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Rega Turntable Wall Shelf - Analogue Seduction

Rega Turntable Wall Shelf - Analogue Seduction
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Rega P3-24/Elys 2 Turntable review - from the experts at whathifi What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Sat, 13 Sep 2003, 2:00pm For Excellent all-round sound very involving listen fine build ease of set-up upgrade potential good Against Like all turntables, needs care in positioning The Rega P3 turntable has been going for more years than some of us care to admit we can remember. Rega can supply the P3-24 without a cartridge for £100 less than the price we've quoted, but most will be sold with the Elys 2 moving-magnet cartridge pre-fitted to our review sample. Build quality is excellent for the money: the main bearing tolerances are impressive and the RB301 tonearm – a development of the class-dominating RB300 – feels thoroughly engineered. Shout about the super soundUp and running, this deck is a sonic superstar. Should you wish to upgrade, Rega also makes an outboard power supply for £150. Provided you site this Rega with some sympathy and partner it with a decent system, we think you'll love it. Click here to watch our video review of the Rega P3-24/Elys 2.

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine AUDIOFOLIA rega rb250 rewire - pink fish media Hi, here's my take on doing this. This applies to the RB250 arms. The RB300 is more difficult because there isn't clear access down the tube. There are a couple of obvious weaknesses in the original wiring: There is a solder joint at the headsell – it’s not a continuous wire. The grounding wire is connected to signal ground at the base plug. NOTE: it’s absolutely unnecessary to disturb the bearings when you rewire the arm. My personal preference is for different internal and interconnect wiring. 1 Remove the counterweight stub 2 You can be quite rough with the old wiring! Drill a 1mm hole in the underside of the armtube about 20mm from the pivot centre. 9 We’re now ready to insert some guide wires. 10 Wiring time. 11 Just how you treat the base plug (or even discard or replace it) depends on the wiring you’ve chosen and the way you want to join signal wire to interconnect – solder joint like the original, DIN socket in the base or continuous wire.

Audio, HiFi et accessoires multimédias - Retrofutur Lavardin Technologies High End Audio System - Welcome FWD - Monster Turbine PRO High Performance review by The Gadget Show The basics Some of the most eye-catching earphones money can buy, the Monster Turbine PRO High Performance headphones look just like a tiny little aircraft turbine engine. They come in gold and copper finishes and are the most expensive buds the prestige Monster brand pumps out. They cost a fair old wedge, but claim to make it sound like there's a subwoofer in your ear. The good Monster's Turbine PRO earphones do indeed offer great bass response, but it's not the hyperactive boom you might expect given the buds' larger-than-life look. The bad At £250, Monster is positioning the Turbine PROs up against big hitters from Ultimate Ears, Shure and Westone. The bottom line Monster's earphone designs are often outlandish, and the Turbine PROs are no different. Monster Turbine PRO High Performance is tagged with Monster, earphones and headphones.

EISA Awards 2014-2015 | EISA - The European Imaging and Sound Association Forums: Target VW2 Wall Stand 12-21-04: Caterham1700>>>Does it resonate or impart a sonic signature to the TT?EVERY device will impart some of it's own self generated signature but the VW is fairly benign with the stock Target particleboard shelving.The glass shelf version has a fairly strong and persistant sonic character. >>>How much weight can it support? >>>Would it help, or be worthwhile, to fill it with sand or lead. >>>What about using the Cloud 11 &/or the Neuance table with it - help or hinderance? Ken LyonGreaterRanges/Neuance Caterham1700 (Answers | This Thread) 12-21-04: ShventusThanks Ken, I sent you an E-mail earlier this AM. 02-27-08: IhchoIs VW2 supposed to be used for 2 TTs, or 1 TT and another component? 02-27-08: DuffydawgHi Shventus, I think you are lucky to have Ken Lyon's input. Good luck in your pursuit! Mark Duffydawg (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)

Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Noise Isolating: Electronics Got these a replacement to the CX300 mk1s which I have been using every day as I walk to an from work. First thing to note is the build quality. A bigger, gold plated jack looks and feels alot sturdier. Its bigger size has however not been a hinderance. The junction reinforcement, where each cable splits off has also been beefed up making these feel much more resilient. Not much has visually changed with the driver unit, it has now got a sloped back but overall looks to be the same size etc. The biggest difference comes in the sound department (where it matters!). I'm not going to comment on how well these head phones fit as that is a completely personal interaction, they either will or they wont. To summarise, if you already own CX300s, the mark twos are a worthwhile upgrade. Well after a year of daily use (hour walk to and from work) a connection in the left ear has gone.

GOLDRING 1042 MOVING MAGNET CARTRIDGE - available from Superfi UK Visit for details We use cookies on our website togive you the very best experience.Please read our cookie policyfor more information. It is essential for the function of our site that we place a text file called a cookie in the browser files of your computer when you login, submit a form or interact in a 'complex fashion' (eg putting something in your basket). The cookie may be stored on your computer's hard drive. Some non-essential cookies are also used to gather non-personal information. This data does not identify to you in any way but allows us to monitor and improve your browsing experience. Good examples of non-personal information would be: what web browser is being used, any referring sites that linked you to Superfi, the date/time of the browsing session and which pages were visited. You are always free to decline our cookies if your browser permits, but please be aware that some parts of our web site may not work properly for you if you do so. (One cookie will be set to store your preference)

Origin Live | OL1 Tonearm "...A real Giant killer...tonal colour is fresh dynamics have great speed and impact, and the sound stage is huge." -Upgrade to Rega RB300 & RB250 - Hi-Fi World “A true giant killer...with Origin Live’s rewiring, it’s one of the best arms money can buy and no less a bargain.” -Upgrades on Rega RB250- Hi-Fi World OL1 arm - offered by Origin Live and manufactured by Rega Note: All arms from Silver and below are now the 3 point rega mounting not the older threaded base All Rega arms The OL1 arm and Rega arms can be utterly transformed by Origin Live upgrades - it's worth it! To get an idea of the significance of each upgrade, a percentage ranking has been assigned to each modification to represent the relative performance enhancement. Click here to view a summary of each upgrade £ 142 (Unmodified) Unmodified £ 199 Summary of OL1 Tonearm & Modifications Read more on Tonearm design philosophy View All Tonearm Specifications Options le VTA Adjusters Stylus Force Gauges more info Armboard & Adaptors