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Introduction to Google Classroom

Introduction to Google Classroom

WEB 2.0 Tools in the classroom 6 Tools To Create Beautiful Image Quotes - Epreneur TV If you’ve been using social media for a while, you’ve probably noticed the explosion of image quotes on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook. Inspirational sayings and meaningful quotes about success, life, love etc have the uncanny ability to touch us in just a few words because they express what we all think, feel, hope, fear and desire in life. This is probably also why they tend to go viral. But in today’s fast-paced world, pictures, not just words, are becoming the new way to communicate. Besides the wisdom and the feel-good factor, I believe there are actually 3 important reasons why every business must add image quotes to their marketing mix. Why You Should Create Image Quotes 1. Quote images are one of the easiest ways to add a visual element to your posts. 2. In other words, if you want to connect with your audience, you should “tell” less and “show” more. 3. How To Create Beautiful Image Quotes Top 6 Tools To Create Image Quotes #1.

Google Classroom: A Free Learning Management System For eLearning As eLearning professionals, we are always looking for tools that help save time when it comes to the organization and maintenance of our online courses. We want to offer our audience the best possible experience, but keeping everything streamlined can be quite a challenge. The good news is that Google Classroom may be just the free learning management system that you’ve been looking for! What Can Google Classroom Offer To The World Of eLearning? Google is already a powerful design and development tool in eLearning thanks to Google Applications for Education. Now there is one more application to add to the line-up of invaluable productivity tools: Google Classroom. Google Classroom can be utilized by any eLearning professionals and online educators who have already created a Google Apps for Education account for free. Online facilitators and other eLearning professionals can create assignments within the application and distribute them to their learners online within a matter of seconds.

Countdown Clock Comptez le nombre de secondes .... Et si on lançait le compte à rebours de votre vie? Ce compte à rebours numérique va apporter de la pression, de l'excitation et du drame dans votre vie. Remarques ** ** ------------- - Lors de la configuration du compte à rebours pour un événement dans le passé, vérifiez que le mode récurrent est désactivé autrement il remplacera l'heure réglée. - Les événements qui semblent avoir une heure de repos prennent en compte l'heure d'été. - Si les widgets ne sont pas répertoriés, veuillez vous assurer que l'application est installée dans la mémoire interne. - Final Countdown utilise le fuseau horaire local de l'appareil sur lequel il est lancé.

Formation - Le code, une nouvelle langue à maîtriser, installé à Montreuil, propose des cours aussi bien pour les enfants, que de la formation continue ou un enseignement pour les jeunes, avec ou sans le bac HTML, CSS, php, Javascipt, C++, Python, Ruby… les outils numériques de notre environnement quotidien parlent des langages informatiques abscons pour le plus grand nombre d’entre nous. Apprendre à coder devient un apprentissage élémentaire. «Yes We Code » : c’est la phrase qui défilait sur l’écran des ordinateurs des postulants à la première promotion de l’école 42 de Xavier Niel, ouverte en novembre à Paris pour former des développeurs. Barack Obama ne désapprouverait pas cet emprunt à son slogan… Il a lui même soutenu la campagne « Hour of Code », lancée le 9 décembre aux Etats-Unis. « N’achetez plus de jeux vidéos, créez en un ! Lire, écrire, compter et… coderMais l’ambition de généraliser l’apprentissage du code ne se limite pas à pallier cette pénurie. En attendant, des initiatives privées ont pris les devants.

60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom 60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom by TeachThought Staff Google Classroom is quietly becoming the most powerful tool in education technology. It may lack the visual appeal of iPads, or the student credibility of a BYOD program. So below are (at least) 60 thing you can do with Google Classroom. When an assignment, lesson, or unit doesn’t work, add your own comments–or have students add their own feedback), then tag it or save it to a different folder for revision.Align curriculum with other teachers.Share data with professional learning community.Keep samples of exemplar writing for planning.Tag your curriculum.Solicit daily, weekly, by-semester, or annual feedback from students and parents using Google Forms.Share anonymous writing samples with students.See what your assignments look like from the students’ point-of-view.Flip your classroom. 60 Smarter Ways To Use Google Classroom

General Day to Day 100 Of The Best Twitter Tools For Teachers By Category In 2009, we shared our favorite tools for teachers on Twitter, with 100 resources for managing feeds, finding followers, and tackling classroom groups on the social media site. Since then, many tools have been revamped, replaced, or simply aren’t available anymore. Clearly, an update is in order, so we’re proud to present a new list for 2012, featuring the very best tools available to Twittering teachers today.

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