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A-Z Sitemap of all topics

A-Z Sitemap of all topics

Angl s per a catalans -- Les lliçons UNITAT 1 — Pronoms personals, auxiliars; formes i temps verbals UNITAT 2 — Com s'escriuen les formes verbals UNITAT 3 — Els verbs be i have; pronoms complements; numerals UNITAT 4 — Noms i articles UNITAT 5 — El plural, els infinitius, els àpats, i uns verbs problemàtics UNITAT 6 — Adjectius: qualificatius, possessius i demostratius UNITAT 7 — Les preposicions UNITAT 8 — Negació i interrogació UNITAT 9 — Adverbis, pronoms, adjectius i locucions interrogatius 199 exercicis d'interrogació interactius UNITAT 10 — Adverbis I UNITAT 11 — Adverbis II (l'enllaç a Comparació dels temps verbals) UNITAT 12 — El futur i el condicional UNITAT 13 — Can, could, be able to; may, might i must; had better i would rather (l'enllaç a Verbs pronominals) UNITAT 14 — Obligació; traducció de la perífrasi haver de; l'imperatiu UNITAT 15 — Complements indirectes; datius possessius; pronoms reflexius i recíprocs; expressions impersonals UNITAT 16 — El genitiu saxó Suplement de la unitat 17 UNITAT 18 — Pronoms relatius

English Pronunciation Exercises Online, Printable Exercises for Teachers ESL Lesson Plans & Resources for Kids Kiz School provides: Video Tutorials, PPT, Interactive Games & Quizzes, Printable PDF Worksheets & Flashcards, among others. You don't need to be a professional teacher to use our materials.It is an effective, affordable private and public teaching solution for parents and schools. English For Kids Free ESL for resources for kids are one of our best offers. Worksheets for Kids include: Word Puzzles , Phonics and phonetics worksheets, coloring worksheets, video and music worksheets.ESL FOR KIDS We have video slide shows for Young learners in six different grades beginning from easy to difficult. ESL Kids Lab : Fantastic Free Resources for Kids Fun Games for ESL Teaching ESL Fun Games and Activities for the classroom. More Grammar & Vocabulary Exercises Grammar and Vocabulary can be learnt and practiced using these free interactive exercises for online learning. ESL Downloads: PPT & eBook zip files Learn Chinese - Free Chinese Lessons Sites Not Related to ESL

Àmbit Lingüístic CEFIRE-SAGUNT - Poems Skip to main content Try Wikispaces Classroom now. Brand new from Wikispaces. guest Join | Help | Sign In Àmbit Lingüístic CEFIRE-SAGUNT Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In Turn off "Getting Started" Loading... USA: Life for Many Grandparents Not All Fun and Games (VOA Special English 2005-06-12)<meta name="description" content="Text and MP3 File. You can listen online or download the MP3 file. ESL, EFL, English Listening Practice, Reading Practice"> <= Back [ Page 241 ] Next =>2005-06-12 Download MP3 (Right-click or option-click the link.) Welcome to THIS IS AMERICA in VOA Special English. I’m Steve Ember. And I’m Shirley Griffith. But who can get angry at a proud grandparent? Some children get to see their grandparents all year. Many Americans live far away from their grandparents. Grandparents have already gone through the daily cares and worries of raising children. Yet many grandparents in the United States have to take a major part in caring for their grandchildren. The research organization RAND says that at any one time, ten percent of grandparents live only with a grandchild. But two-and-one-half-million of them also have at least one of their parents in the same home. RAND researchers say this percentage has not changed much in recent years. Nearly one-and-one-half million children live with their grandparents only. Some grandparents who care for their grandchildren have legal custody.

Conversation Worksheets - Crime The ESL worksheets and teacher's notes on this page are in PDF format. You are free to download, print and photocopy them unmodified for classroom use. Crime | Teacher's NotesA globally relevant topic for discussion - everybody will have something to say about this! Vocabulary is practised with a sequencing exercise which introduces the students to some useful topic-based words and phrases. Pronunciation is practised through a "stress placement" exercise. Rebellion! Missing | Teacher's NotesA very topical lesson on a globally valuable subject: Missing children. Bribery and Corruption | Teacher's NotesA stimulating worksheet that encourages students to explore the grey areas between bribery, hospitality and perks. Terrorism | Teacher's NotesA stimulating worksheet on a very topical subject. Hostages | Teacher's NotesA fluency-centred lesson based around stimulating discussion questions (e.g. Bomb Attacks: What do they achieve?

