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1920's Cloche Hat Crochet Pattern

1920's Cloche Hat Crochet Pattern
If I could go back to anytime in history I'd probably travel to the 1920's! The Swing music and catchy Charleston, the unforgettable hats and fashion and Walt Disney's film debut are just a few of the many reasons I love the roaring twenties! Unfortunately I don't own a time machine, so I guess I'll just have to settle with Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby to quench my ever growing thirst. However, I have to admit that while wearing this cloche hat with my mary jane heels I truly felt like a flapper... And it was wonderful! I would highly encourage you to listen to this little collection of some of my favourite swing music while crocheting this cloche hat... If you did own a time machine, what era would you travel to? What You'll Need 6.00mm Crochet Hook Tapestry Needle Finished Size Teen - Adult ~ Note ~ {Chains at the start of a round count as the first Half Double Crochet of that round} Round 19~ Chain 2, then crochet a Half Double Crochet into the same stitch. ~ Rosette ~

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1950s-style wide brimmed hat This is an old pattern. It’s the first one I wrote up and looking back on it I’m not sure it’s that great. If you want to make it please do go ahead but I’m kind of embarrassed by it nowadays. I apologise for my poor pattern writing skills. I was stuck on another project which I will write up very soon.

Crochet Sun Hat – Brim Pattern To see the FREE pattern to make this hat, click here. This brim pattern can be worked on any sun hat. It’s very easy and worked in the round. Two Hands Healing and Creative Arts As many of my readers already know, I love to crochet hats. They are a fun quick project and a great canvas for experimenting with stitch patterns and new yarns. I seem to also make them frequently for gifts to family and friends. Crochet Caterpillar Toddler Boy Sun Hat {free crochet pattern} I’ve been having lots of fun designing hats for my boys. Girl hats are everywhere, with a myriad of patterns for butterflies and flowers, so I’ve enjoyed creating stuff that boys would love. And Gabriel loves this hat! When he’s outside playing in the dirt and sand, he often comes to me with a little worm in his hand and talks to me all about it.

Free Crochet Ponytail Hat Pattern Finding a free crochet ponytail hat pattern can be hard. Here you’ll find the patterns that I come across to make your life easier. June Nemeth designed this free crochet pattern for ponytail hat and it can be downloaded here. Wilma Westenberg offers this puff crochet stitch ponytail hat pattern free on her site Get it here! Crochet Sun Hat (Granny Stitch) – Free Crochet Pattern In anticipation of flip flop and tank top weather approaching, I’ve been madly crocheting colorful sun hats for little girls. If I were a famous designer, I’d call this my Sherbet line since they remind me of popsicles and Sherbet ice cream! These hats just make me smile, and if I had a little girl, you bet she’d be wearing them! The Granny Stitch allows for lots of air to pass through, but will still keep most of the sun out. The brim is large enough to protect those precious little faces and necks!

Crochet Ponytail Hat If you’re looking for the crochet hat with ponytail hole pattern, you’re in luck. I’ve rounded up a few ponytail beanie crochet patterns for your convenience! These are all patterns for sale. Go here for free crochet ponytail hat patterns. Crochet Cape Cod Baby Boy Sun Hat {free crochet pattern} A free crochet pattern for a baby boy that’s fit for the Cape! He’ll look so cute and sophisticated and ready to set sail with the lobster appliqué, plus he’ll be protected from the sun. Hats are so easy and fun to make, especially when you can add cute appliqués and embellishments. Pick Your Pony Beanie: Free Crochet Pattern on Moogly! The “messy bun” hat has taken the crochet world by storm, and for the last few weeks the requests for a Moogly version have been pouring in. Well, you know I had to add my own spin to it – and that’s the Pick Your Pony Beanie! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. Why the weird name? Well, it’s a ponytail hat/messy bun hat that doesn’t require your ponytail to stay put! You get to decide where your bun or ponytail is on your head – this hat works with every style.

Crochet Gone Fishin’ Baby Sun Hat with Goldfish {free crochet pattern} Crochet sun hats make it fun to continue crocheting when its warm! Here is a free pattern to take on a Saturday morning fishing with daddy, complete with a goldfish applique. Here’s another sun hat for the little prince in your life. Simple Shells Cloche Hat Crochet Pattern Materials: Worsted Weight Yarn (Impeccable) K 6.50mm Crochet Hook Yarn Needle Difficulty: Belmont Sun Hat - FREE Pattern - KatiDCreations This site contains affiliate links. When you click on them and purchase something, I am compensated. My daughter loves wearing hats, sometimes multiple hats at once. Well with the summer coming I knew I would need to come up with a light sun hat pattern. I wanted one that she could wear that would protect her a bit from the sun but also light enough that I would not worry about her getting to hot.