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Hammer.js — A javascript library for multi touch gestures

Hammer.js — A javascript library for multi touch gestures

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Introduction to Events Page last changed today See section 7A of the book. Events are supported by all JavaScript browsers except for Explorer 3 on Mac. Omniweb 4.2 and lower have meager event support. SoundManager 2: JavaScript Sound For The Web Bonus Additional demos Examples using multi-track playback, progress and combinations of sound and animation: Armor Alley: Web Prototype (PC-DOS game remake) Armor Alley is a side-scrolling, real-time vehicle simulation / strategy game, originally released for the Mac and PC-DOS computers in 1990. How to use another language pack on Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional If you own Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Home premium, you have probably discovered that you are unable to download and install another language pack from Windows Update site. First you will have to download the language pack for Windows 7. Since Windows 7 language packs are available via Windows Update as an optional update for Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions only, here is the list of 32-bit and 64-bit language packs available from Microsoft for manual download. After downloading the Windows 7 language packs, run the .EXE executable file to extract the .CAB language pack (LP) cabinet file. Then, follow the guide to install language pack in Windows 7, and guide to change display language on Windows 7 user interface and welcome screen.

Adding table rows and columns in JavaScript With insertRow() method you can insert a new row at the specified position in HTML table. After row is created, use insertCell() method to insert a table cell. Wrap this methods in JavaScript functions and you have code to dynamically add new rows and columns in the HTML table. Please try to click the buttons below ... When you click the "Add row" button, appendRow() function is called. Function is simple, table row is inserted at the last position, and loop iterates through table cells in the first row.

Best Practices for Building Angular.js Apps Burke Holland had a fantastic post explaining how Angular loads an application and comparing the merits of browserify vs require.js in an Angular app. I’ve worked with Angular on quite a few apps at this point, and have seen many different ways to structure them. I’m writing a book on architecting Angular apps right now with the MEAN stack and as such have researched heavily into this specific topic. pellepim / jsTimezoneDetect This script gives you the zone info key representing your device's time zone setting. The return value is an IANA zone info key (aka the Olson time zone database). The IANA timezone database is pretty much standard for most platforms (UNIX and Mac support it natively, and every programming language in the world either has native support or well maintained libraries that support it).

a free jQuery slideshow by Pixedelic A simple slide This is the "simple anathomy" of a slide: Captions The Nature of Code Hello! By browsing the table of contents on your left, you can read the entire text of this book online for free, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Start reading the introduction now! The Subtle Magic Behind Why the Bootstrap 3 Grid Works IMPORTANT NOTE: Bootstrap 4 will be out soon, and these articles will be updated to reflect both v3 and v4. I do not expect major changes to how things work with regards to the content of these articles, but everything will be updated for continued education and assistance with Bootstrap. Read more here: Things like CSS grids should remain behind the curtain.

Futurico UI - User Interface Elements Pack Futurico UI is the one of world’s biggest user interface elements pack. This extraordinary collection contains more than 200 web design elements to use in any design or application and for projects of all styles and concepts. All the elements in this pack are editable and available in fully-layered PSD (rasterized) format for easy integration. The pack includes three sets of elements in different colors and two examples of use in web design, showing how a single UI kit can help you create very different solutions. Using JavaScript to Control the Audio Object This section includes the following topics: Playing and pausing audio playback in JavaScript All other functionality of the audio player is controlled from JavaScript, as shown in the following script. Specifying audio files and managing playback in JavaScript In the next example, a text input element is added in the HTML portion where you can paste in the path of an MPEG-Layer 3 (MP3) audio file.

jQuery EasyTabs Plugin Demo HTML Markup for these tabs <div id="tab-container" class="tab-container"><ul class='etabs'><li class='tab'><a href="#tabs1-html">HTML Markup</a></li><li class='tab'><a href="#tabs1-js">Required JS</a></li><li class='tab'><a href="#tabs1-css">Example CSS</a></li></ul><div id="tabs1-html"><h2>HTML Markup for these tabs</h2><!-- content --></div><div id="tabs1-js"><h2>JS for these tabs</h2><!-- content --></div><div id="tabs1-css"><h2>CSS Styles for these tabs</h2><!

Probably one of the lightest JavaScript libraries around, hammer.js weighs at only 2KB. The library offers touch support for touch devices. The library allows a developer to add tap, double tap, drag, hold and transform actions. In addition, hammer.js can be bound to an HTML element allowing a touch event to return a callback with any kind of array whether it is an event, rotation, position, scale or touch. by coderdan Feb 11

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