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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Useful Tools and Apps to Help You...

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Useful Tools and Apps to Help You...
July 18, 2014 Here is a list of educational tools you may not have heard of, but may be useful when assembling your classroom curriculum. Project Gutenberg A library of over 45,000 free ebooks in various formats, like EPUB, Kindle, HTML, and plain text. In this reverse image search engine, you submit an image to find where it came from, high resolution versions, and more. Annotate videos or create slideshows of pictures and text, then share your animated lessons or digital stories. A free GPS-aware app from Google that alerts with info you as walk near places of interest. Students and teachers can keep a digital portfolio of photos, videos, notes and other documents with this app. This collection is Curated by assistant professor and teacher-librarian Joyce Valenza. Related:  Technology & learningstrumentiE-Learning: Tools

Apple's iTunes U update lets teachers create entire lesson plans on iPad | TechRadar Apple has updated the iTunes U education app to further enhance the ability for teachers to create lesson plans and instructional materials on the iPad. iTunes U is now integrated with iWork, iBooks Author and all other Apple educational applications. In addition to more than 750,000 educational materials readily available in iTunes U, teachers will be able to pull content directly into their lessons from other applications. The update also includes integration with the iPad's camera, thereby allowing teachers to take photos and record video, which can then be inserted into lesson plans. Discussion groups Another new feature is Discussions, which lets students and teachers communicate in self-created social feeds. Previous versions of iTunes U also included a glitch that made the playback button function at the wrong speed. In January, Apple launched iBooks Textbooks and iTunes U Course Manager products in more than 50 markets. iTunes U is currently available in 69 countries.

Voki: crea lezioni animate per i tuoi studenti Voki è una risorsa utile per creare lezioni animate tramite voce registrata o file di testo, sia caricandolo che digitandolo. Per usare questa risorsa è necessario registrarsi e fare l'accesso ad ogni utilizzo (la registrazione è necessaria per gli insegnanti, ma non per gli studenti). Voki gira con diverse lingue, compresa la lingua italiana, e per questa ragione è possibile utilizzarlo anche per lezioni in spagnolo, tedesco, inglese ... Come funziona? Inserisci testi o presentazioni di slide. A quel punto aggiungi il tuo Voki, che è il lettore, maschile o femminile, che leggerà i tuo testo. La presentazione non ha limiti di audio Puoi usare la tua lezione Voki ogni volta che vuoi, con possibilità di riproduzione illimitata e condividendola anche con alunni assenti in modo semplice ed intuitivo.

Canva- A Great Web Tool for Creating Mini-posters for Class July 18, 2014Canva is another web tool you can use with your students to create mini-posters for your class. Canva is easy to use and has user friendly interface. The process of creating a visual through Canva is as simple as drag and drop. Canva provides you with a wide variety of images and clip arts that you can modify to suit your purposes. You can even upload your own images to use as background in your graphics. There are different ways to use Canva in your class. To start using Canva, you need to register. Once you selected your design, give it a title and proceed to the customization of your template by choosing a layout, add text, add a background or upload your image. When your poster is ready you can either download it in PDF or PNG format or share it with others using a link. Watch the video below to learn more about Canva

AulaBlog Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Video Tutorials for Teachers on U... July 3, 2014 Talking about augmented reality technology in teaching and learning the first thing that comes to mind is this wonderful app called Aurasma. Since its release a few years ago, Aurasma gained so much in popularity and several teachers have already embraced it within their classrooms. For those of you who are not yet familiar with how Aurasma works and how to use in it in your class, the video tutorials below will help you out. Aurasma is an augmented reality app that’s changing the way millions of people see and interact with the world. 1- Aurasma demo 2- Aurasma iPad App tutorial 3- How to create and publish and Aura 4- How to create and view a location based aura 5- Creating and using 3D models 6- Teaching with Aurasma 7- Example of how Shaw Primary school uses Aurasma

