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Analogue Seduction - Stocking the finest in Amplifiers, Headphones, Cables...

Analogue Seduction - Stocking the finest in Amplifiers, Headphones, Cables...

Merci de patienter Origin Live - manufacturer of the finest Hi Fi Hi-Fi Choice Magazine AUDIOFOLIA Take Five Audio - Canada's Online Source For DIY Audio, Parts and Accessories - Welcome ML - AudiogoN Reviews: Grado Prestige Black Cartridge Everybody likes Grado’s SR60 headphones which, at less than $70, are a tremendous bargain. I’ve often heard it said by high-end Grado headphone purchasers that, if they’d known how good the SR60 was, they’d never have sprung for the more exotic models. But for some reason, you rarely hear about the lowly Grado Prestige Black, part of the company’s entry-level line Prestige line. It’s not as sexy as the company’s wood-bodied cartridges, but then again, the SR60s aren’t nearly as sexy as the wood-and-leather RS1 cans. Could the Black be the SR60 of cartridges? Every step up through the Prestige line of cartridges yields minor (but significant) improvements in detail and frequency extension. The Grado Green was my first high-end cartridge. Then, two years ago, I bought an old Yamaha belt-drive for a friend. Fast forward to the present. In the $50 price range, there are some surprisingly good choices. Mounting the Black on my Rega RB250 tonearm was a little harder than I’d anticipated.

Audio, HiFi et accessoires multimédias - Retrofutur Lavardin Technologies High End Audio System - Welcome Astra Suite, Astra Suite HiFi Division - high-end audio equipment ML - Grado Green & Black Cartridges Reviews Product Description Green & Black moving magnet cartridges from Grado's Prestige Series User Reviews Submitted by abcxyz a Audio Enthusiast Date Reviewed: October 5, 2010 Bottom Line: I picked up this Grado to use on my Rega P3 turntable but it hummed too much due to the internal grounding that the RB250 tonearm has did not match at all with this Grado. Purchased this cartridge for $40 at Audio Systems in Austin, Texas. Strengths: For $40, it sounds about as good as those $300 MC cartridges that I tried. Weaknesses: Audible humming with Rega turntables that are grounded internally. Expand full review >> Used product for: More than 1 year Duration Product Used: Audio Enthusiast Product model year: 2006 Submitted by ARJohn a Audio Enthusiast Date Reviewed: February 21, 2009 This is for the Green , picked it up in the spring on a whim at a local retail store . Used product for: 3 Months to 1 year Product model year: 2008 Submitted by brendonla a Audio Enthusiast Date Reviewed: February 8, 2009 Magic.

EISA Awards 2014-2015 | EISA - The European Imaging and Sound Association Stereo haut de gamme, platines vinyle, amplis a tubes NOS ACTIVITÉS:Pour les mélomanes, Holland Link s'est spécialisé dans la vente et le conseil pour une restitution sonore haut de gamme. En faisant ça, il faut être réaliste. Ici pas d'exotisme, vous aurez une chaîne hifi de première qualité avec des composants abordables.Chez nous le bon sens prévaut.Il faut par-dessus tout que notre client soit satisfait et heureux d'écouter sa musique avec son nouveau matériel.1 - Nos auditoriums à Kapelle 2 - Notre boutique en ligne (c'est ici !)Sur ce site, vous trouverez les composants hifi, les fiches bananes et les fourches en rhodium, dorées ou argentées de marques LOK, Sharkwire et Furutech. Venez voir, écouter et soyez convaincus! Nous sommes revendeur agréé pour les marques: Nous sommes distributeur pour les marques: Promotions