Gramatica inglesa gratis, ejercicios de ingles gratuitos Resumen de Gramática Inglesa. (Incluye gratis versión en PDF) Artículo Indeterminado (a / an) Artículo Determinado(the) Ejercicios Artículos Clases de nombres (paper, a piece of paper) Género (he, she, it) Formación del Plural (car, cars) Sustantivos Compuestos (Racing-car, Classroom) Los Sustantivos derivados de verbos (To paint, painter) La Posesión. Clases de Adjetivos (what? Género y número (He is good, She is good, We are good...) Posición (A beautiful house, the house is beautiful) Adjetivos sustantivados y compuestos (Dark-blue) El comparativo y el Superlativo(Tall, taller, the tallest) Adjetivos demostrativos (This, that, these, those) Adjetivos distributivos (Each, every, either...) Adjetivos de cantidad (Some, any, much, many...) Adjetivos interrogativos (What? Adjetivos posesivos (My, your, his, her...) Adjetivos gentilicios (America, American, the Americans...) Adjetivos Numerales (One, two, three...) Clases de Pronombres (I, this, who, which, mine...) Pronombres interrogativos(Who?

Pantalla de cerca | Aplicació de Recursos al Currículum Què és l'ARC?Competències bàsiquesAjuda i contacte Inici Educació Primària Cicle Superior Llengua anglesa cerca textual Afegeix descriptor cerca visual Dimensió comunicativa Dimensió plurilingüe i intercultural elements [97] No hi ha elements que corresponguin als criteris de selecció. Famous people Comunicació oral Eines TIC Plants Travelling Comunicació escrita Comunicació oral Festivals Comunicació escrita Comunicació oral Eines TIC Exercitació lingüística Hobbies and Entertainment Sports My Body Food and Health Comunicació escrita Comunicació oral Eines TIC Imatge, so i vídeo People A World of Countries Animals and the Environment Comunicació escrita Comunicació oral Gestió d'informació My Town The Internet My Family Pegamil Comunicació oral Exercitació lingüística Experimentació Literatura All About Me AICLE/CLIL/EMILE Comunicació oral Eines TIC Exercitació lingüística Gestió d'informació My Parents Favourite Music Comunicació escrita Comunicació oral Exercitació lingüística For a Healthy Life Exploring 2D Shapes

About the Visual :: Overview A dictionary with a new point of view that catches the eye and enriches the mind. 20,000 terms with contextual definitions,developed by terminology experts; 6,000 full-color images of a wide variety of objects from all aspects of life; One essential reference. The Visual Dictionary is designed to help you find the right word at a glance. When you know what something looks like but not what it’s called, or when you know the word but can’t picture the object, The Visual Dictionary has the answer. The Visual Dictionary is more than a reliable resource of meticulously labeled images—it innovates by combining dictionary-scale definitions with exceptional illustrations, making it the most complete dictionary. The Visual Dictionary is an indispensable visual reference that goes beyond object identification to answer questions about function, significance and purpose. There is a Visual Dictionary for every age... for every need... for everyone.

Understand Spoken English « English Listening Learn how to use all the site features: See how subscribers can use English Listening. Click on the video to see and hear more. Michael talks about his love for running and how he get involved with the sport. Click on the picture to see and hear more. Gofam is a Vietnamese student living in America, and he describes Vietnamese food and compares it to American food. Welcome from our CEO: Dr. Choose your level. Aprende la gramática inglesa de forma divertida: Aprender Inglés Online La gramática es una parte integral de todo componente de un idioma, desde la lectura hasta la escritura o el habla. La gramática es importante para dar buenas impresiones en muchos aspectos de la vida, desde las entrevistas de trabajo hasta las solicitudes de admisión en la universidad. Es un indicativo de nuestra educación y muchas veces se asocia con cualidades como la inteligencia y la aptitud. Es muy importante que los niños aprendan las bases de la gramática temprano para así construir las bases de una escritura y habla correctas. Para ayudar a los jóvenes estudiantes a aprender los aspectos más difíciles de la gramática, hemos compilado una lista con los 10 mejores juegos online para ayudar a que los niños aprendan la gramática inglesa: Balloon Pronoun Game: identificar los pronombres suele resultar difícil para los jóvenes estudiantes, con lo que este juego es una herramienta educativa muy útil para aprender los conceptos de los pronombres. Noun Attack!