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In progress.

In progress.
some in-progress teaser pics of my 'Hajimari' solo show coming up at Jonathan Levine Gallery in NY this coming Saturday. will post full images of all pieces after opening night happens. ;) Related:  Asia

Beautiful Wood-Block Prints by Hiroshi Yoshida Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) from Japan was a respected painter and a shin hanga printer. He is very famous for his woodblock printing. He gave new pinnacles to his printing work. He had through knowledge of all the parts of printmaking process. Advertisement Portfolio

Explosions of Color from a Chinese Artist Hua Tunan is a rising artist in China. Combining the traditional elements of Chinese art and culture with a modern twist, Hua brings about beautiful explosions on the canvas. Based out of Foshan, Hua (also known as 画图男) does performance and street art in addition to his paintings. His work has gathered the attention of companies such as Volvo, who flew him out to Zurich to do graffiti art on one of their blank cars for a performance. As his art continues to stimulate viewers, we at Visual News will keep an eye on him and his work at Chinese creative agency NeochaEDGE. ↬ neochaEDGE The Incredibly Detailed Drawings of Manabu Ikeda The pen-and-ink drawings of Manabu Ikeda are enormous in both size and detail. Working on paper canvases several meters in size, the Japanese artist spends up to two years on a single one of his masterpieces, never knowing what they are going to look like until they are finished. Manabu Ikeda begins work on his monumental artworks by sketching some images in his sketchbook as they pop into his head. He is always thinking about his art and sometimes sees images when he is doing the most mundane things, like having dinner with his friends. History of Rise and Fall “Meltdown”, the 40-year-old artist’s latest creation, took only five months to complete, but that’s because he worked on an abnormally fast pace. Ark Meltdown Sources: Vancouver Observer, This Is Colossal Reddit Stumble

Hiho / henshu iin This series, with its comprehensive scope and visual material goes beyond the usual survey of Japanese religious sites. Temples, shrines, and their treasured objects that are important to the history of Japan are represented. Prominent historians and art historians undertook this major project to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of Kodansha, one of the leading publishers in Japan that specializes in culture. A collaborative effort, the series documents many artifacts usually hidden in treasury vaults. Illustrated: vol. 8, p. 38, seated statue of Fudo Myo-o, Daigo-ji

Lotus Throughout his career, Zhang Daqian explored different ways of depicting lotus. Here, he has extended the expressive potential of bravura ink-play pioneered by Xu Wei (1521–1593) and Zhu Da (1626–1705) by adding representational details to abstract patterns of color wash to create an evocative, atmospheric image. He dedicated this work to Lin Yutang with a poetic inscription that reads: Thanks to the silk-washers who did not pluck them,They remain in the rain to shelter the mandarin ducks. (trans. by Shi-yee Liu) This image is executed in what Zhang referred to as his "splashed-ink" style, which he developed in the mid- 1960s. Jian Chong Min Amazing Landscape Painting Pages Sponsored Links Saturday Jian Chong Min Amazing Landscape Painting 3K+Save Surprisingly, nothing was found online about the artist except here. 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save 3K+Save Email ThisBlogThis! at 4:36 PM Labels: Chinese artists, contemporary art, contemporary artists, Landscape painting, Women Artists 4 comments: Add comment Load more... Links to this post Create a Link Newer PostOlder PostHome Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) <a href=" rel="nofollow">Fine art appraisal, art prices - Search free signatures & monograms</a> Arts blog Free Website Directory