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Minority Report (2002

The Matrix (1999 V for Vendetta (2005 Hollywood’s Excavation of Philip K. Dick I love Philip K. Dick. His works, I mean. I even love his crappier efforts… and there were several (have you ever read Dr Futurity?). PKD’s real forte was his constant stream of wild ideas and luckily he could type fast enough to keep up with the flow. But sometimes the speed with which he wrote (and occasionally, the speed on which he wrote) might have been better tempered by stronger editing before publication. The point is, PKD is responsible for some of the 20th century’s most interesting fiction in any genre. I digress. This obsession and philosophy might on the surface make PKD and Hollywood strange bedfellows, given that the big studios tend not to give a shit about anything or anybody other than profit. So, a realist then. A lot of people forget that Blade Runner was not a popular film at the cinema. Given that the man has 44 published novels to his name and more than a hundred short stories, the Dream Factory’s recycling department will likely be busy for some years to come.

Entering The Minority Report Era: A Video Series - TNW Social Media Stephen Spielberg’s Minority Report captured the imagination of many in the technology space. The film made some bold predictions about technology and even though it was released nearly 10 years ago in 20002, we are seeing some things from the movie start to come true right in front of our eyes today. Technology has always moved quickly but we are entering an age where computing power and our own intelligence is at an all time high and that is accelerating the pace of change. The last 18 months have seen some of the biggest shifts in how we use technology and data ever and if anything the speed of change is set to ramp up based on what we are seeing come out of concept testing. Social Advertising We all remember watching Tom Cruise walk into shops and have ads served up based on previous visits and what the computers knew about him but we never really in truth thought we would see that in our life time but the technology is already here. Virtual Shopping Crime Robots Gesture Based Computing