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Rega Turntable Wall Shelf - Analogue Seduction

Rega Turntable Wall Shelf - Analogue Seduction
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Rega P3-24/Elys 2 Turntable review - from the experts at whathifi What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Sat, 13 Sep 2003, 2:00pm For Excellent all-round sound very involving listen fine build ease of set-up upgrade potential good Against Like all turntables, needs care in positioning The Rega P3 turntable has been going for more years than some of us care to admit we can remember. Rega can supply the P3-24 without a cartridge for £100 less than the price we've quoted, but most will be sold with the Elys 2 moving-magnet cartridge pre-fitted to our review sample. Build quality is excellent for the money: the main bearing tolerances are impressive and the RB301 tonearm – a development of the class-dominating RB300 – feels thoroughly engineered. Shout about the super soundUp and running, this deck is a sonic superstar. Should you wish to upgrade, Rega also makes an outboard power supply for £150. Provided you site this Rega with some sympathy and partner it with a decent system, we think you'll love it. Click here to watch our video review of the Rega P3-24/Elys 2.

Merci de patienter Origin Live - manufacturer of the finest Hi Fi The Tom Tom Club AUDIOFOLIA rega rb250 rewire - pink fish media Hi, here's my take on doing this. This applies to the RB250 arms. The RB300 is more difficult because there isn't clear access down the tube. There are a couple of obvious weaknesses in the original wiring: There is a solder joint at the headsell – it’s not a continuous wire. The grounding wire is connected to signal ground at the base plug. NOTE: it’s absolutely unnecessary to disturb the bearings when you rewire the arm. My personal preference is for different internal and interconnect wiring. 1 Remove the counterweight stub 2 You can be quite rough with the old wiring! Drill a 1mm hole in the underside of the armtube about 20mm from the pivot centre. 9 We’re now ready to insert some guide wires. 10 Wiring time. 11 Just how you treat the base plug (or even discard or replace it) depends on the wiring you’ve chosen and the way you want to join signal wire to interconnect – solder joint like the original, DIN socket in the base or continuous wire.

Take Five Audio - Canada's Online Source For DIY Audio, Parts and Accessories - Welcome ML - AudiogoN Reviews: Grado Prestige Black Cartridge Everybody likes Grado’s SR60 headphones which, at less than $70, are a tremendous bargain. I’ve often heard it said by high-end Grado headphone purchasers that, if they’d known how good the SR60 was, they’d never have sprung for the more exotic models. But for some reason, you rarely hear about the lowly Grado Prestige Black, part of the company’s entry-level line Prestige line. Every step up through the Prestige line of cartridges yields minor (but significant) improvements in detail and frequency extension. The Grado Green was my first high-end cartridge. Then, two years ago, I bought an old Yamaha belt-drive for a friend. Fast forward to the present. In the $50 price range, there are some surprisingly good choices. Given the choice, I prefer the improved tracing and detail retrieval of an elliptical tip (or, better yet, a microline or Van den Hul). Mounting the Black on my Rega RB250 tonearm was a little harder than I’d anticipated. It is not a myth. Can you live with the hum?

Tiger-Paw - Home Lavardin Technologies High End Audio System - Welcome FWD - Monster Turbine PRO High Performance review by The Gadget Show The basics Some of the most eye-catching earphones money can buy, the Monster Turbine PRO High Performance headphones look just like a tiny little aircraft turbine engine. They come in gold and copper finishes and are the most expensive buds the prestige Monster brand pumps out. They cost a fair old wedge, but claim to make it sound like there's a subwoofer in your ear. The good Monster's Turbine PRO earphones do indeed offer great bass response, but it's not the hyperactive boom you might expect given the buds' larger-than-life look. The bad At £250, Monster is positioning the Turbine PROs up against big hitters from Ultimate Ears, Shure and Westone. The bottom line Monster's earphone designs are often outlandish, and the Turbine PROs are no different. Monster Turbine PRO High Performance is tagged with Monster, earphones and headphones.

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