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The Horoscopic Astrology Blog Astrological Lodge of London Solar Fire Gold - The Complete Guide plus Tutorials Wise Traditions food, farming, healing arts membership Fall Journal as Digital Talking Book for the visually impaired. Also great for iPods or listening in the car. Many thanks to Amy Adams (,LLC) for this service! Journal in PDF format (74MB) What Causes Heart Attacks? by Sally Fallon Morell In this issue we focus on two competing theories for the cause of heart attacks. One thing is certain: the fat-soluble vitamins, so central to Dr. Masterjohn’s research confirms earlier studies showing that vitamin K—Dr. The fat-soluble vitamins also play a significant role in helping the body cope with stress. So while we may not know the exact mechanisms that lead to heart attacks, we can feel assured that a nourishing traditional diet will help prevent them. Both Masterjohn and Cowan will be speakers at the fifteenth annual Wise Traditions conference, held this year in Indianapolis. Tim Boyd

Dane Rudhyar's Approach to Astrological Cycles - A Brief Overview | Mountain Astrologer Columnist and Life Coach, Nicki Michaels PCC, CPCC | | By Nicki Michaels Originally published in The Mountain Astrologer, Feb/March 1998 © 1998 Nicki Michaels - All Rights Reserved "Astrology can be defined as a technique for the study of life-cycles. Dane Rudhyar The Lunation Cycle Visit the Rudhyar Audio Archives and listen to Dane Rudhyar himself discuss the lunation cycle, transpersonal astrology, and many other astrological topics. Dane Rudhyar is arguably the seminal astrological innovator of the twentieth century. Rudhyar recognized that astrology developed through early human's experience of the natural environment. Sidereal and Synodic Cycles A sidereal cycle measures a moving object in relation to a "fixed" background, and begins when the object crosses a particular point. While a diurnal cycle is actually one full revolution of the Earth on its axis, we experience it by noticing the Sun's changing relationship to the Earth's horizon, as seen from one place on Earth, over the course of a day. The Cycles of Life Back to Top

Astrology Groups Saturn Transits the Houses in Astrology: Predictions Back to Predictive Astrology Main Page Saturn Transiting the Houses of the Horoscope Techniques for Preparing for the Future and Understanding the Past Saturn takes about 28-29 years to come full circle. We can expect Saturn to spend some time in each of our 12 houses. Unless you work with an equal house system, however, the length of Saturn's transit through a house will depend on how big each house is. Note that Saturn's effect is to crystallize, to ground, and to solidify. In general, as Saturn passes through the fire houses (the first, fifth, and ninth), we deal with self-confidence issues and how these issues have affected our lives and our productivity. Saturn makes us accountable for ourselves wherever it touches. Keys to Handling Saturn Transits: Saturn teaches us about the value of moderation and caution. Uncover your and your lover's deepest desires with a free sample Intimacy Essentials Reading and let passion work its magic! References & suggested further reading:

Age of Aquarius We are, all of us, subject to forces beyond our control. The strongest constellational effect on Earth is the constellation through which the vernal point is moving. About 2160 years before Jesus Christ was born, the vernal point was moving through the constellation Aries and it coincided with the tropical zodiac sign Aries. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, and around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, the vernal point moved into the constellation Pisces and the world was enveloped in the Piscean Age. Everything is a wave, the only difference between energy and matter is frequency. Waves can penetrate matter and reveal the solid compound of the planets and fixed stars which, as we approach the Age of Aquarius, will open up new frontiers of scientific discovery in an age of technological advancement. Medical treatments will be based on wave frequency technology, from infra-red to ultra-violet, from short-waves to even shorter waves and more penetrating waves.

An Orchard Grows in Boston Egleston Square is a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, straddling the borders of Roxbury and Jamaica Plain (JP) in the city of Boston. High condo prices and even higher rents are pushing long-term residents, to move elsewhere. This churning of the real estate market, to be expected in a profit-maximizing system, dissolves community and acerbates race and class divides. It is now common to hear of talk of “Two JPs”-– one prosperous, highly educated, professional and largely White, and another struggling, working class, mainly immigrant and Hispanic. The story of the Egleston Community Orchard is a story of these two realities coming together. One of the things that brought us together as a couple is a shared vision of community and sustainable living, and a desire to work for social justice and community power. Good question! We resolved to find out. We learned that 30 years ago a house had burned down and the lot was vacant ever since.

Synodic Astrology: Synodic Cycles & Planetary Retrogrades ©2003-2016 Nick Anthony Fiorenza, All Rights Reserved Introduction to Synodic Cycles & Synodic Astrology Planetary Synodic Cycles are cycles that occur between one planet and another. There are many cycles occurring at the same time, all interweaving and nesting in one another. A natal astrology chart (or any astrological chart) is a picture of one moment frozen in time. Planetary Synodic Cycles start when two planets align in their orbits, looking from the Sun (although we can look at cycles relative to other planets as well, and even relative to a location on Earth). The following illustration shows two successive synods between Earth and Venus, which creates one Earth-Venus synodic cycle, and which has a duration of 1.6 Earth years. See the Venus web page for more about Earth-Venus synods and their precessional pentagonal pattern. The Earth-planet star alignments (looking from the Sun / heliocentric view) reveal the nature of the specific synodic cycle theme. Note to astrologers:

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