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Ward Jenkins on Pinterest Home Categories There’s more to see... Come take a look at what else is here! He used Pinterest to dive deep Join Pinterest to find (and save!) all the things that inspire you. Oops! or Back Customize my signup experience using info from sites I’ve visited.Learn more Continue as a business Creating an account means you’re okay with Pinterest's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. billion Pins to explore seconds to sign up (free!) About Pinterest Blog Businesses Terms & Privacy Help iPhone App Android App Discover Pinterest: Gardening Travel Kids Weddings Humor Quotes DIY Design Animals Sitemap International Ward Jenkins ATL, GA · · I draw. Ward Jenkins Gallery Ward Jenkins characters cool illustration cool design classic illustration architecture cool signage animation Don't Stop The Rock the graff game midcentury interiors anything goes my inspirations NYC 70s christmasy Hand Lettering Influences andrea

Joan of Art: Art Conservation Tips To Make Your Artwork Last Forever Art conservation is very important if you want to make your artwork last forever. Here are a few art conservation tips I have learned from art conservationist Mr. Ricky Francisco in one of the many seminar/workshops conducted during the 10th VIVA ExCon held in Cebu City in November 2008. Art conservation tip #1 - PRIME YOUR SUPPORT. Whether it is canvas, wood or board, have at least two coats of gesso or white latex paint, apply the second coat after the first one has dried. As your support and paint are hygroscopic (the ability to absorb moisture in the air, causing the material to expand or contract), mold growth which damages the artwork is unavoidable in the humid Philippine environment. Additional art conservation tip for boards or wood supports - coat at least two times the front, sides and back for better protection. Art conservation tip #3 - STUDY YOUR PAINTS AND MATERIALS.

Jennifer Coates on Paul Gauguin: Pork Talisman (re-post) | Painters On Paintings Paul Gauguin, The Ham, 1889, Oil on canvas, 19 3/4 x 22 3/4 inches Paul Gauguin’s ham is like an archeological dig site with remnants of the porcine ancestor embedded in its terrain. The untamed progenitor of domesticated pigs, sus scrofa, or wild boar, haunts the charcuterie. The small onions appear like speech bubbles from an imaginary mouth of the skull-shaped ham: a rhythmic tumble of bulbs that are actually repellant to animals and cause tears in humans. The glass of dark liquid reflects two of the onions and a flush of red flesh. Glass, plate and table theatrically present evidence of the human intervention upon flora and fauna. In The Ham, the animal speaks of the vegetable, which recalls its bacterial ancestry. Jennifer Coates, Picnic #2, 2014, Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 inches Like this: Like Loading...

untitled Ted Harrison: loved and snubbed | Yukon News The National Gallery doesn’t have a Ted Harrison in its collection. And it doesn’t want one. “They told me, ‘It didn’t fit in their collection objectives,’” said Harrison’s biographer Katherine Gibson on Tuesday. “Actually, the National Gallery doesn’t have a single Yukon artist in its collection,” she said. Canadian art is often overlooked, said Harrison, sitting in a friend’s living room in Takhini on Tuesday. “The National Gallery seems to favour American art,” he said. “It paid $3 million for an abstract American painting with a big red stripe down the centre.” But Harrison doesn’t dismiss Voice of Fire, which actually cost the gallery $1.8 million. “It’s better to fling money at art than fling it at bombs,” he said. “And it taught me a lot, that painting. Barnett Newman took a canvas and painted it all red, said Harrison, fiddling with his hearing aid. “Then he painted cobalt blue over the red,” he said. Harrison copied Newman’s technique. “So I learned a bit from that painting.”

The Real Link Between Creativity and Mental Illness | Beautiful Minds This has important implications for creativity. Mark Batey and Adrian Furnham found that the unusual experiences and impulsive nonconformity dimensions of schizotypy, but not the cognitive disorganization dimension, were significantly related to self-ratings of creativity, a creative personality (measured by a checklist of adjectives such as “confident,” “individualistic,” “insightful,” “wide interests,” “original,” “reflective,” “resourceful,” “unconventional,” and “sexy”), and everyday creative achievement among thirty-four activities (“written a short story,” “produced your own website,” “composed a piece of music,” and so forth). Recent neuroscience findings support the link between schizotypy and creative cognition. Hikaru Takeuchi and colleagues investigated the functional brain characteristics of participants while they engaged in a difficult working memory task. The Precuneus Enter a hot-off-the-press study by Andreas Fink and colleagues. What is latent inhibition?

50 brilliant Pinterest boards | Graphic design Being entirely image-focused, Pinterest is a brilliant place to find creative inspiration. But being an enormously popular site, there's also an awful lot to wade through. To save you the time and energy involved in searching for the best stuff, here we handpick our selection of the very best Pinterest boards so you don't have to. First, follow Creative Bloq! Before you jump in, why not follow Creative Bloq on Pinterest? Graphic design Joy Cho It's not hard to see why designer, blogger and food enthusiast Joy Cho has over 13 million followers on Pinterest. Jim McCauley Jim is your go-to man if you'd like to feature your work on the Creative Bloq app Design Spring. Brandon Lesley Brandon Lesley describes himself as a "creative director, designer, photographer, music nerd and documenter of fine design". Kayla Meyer Meyer is known for illustrating sayings in a fun manner, as well as being a lover of sketching animals, in particular owls and whales. Josephine Reijman Carolina Beiertz Sean Booth

Dec. 2 – The Year Without a Santa Claus -- A Cartoon Christmas THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS Original Air Date: December 10th, 1974 Santa’s calling it quits for a while. Let’s see how you deal with that, World! The 1st name in Christmas Specials Ten years after the debut of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Rankin-Bass was still on a Christmas Special hot streak. The Year Without Santa Claus, however, was the first Rankin-Bass special to be based on a newer (or at least, lesser-know) story, based on the book by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Phyllis McGinely. Micheal McKean & Harvey Fierstein as Heat Miser & Snow Miser The special premiered on ABC in 1974 and has aired every year since, currently in rotation over at ABCFamily. From 2008′s A Miser Brothers Christmas BREAKDOWN This is Rankin-Bass’ first attempt at a Christmas Special not based off of a popular Christmas song, and it shows that they’re really bad at titles. I kid the Rankin-Bass! It’s all over, folks. Click to enlarge our custom panorama Once again brought to life by Mickey Rooney Mrs.