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Nicolas GUILBERT, King Charles à la collerette, Azay-le-Rideau Vous avez été longtemps illustrateur de presse, directeur artistique et graphiste, vous êtes peintre et dessinateur, comment êtes-vous devenu photographe ? Ayant toujours été passionné par la photographie dont je collectionne les livres et les revues depuis mon adolescence, j'ai eu le bonheur de travailler comme directeur artistique avec de très grands photographes et cela fait 35 ans que j'ai un appareil en permanence avec moi. D'abord un un Zorki, puis plus tard un Leica avant de passer au numérique. D'où vous vient cette prédilection pour les animaux avec lesquels vous êtes, si l'on peut dire « sorti du bois » ? Rangeant un jour mes archives, je me suis aperçu que sans m'en rendre compte, j'avais photographié énormément d'animaux, exclusivement dans les villes et dans la proximité des hommes. J'ajoute qu'entraîné par ma passion pour les livres, j'ai commencé à rassembler et éditer ces images les mettre en page. Pourquoi cette exclusivité du noir et blanc ?

Adrian Piper at Elizabeth Dee #art Artist: Adrian Piper Venue: Elizabeth Dee, New York Exhibition Title: The Probable Trust Registry Date: May 3 – May 31, 2014 Click here to view slideshow Full gallery of images, press release and link available after the jump. Images: Images courtesy of Elizabeth Dee, New York Press Release: Elizabeth Dee proudly presents The Probable Trust Registry, a new installation and participatory group performance by Adrian Piper. For this exhibition, the main gallery is transformed into three corporate reception environments drawn from universal work culture. I will always be too expensive to buy I will always mean what I say I will always do what I say I am going to do Engagement with Piper’s interactive installation offers the possibility to assess one’s own philosophical obligations and to reevaluate complicit relationships to others. Link: Adrian Piper at Elizabeth Dee Contemporary Art Daily is produced by Contemporary Art Group, a not-for-profit organization.

Animaux & Cie | 50 Photos Animaux & Cie album de photographies de Nicolas Guilberttexte de Cécile Guilbert éditions Grasset, 2010156 photos en n&b 256 pages Nous ne possédons pas tous des animaux de compagnie mais vivons tous, depuis toujours, « en compagnie » des animaux. Sans attendrissement particulier à leur égard et sans souci non plus d’exalter l’ « humanité » des hommes, ce livre témoigne du rapport à la fois archaïque, tragique, enfantin, bouleversant, ironique, familier et humoristique que nous entretenons depuis toujours avec les bêtes.

16/11/14 par Anna Pseudomorphs — V2_Institute for the Unstable Media Pseudomorph literally means 'false form'. Anouk will be designing towards systems that can make subtle transformations in order to let a design recreate itself.The neck-piece works with pneumatic control valves and an pressure and control system that allows the ink to be pumped throughout the design and spreads the ink over a series of absorbing dresses in a uncontrolled matter, making the designs to 'bleed' the ink that is given to them. "Ink can be a complex medium, composed out of hundreds of materials like solvents, pigments, dyes and so on. My aim is to create a system that makes this ink come to life." A structure may be covered in fluids that alter the original specimen into a new material, this process is called Pseudomorphing in mineralogy. Creating illusions around the body, on fabrics and between surfaces that makes it magical to look at, or interesting to be with.

Creating A Great Advertisement For Your Art Business | Art Marketing and Business By Neil McKenzie Creatives and Business LLC Developing a great ad is an art! Each day we are bombarded with literally thousands of sounds and images in the form of advertisements trying to get us to notice a product or idea and then persuade us to take some form of action – like buying a product or supporting an idea or cause. It takes a great ad to cut through the clutter and get noticed – something which is easier said than done! In this article I take a look at some ideas on how to create a great advertisement for your art business. Develop an “Eye” for advertising Develop an “eye” for advertising to see what works and what doesn’t One of the first steps in creating your own great ad is to look at what others have done. Try this experiment Try to remember an advertisement you have seen in the last day or so. Connect with your customers with the right message What connects with you should connect with your customers – after all isn’t that a big part of producing your art is all about? Elements of a great ad The bottom line(s)…

Giacomo Carmagnola Giacomo Carmagnola nasce nel 1992 a Montebelluna dove vive ed ha il proprio studio di artista. Attualmente studia comunicazione e grafica multimediale a Venezia. La caratteristica principale che caratterizza le sue opere è la “distruzione frammentaria” delle immagini fotografiche. Questa viene ottenuta attraverso un sofisticato algoritmo matematico. Successivamente l’immagine così ottenuta viene rielaborata in postproduzione e presentata sia come stampa fotografica che come immagine digitale. Le linee della sua ricerca attuale variano dalla serie “Veiled Ladies”, dove applica effetti di frammentazione su fotografie di suore o donne velate scattate nei primi anni del ‘900, alla serie “Riots”, dove interviene su immagini di scontri urbani tra polizia e civili. Negli ultimi due anni ha esposto a: § Milano presso la Key Gallery e la Homemade Gallery, § Treviso presso lo spazio espositivo Libreria Universitatia San Leonardo, § Barcellona per l’OFFF Festival, nell’ambito della Digital Decade III,

Questions For Artists to Ask Art Gallery Owners - Manhattan Arts International By Renée Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International I’ve known artists who have lost their art, money and reputations due to their failure to protect themselves in dealing with galleries or alternative exhibition venues. The sad truth is they could have either avoided these tragedies and being exploited and they could have taken measures to retrieve their losses if only they followed the advice in this article. As a professional artist one of the highest forms of career validation is when you receive an invitation by a gallery owner or private dealer to be represented or have an exhibition. However, before you go walking hand in hand into the sunset with your new representative it is important to feel secure about the terms of the agreement. Whether the gallery is a commercial, privately owned gallery or a non-profit alternative venue make sure you ask the right questions to know where you both stand. Questions to Ask Before You Deliver Your Art 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.