Software didattici: le pubblicazioni di Giorgio Musilli scaricabili gratuitamente Sono aggiornatissime e disponibili gratuitamente le pubblicazioni dedicate ai software didattici realizzate da Giorgio Musilli, di La prima, "I software autore per la didattica - Percorsi creativi nella scuola primaria" non è soltanto una voluminosa raccolta (435 pagine) di software per la creazione di oggetti didattici, ma racconta anche la storia dell'introduzione delle nuove tecnologie nella scuola italiana. La seconda, "Grande cassetta degli attrezzi - Materiale open source e freeware per Windows" rappresenta invece un archivio sotto forma di tabella dei vari software di libero utilizzo disponibili per un utilizzo didattico. Le risorse sono suddivise per tipologia (Sistemi operativi, raccolte immagini, font, icone, suoni liberi, oggetti didattici, gestori di files, strumenti per le LIM, piattaforme per ufficio, ecc.). Ogni materiale presente viene descritto nei dettagli, con rimando al relativo link. Scarica direttamente qui : Articoli correlati

Teachers' Guide to The Use of SoundCloud in Class July 19, 2014 SoundCloud is a wonderful audio recording and sharing platform with huge potential for us in education. The distinctive set of features SoundCloud provides to its users have made it one of the most popular audio websites out there. As such, I deemed it important to create a guide that can help teachers tap into the educational potential of this tool. How to record and upload an audio clip to SoundCloudHow to add comments to audio tracksHow to create a SoundCloud group for your class where you can share audio files with studentsReasons why you should consider using SoundCloud in your instructionDifferent ways to use SoundCloud in your class Why SoundCloud ? To start recording your clip, click the "Upload" button in the top, right hand corner of your Stream . Press the "REC" button to begin recording sounds directly from your computer. When you're happy with your recording, click "Upload your recording". Provide a name for your group together with a few words describing it.

16 Apps That Will Motivate Even Your Most Resistant Readers For every kid who is caught hiding beneath his covers with a flashlight and a novel at midnight, there is another who has to be begged and pleaded with to read. And the latter might need a little extra—shall we call it encouragement?—to become a great reader. To help, we've rounded up a list of the top apps that not only teach essential reading skills but also motivate kids—even the most book-phobic—to read, read and read some more. Apps For Early Readers Word Bingo: Who doesn't love a good game of BINGO? Super Why: With some help from some superhero readers, your kid will get a jump start on reading by playing these fun, interactive reading games. ABC Go: Have a planes, trains and automobiles fanatic at your house? ABC Wildlife: Or if your kid is more Jane Goodall than NASCAR driver, try ABC Wildlife where pictures of animals are paired with new vocab words and fun reading games. Apps for Elementary School Readers Mad Libs: Who didn't love Mad Libs as a kid?

11 Techy Things for Teachers to Try This Year The new school year is here for many teachers. For those who haven't started school yet, the new school year will be here soon. If you've set the goal of trying something new in your classroom this year (shouldn't that always be one of our goals), here are eleven techy things teachers should try this year. 1. Blogs can serve many purposes for teachers. Three good platforms for classroom blogging are Blogger, Edublogs, and Kid Blog. 2. Building pages on a wiki is a great way for students to record and share knowledge about topics they've researched. Teachers and students can also use wikis to create digital portfolios. Wikispaces, PB Works, and Wet Paint provide free wiki hosting. 3. So a blog doesn't provide quite what you're looking for and a wiki doesn't either? Building a website used to be a difficult, technical process. 4. Video is a powerful form of communication. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Stay tuned later this week for a free PDF guide on how to use the tools mentioned above.

Three Ideas for Using Plickers In the Classroom - Results of My First Trial Earlier this week at the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp I was able to use Plickers with a group for the first time. Plickers is a neat student response system that uses a teacher's iPad or Android tablet in conjunction with a series of QR codes to create a student response system. Students are given a set of QR codes on large index cards. The codes are assigned to students. iOS app vs. Demo classes vs. saved classes: You can use Plickers with a demo class. The saved class option in Plickers is what you would use if you want to track your students' responses. Three Ideas for Using Plickers In the Classroom 1. 2. 3.