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Collative Learning - Rob Ager

Collative Learning - Rob Ager
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Rob Ager's film analysis page HOW MY DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PROCESS WORKS IF USING A GMAIL ACCOUNT WHEN ORDERING You can set up a free Gumroad account first as Gmail (on rare occasions these days) sometimes blocks receipt emails from coming through. With an account your ordered files are placed in your Gumroad library and can be downloaded from there. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook I also have a series of short text based articles and reviews of films on my AGER ON FILM blog Dozens more of my articles and videos on other subjects can be viewed here DISCOUNT SETS (UP TO 70% OFF) Available until 1st November If you would like to submit a request for a particular film to be reviewed feel free to contact me., but check the FAQ section of the site first as several popular requests are already listed there.

Reviews of Powell and Pressburger works Reviews of Powell and Pressburger works The reviews have been divided into the following sections: The Masters - Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger The Films - Listed by year then alphabetically The People - Actors, Actresses, crew Miscellaneous - Everything else Some articles may deal with more than one person or film, where this happens we have tried to cross reference them. The Masters: Emeric Pressburger Master Storyteller Michael Powell the man himself The Films: (Any reviews are liable to contain spoilers) The People: Note: I have only included the people that I have articles about. There were many more people involved in the making of these films. Michael Powell the man himself Emeric Pressburger Master Storyteller Miscellaneous: Sources for the contemporary reviews include: Monthly Film Bulletin (MFB) Monthly Film Bulletin was a monthly mag for cineastes, containing reviews of all films, no articles or photos.

David Cronenberg Says Social Media Is Killing the Role of | Criticwire By Max O'Connell | Criticwire January 5, 2015 at 2:14PM Cronenberg and others believe that the role of the professional critic has been diminished by Rotten Tomatoes and other sites. Are they right? The argument that the role of the professional critic is dying is nothing new (Armond White just lamented the profession's "loss of independence" a few hours ago), but it certainly has a number of new voices adding to it. Even now if you go to Rotten Tomatoes, you have critics and then you have 'Top Critics', and what that really means is that there are legitimate critics who have actually paid their dues and worked hard and are in a legitimate website connected perhaps with a newspaper or perhaps not. Paltrow adds to that sentiment:Filmmaker Jake Paltrow, writer-director of the recent dystopian water-shortage drama "Young Ones," says audiences' reliance upon the star system and the "splat vs. tomato" summations on online aggregators like Rotten Tomatoes is "dangerous" and "pretty scary."

The Overlook Hotel Book Review: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children When my brother gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday, I did something I never do: I bought a book without reading it first. (Usually I read library books, and then buy the ones I know I'll read again.) After finishing Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, I'm glad I took the leap. I won't summarize the plot for you here, but suffice to say this is a YA fantasy supplemented with darkly intriguing vintage photos like the one above. I didn't learn until finishing the book that almost all are actual vintage photos (a few slightly modified), and were not made specifically for the story. This was quite the revelation, and I found myself going back and looking at each photo again, marveling at how seamlessly the author, Ransom Riggs, was able to weave them into the storyline. From the description and cover images I was afraid this was going to be a horror story. So, if you like young adult fiction (and after Harry Potter, who doesn't?) Wow.

366 Weird Movies | Celebrating the cinematically surreal, bizarre, cult, oddball, fantastique, strange, psychedelic, and the just plain WEIRD! Film Criticism | Film Criticism recently completed its thirty-seventh year of continuous publication, making it the third oldest academic film journal in the United States. FC has published work by such international scholars as Dudley Andrew, David Bordw

Film - Table of Contents After Fear and Desire, the Kubrick analyses are shot by shot, with screen grabs from each. I've been asked why I don't do videos for Youtube or podcasts, but I've opted to handle the analyses in this manner, which would be impossible in a podcast or on Youtube, considering the scope of the project and the amount of cross-analysis of shots done. I began putting the analyses online in 2007, beginning with Kubrick's The Shining and Antonioni's Blow-up. I followed with Eyes Wide Shut, A Clockwork Orange, Zabriskie Point, The Passenger, 2001, Lolita, Day of the Fight, and Killer's Kiss. The majority of the analyses were in place by 2011-2012. The Killing was completed and added in 2016, as well was a more intensive look at Fear and Desire added in 2016. Barry Lyndon is in the works but may take a while. Kubrick Day of the Fight, Kubrick's first film effort, a documentary. Fear and Desire, table of contents Killer's Kiss analysis, table of contents The Killing analysis, table of contents Antonioni Cole Smithey - The Smartest Film Critic in the World Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, "The Shining": What You May (or may not) Have Seen Hidden In The Shining For over thirty years Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of “The Shining” has left perplexing questions in the minds of everyone who’s seen it; and time has been powerless to put this enigmatic movie out of our collective consciousness. ...............I hope you'll enjoy what I’ve written here. . “The important thing is not to stop questioning” - Albert Einstein Stanley Kubrick’s “Shining” was created with the sole purpose of leaving audiences searching for answers to a mystery that has no solution. No one in filmmaking has ever done anything like this. Many attempting to explain this film see things that aren’t there and wonder, why? I didn’t come up with what you’re going to be reading off the top of my head. Did you ever notice in watching Stanley Kubrick’s “Shining” that you never hear any classic horror film noises? ... Can you imagine what it would be like if the audience were able to watch "The Shining" and then leave comments for Stanley Kubrick to look at? ............." ... ..........

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