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JustRage - Your Source for Anger and Rage. Social Pro Daily – Adweek Highlighted Shares will offer publishers more information about how other Facebook pages are sharing their videos. Opinion: Mobile disruption, voice recognition, AR, VR—where to focus first? Bell bottoms were one of Facebook IQ’s Topics to Watch in September, and bell sleeves joined them in October. Opinion: There is no better time to reach potential donors to solicit funds for those that are in need. The 51st Annual CMA Awards on ABC tallied 5.249 million interactions across Facebook and Twitter. Fans can also vote directly via tweet from Dec. 7 through 14. The first half of 2017 marked the sixth consecutive reporting period in which LinkedIn fielded more government requests for member data Pinterest is processing more than 300 million visual searches every month and serving over 2 billion Pins as a result of those searches.

PonderAbout - Home Paintings by Vladimir Kush African sonata Vladimir Kush is a contemporary painter of Russian origin, who found an unlimited source of stylistic inspiration within the realm of historic surrealism. Early in his path, he used to work as a portraitist on Arbat Street in order earn some income during the crisis period in Russia. He never ceased to paint, and in 1987, Kush began exhibiting at renowned exhibitions organized by the Artists’ Union. Crucial point in his life path was an exhibition at Colburg, Germany Kush realized in 1990. The show was sold out, and allowed him to travel to Los Angeles with twenty of his fantastic paintings, where he showed another 20 paintings, marking a starting point of his American journey. First days in LA were difficult, as the artist was compelled to create in a tiny, rented garage space, without much success in finding a gallery. Vladimir Kush paintings The style of Vladimir Kush is a unique addition to the contemporary art scene. He paints mainly using oil paint on canvas or board.

Weird News from all over Asia Social Media Propaganda Vintage Posters I’m a big fan of propaganda. Ok, perhaps that didn’t come out right. I’m highly interested in the emotions invoked from strong imagery that propaganda brings, especially WWII vintage posters. That’s probably what gravitated me to this series of retro social media propaganda posters, brought to us by the fine folks at Brazilian ad agency Moma Propaganda What’s your favorite retro poster? Let me know in the comments. Weird Worm - Weird and Bizarre The Most Playful Libraries in the World Architect Moon Hoon designed the Panorama House in South Korea, which features a multi-functional library. A wooden slide (used by the adults in the home, too!) is flanked by stair step bookcases. Every part of the built-in library performs double duty, making it the heart of the home.

Oddity Central - Weird Places, Odd Events, Bizarre News, Strange People and A Lot More To Re-Read: To Read…. and Then….. Read Again :) | Book Journey I have seen a couple posts as of late on re-reading. It really got me thinking about this as book lovers, who usually have more books in-house and on our wish list then we could ever hope to read… what makes people like us drop everything to read a book again? Certainly you can not have that same “first time” experience again…. yet I am betting each and every one of us has at least one go to book that they hang on to and know they could read it again and again and love it every time. So why? For me, I get something a little more out of a book each time I read it. I may pick up something I missed before, or now knowing how it all turns out, words can take on new meaning, and I can appreciate the author even more for a turn of a phrase, or a clue to something coming that at the time… I did not realize was a clue of things to come. I refer to books like these as comfort reads. What makes me turn to these books, when again, I am surrounded by lovely books yet to be read… Like this:

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