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Best places in the U.S. to survive the apocalypse: Silohome

Best places in the U.S. to survive the apocalypse: Silohome
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ATLAS F MISSILE BASE SILOHOME LUXURY HOME WITH PRIVATE AIRPORT The First Zombie-Proof House Somehow, ritual drunk-conversation concerning team captains for the apocalypse has become a major part of the lives of 20-somethings. Having been matured in the Grandaddy-crowned masterpiece film (put “A.M. 180” on and forget that you have a job) 28 Days Later and the best-selling Zombie Survival Guide, we’re all a little too ready to deal with the 2012 zombie apocalypse of our dreams. “The Safe House,” designed by KWK Promes, starts to get eerily close to something I could work with, if say 200 bludgeoned members of the undead army came over to eat their way into borrowing some sugar. “The most essential item for our clients was acquiring the feeling of maximum security,” begins the designers’ website in the summary of the structure. The house, with its movable walls, has only one entrance, which is located on the second floor after crossing a drawbridge.

Step into my backyard office pod When I was young, I was fascinated by "Growing Pains" dad Jason Seaver’s work-at-home setup. I loved that in between appointments with patients in his home office, the good doctor could pop into the family kitchen and hang with Mike, Carol, Ben and the gang while mom Maggie was out working as a reporter. What could be better, right? Now, as an adult who primarily works from home with the exception of meetings, events, and occasional respite at a local coffee shop, the work-where-you-live concept that I found so novel in "Growing Pains" has, well, worn off a bit. That's not to say I'm unhappy (and I certainly enjoy my current, zero-impact non-commute) but sometimes things get a touch claustrophobic. Designed and built in the UK, the Archipod was conceived with Mother Nature in mind — the company was founded out of “frustration at the commuting lifestyle, with its attendant road congestion, air and noise pollution, road rage, running costs and time loss.”

Storyboard: How to Survive the Next Disaster | Magazine (Build 20110318052756) Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?Photo: pasukaru76/Flickr/Creative Commons Disaster will strike: It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when — so you’d better get ready. “Being prepared is a civic duty,” he says. [dewplayer: Best communication device? You can bet Pred knows his stuff. He’s also got a book coming out in June called Show Me How to Survive, an illustrated guide to not dying. If the podcast just isn’t enough for you, check out these links to some of Pred’s favorite disaster-related sites: Plan your go-bag with tips from a safety map to keep in touch with loved ones.Learn all you need to know about ham radio.Calm your radiation paranoia with xkcd‘s radiation dose chart and the banana equivalent dose. Photo: pasukaru76/Flickr

Six Tips For Feeding The Family During A Storm-Related Power Outtage : The Salt hide captionPeople try to get through the aisles at Whole Foods Market in Midtown in New York on Sunday before the storm. Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images People try to get through the aisles at Whole Foods Market in Midtown in New York on Sunday before the storm. Before you brave the rain, wind and inevitable lines at the already depleted grocery store today in the Mid-Atlantic region, take a deep breath. If you're a moderately good grocery shopper, you probably already have the food you need on hand to make it through the next few days if (when) we lose power because of Hurricane Sandy. Here are some tips we've picked up preparing for power outages over the years, and from around the Web this morning: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

A$$ in the Hole | Wedge Blog From, a Rendering of a Survival Silo Someone stop the Air Force, please. Cancel the four public meetings scheduled to take place this week throughout northcentral Montana. The Air Force, faced with fifty abandoned Minuteman nuclear missile silos, wants to implode the underground facilities or load them up with gravel. I’ve got a better idea. Put ‘em on the real estate market. The Air Force has planned hearings in Choteau, Conrad, Great Falls and Shelby. Why would we destroy multimillion dollar taxpayer-funded assets without considering alternatives? These fifty blast-resistant reinforced concrete silos, decommissioned as part of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) are newer than Malmstrom Air Force Base’s “Ace in the Hole” nukes, held as a threat to Russia during the Cuban missile crisis, presumably still aimed at Kiev. Our government is deeply in debt and these things might have market value. This could be a fire sale for northcentral Montana real estate.

Wilderness Survival School | Wilderness Awareness School - Nature and Outdoor Survival School The Abandoned Palace At 5 Beekman Street Update 9/11/2013 – Been meaning to update for a while. 5 Beekman is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR FILMING, EVENTS, OR ANY OTHER RENTAL PURPOSE due to ongoing construction. 5 Beekman Street has a secret. You’ve probably passed it a million times in your travels through downtown Manhattan. Certainly anyone who has ever visited J&R Row or hit the Starbucks on the opposite corner for a post-Brooklyn-Bridge-walk bathroom break has noticed its twin towers, and perhaps wondered how much its wealthy tenants pay to live behind its beautiful brick and terra-cotta facade. Except, 5 Beekman Street doesn’t have any tenants. In fact, it’s completely empty, essentially abandoned, and has been for a decade, with a portion of its interior shuttered since 1940… Until now. When you first go through the front doors, the lobby might strike you at first as nothing more than the gutted remains of an old building. And then you look up… …and up… …to the most beautiful atrium in New York City, over nine stories overhead…

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