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15 Reasons Why Scotland Must Be On Your Bucket List

15 Reasons Why Scotland Must Be On Your Bucket List
Scotland has got way more going for it than just kilts and bagpipes. The country is seeping in history and has miles upon miles of gorgeous landscapes. It’s home to a relatively diverse terrain, complete with tall mountains, several islands, sea-side cliffs, and lush forests. The geography makes for an absolutely stunning country and a perfect setting for photos, as you can clearly see below.1. The Quiraing is a landslip on the Eastern face of Meall na Suirmach on the northernmost summit of the Trotternish Ridge. 2. This legendry train is also known as the Hogwarts Express Train, as it was used in the Harry Potter movies. 3. Kilchurn castle sits on a rocky peninsula on the northeastern end of Loch Awe. 4. This large expanse of boggy moorland, west of Loch Rannoch, is notable for its wildlife. 5. As one of the finest ridge traverses in Britain, Trotternish Ridge offers some unsurpassable views. 6. This sea cave can be found on the uninhabited island of Staffa. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Related:  wanna be wanna seeTravel

10 Unusual Beaches You Have Never Heard Of | Flying the Nest 1. Black Sand Beach, Hawaii The name speaks for itself. (source) 2. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas Again, the name gives it away. (source) 3. And you thought The Maldives couldn’t get any prettier! (source) 4. This secret paradise was created when the Mexican government in the early 1900’s made a bombsite out of the area, blasting a huge hole on the canopy of the grotto. (source) 5. Not only is Whitehaven Beach a photographers dream, it has been awarded the most eco-friendly beach in the world! (source) 6. Make sure you head down with a shovel because at this beach you can dig your very own DIY spa. (source) 7. We have been lucky enough to visit the mind blowing Maho Beach, here you can literally jump up and touch a plane as it lands meters away from you at Princess Juliana International Airport. (source) 8. Every morning, the sea at Chandipur Beach disappears, receding up to 5 kilometers from the shore. (source) 9. (source) 10. (source) Do you want to go to any of these beaches?

41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius 52 Facts You Can Use To Impress Your Friends Here are 52 facts about random things, nothing you really need to know to make it through a day, but interesting nonetheless. Share these facts with your friends or just impress them with your big brain at the bar. Source: Amazing Festivals Around The World That You Should See Before You Die Tweet Once a year some of the countries around the world hold magical and outrageous festivals. Some like the Brazilian carnival and Spanish bull chase are famous world wide while others few people know about. So if you fancy living it up then check out our list of 20 of the most amazing festivals from around the world that we recommend you should see before you die. 1. Much like Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnevale in Venice, Canaval is a nonstop party, just with special addition of Brazilian flair. [SEE ALSO - 35 Clearest Waters In The World To Swim In Before You Die] 2. Though there are many smaller offshoots of Oktoberfest around the world, Munich’s original fair is the biggest beer festival in the world. 3. The Harbin festival is the largest snow and ice festival in the world, and it features carvings towering over 20 feet in height and full-size buildings made from gigantic blocks of ice. 4. 5. 6. Carnevale, or “Carnival,” has been a Venice tradition since the 13th century. 7. 8.

Search ‫5 طرق للسفر ببلاش(لن تصدق الثالثة !) - Nawarny 6 minutes read طول الوقت كنت بقابل ناس سواء من قرائنا او من اصدقائي وبسألهم ايه السبب رقم واحد لانكم مبتسافروش ؟وكانت الاجابة العالمية الدائمة ايه ؟.. الفلوس كلمتين بسمعهم كل ما اقول لحد مبتسافرش ليه : “نور، ببساطه معيش فلوس اسافر!” المشكلة دي وكيفية التغلب عليها تقريبا السؤال الي بتسأله كل ما اقابل حد او يبعتلي اونلاين او يكومنت على اي مقال كتبته، فقبل ما نبدأ في الكتابة بحب اأكد (للمرة الالف تقريبا) على حقيقة مهمة جدا .. “انت مش محتاج تبقى غني عشان تسافر” كمان مرة ؟ انت مش محتاج تبقى غني عشان تسافر ! انا كنت بشتغل شغلانة عادية جدا متوسطة الدخل اول ما بدأت اسافر كنت بقبض حوالي 2500-3000 جنيه (اي حد شغال في كول سنتر بيقبض في الرينج دا تقريبا) ، ومع ذلك قدرت اسافر ، اكتر من مرة، عشان ببساطه حطيت السفر اولوية، دايما مبقدرش اعمل حاجات كتيرة عشان بشيل فلوسي للسفر، كل حاجه بعملها ببقى مركز اني اشيل منها فلوس عشان اسافر. بتحوش؟ هدفك ايه من التحويش؟ بتصرف في ايه ؟عندك استعداد تستغنى عن حاجات عشان تسافر؟، انصحك تتابع بتصرف مرتبك في ايه، ومن هنا هتقدر تبدأ تشوف ممكن تحوش في ايه وتاني بكرر: i-to-i TEFL

25 Ridiculously Beautiful Places You'd Rather Be Having Adventures In Right Now ‹ FREEYORK We can’t all be globetrotting secret agents or jet-setters like The Most Interesting Man In The World, but we can definitely plan awesome vacations to take us to some cool places we can have an adventure or two in. Here are 20 amazing pictures of equally amazing places that will get your mind wandering, whether you’re sitting at home, at a desk or in traffic. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Via neoncantina Plnnr - plan the perfect trip, automatically! Hostels, Hotels & Youth Hostels at HostelBookers WWOOF Denmark: Home