of a brilliant blog start with the design.