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5 Likely Reasons Why your Social Media Campaigns are Failing

5 Likely Reasons Why your Social Media Campaigns are Failing
The best asset of social networks used for B2B lead generation is that added ability to interact with the target audience in a way that’s not too transactional. It’s like seeing businesses step down from their supposed pedestal and reaching out to the people. But that nature of interaction also has its downsides. Most marketers agree that there are really no definite measure of social media ROI, and that it is only a special channel through which prospects are easily contacted. Whichever approach your lead generation campaigns may take, it doesn’t take away the fact that the power social media offers is something that shouldn’t be wasted on poorly executed strategies. As per, these are some of the common reasons why social media campaigns backslide: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Source: 7 Reasons You’re Not Generating Leads From Social Media

The Checklist every B2B Singaporean Company Needs to Hold Smashing Events Preparing for a corporate event entails a lot of investment in terms of time, money and energy. But without a doubt, there’s B2B Singaporean companies are making it their top priority. More than 68% of B2B enterprises worldwide cite events as important and most important. Because of their value in terms of educating and engaging high-value prospects, events are taking up a huge slice of marketing budgets this year. But if we are to consider the high amount of resources involved in preparing for events, organizers will have to know the important tools and techniques needed to increase productivity and (consequently) to improve their events’ impact to the bottom line. A checklist often comes in handy as they can help you make sure your marketing campaign has all the right elements in place. Do you have these in your checklist? 1). 2). 3). 4). #B2b Event Checklist#Singapore Event Checklist

No Email Love? Revive your B2B Email Marketing Campaign Every day, billions of emails swim across the vast information highway right above our heads and inside the fiber-optic cables below the ground. For marketers, it’s a battlefield, and sometimes we tend to forget about the competition and become contented with mediocre emails. And then we wonder why we never get good responses from prospects. In order to gain attention, emails need to stand out from a barrage of other marketing mails. Consider these things as starting points in breathing life back into your terminally ill email marketing campaign: Be concise and crunchy.

Of Growing Your Business In Australia And Lead Generation The bigger your business is in Australia, the greater the challenge to make it grow. This is a truth that you will agree with. With the economy getting hit by the mining industry’s decline, a lot of business owners feel that the inevitable is coming. Still, it can be an opportunity for you, if you know what to look for. The challenge here, of course, is your choice of agency to leave the job to. As a business investment, you will agree that an outsourced lead generation team is what you will need to grow in Australia’s current business climate.

Singapore B2B Lead Generation Company Increase Your Sales Leads With Effective Telemarketing Management If there is anything that you might complain about B2B telemarketing campaigns, it is that the rate of success can be pretty low. But really, that would only happen if you do not manage your team well. You see, this medium of B2B lead generation is a constantly evolving and adapting form of marketing. Managing this requires leadership and business skills that not many have. It might take some years to master them, but you can learn them. More sales training – yes, your people may have undergone a lot of product trainings and the like, but it never hurts to have another day of training. It is all about proper marketing management.

Understanding the B2B Buyer: 4 Rationales of a Purchase DecisionB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing In order to predict a behavior, one must determine the cause. In a business setup, the purchase process of buyers can be traced back to their inherent or emerging needs to maintain their operations. It’s so basic a principle that marketers actually tend to forget to look into. We can’t blame them. B2B lead generation is an intricate practice, and most of their attention is built around converting prospects into paying customers and nurturing leads down the sales funnel. But for those who can’t seem to put their finger on why they are failing to close a sale, it’s best to be reacquainted with the essential motives why buyers make a purchase decision: There are four basic reasons, and the first two are as follows: To perk up production For a typical business, enhancing productivity is definitely part of the goal. Now when a B2B buyer has that motive in mind, marketers should highlight these desired features on their products. For business expansion and growth

Callbox Dishes Out The Leads The Client The Client is one of the premier retailers of Dish Network, the United States’ lowest priced all digital satellite provider. Dish Network offers a variety of HD programming such as theater-quality movie channels, educational and nature programming, Pay-Per-View HD movies, and HD broadcasts of special events, including concerts, boxing matches and professional sporting events. The Client offers TV and entertainment packages that are put together to give choice and value, loaded with popular options for a low price as well as very affordable equipment upgrades. The Challenges GrowthExisting competitionInsufficient in-house support Providing satellite sales, installation and service throughout the US was not easy for the Client which was a young company. The Callbox Solution In order to gather interest for the Client, Callbox launched a Lead Generation campaign in April 2006. The Results This is the Client’s first experience with outsourcing, and Callbox is proud to be chosen.

SEO Tip of the Day: 4 Steps to High SERP RanksB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing Every SEO marketer aims for high search engine results page rankings. Let’s face it: people who search on Google everyday don’t really go as far as the 4th or 5th results page – unless they’re desperate. If your content ends up somewhere in that district, it might as well be non-existent. That being said, a lot of people also make money out of “helping” businesses achieve that ultimate objective. Jon Rognerud, a recognized authority on SEO with more than 20 years creating and managing marketing projects from small to large companies, including positions at online giant Yahoo! Here are his recommendations: Step 1: Target Market Business Analysis Website analysis. Step 2: Keyword Research and Development Keyword analysis. Step 3: Content Optimization and Submission Create page titles. Step 4: Continuous Testing and Measuring Test and measure. Read the full post at Your SEO Checklist: 4 Steps to Optimizing Your Website

Make Better Business Decisions: A Guide for Struggling B2B Companies Leading a company, particularly in the volatile grind of the B2B industry, executives need certain tools. And no, we are not talking about the usual, concrete tools defined by new marketing technologies such as lead nurturing and lead management software, which are effective by themselves. In this article, we are going to talk about the effective use of basic intuition and instinct to achieve exponential business growth. That last one sounds very much far-fetched, especially to the ears of SME executives who are new to the B2B field and to older companies that have yet to make significant strides. With limited resources at hand and with aggressive competition to face, how can they truly drive their businesses towards securing higher revenue and a large volume of clients? The answer of course lies in good leadership. These are actually possible when business executives themselves execute sound decisions. Negative decisions are usually attributed to poor judgment, research and planning.