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Patricia Waller

Patricia Waller

XENOBIA BAILEY'S "NEW DAY: IN THE EYE(I) OF THE DREAM ERA" ARTIST JOURNAL Designer Plush Toys - Grind (Rabbit) Plush Toy Info: Your browser does not accept cookies. If you want to put products into your cart and purchase them you need to enable cookies. shop Grind (Rabbit) Plush Toy View Full-Size Image <a href=" target="_blank" title=""><img src=" width="220" alt="Grind (Rabbit) Plush Toy" border="0" /><br />View Full-Size Image</a> Our Squash-plush range looks like roadkill. The blood and guts and gore are made using the latest high-tech stuffing and plush, to give it quite a realistic squidgy effect. We’ve tried to make Grind and the rest of his Squash-plush chums as life-like as possible. Grind follows closely in Twitch’s pawprints. The body and legs and head are made from specially sourced Squash-plush material. His right eye is plastic. The toe tag is made out of recycled brown card.

Knitty Gritty: 15 Works of Knit Art and Graffiti Knitty Gritty: 15 Works of Knit Graffiti & Yarn Bomb Art Article by Steve, filed under Installation & Sound in the Art category. If you thought knitting was a hobby only suited for the bored, the boring and the borderline senile, think again. It takes plenty of smarts to be a knit-wit and these 15 crafty creations prove those who wield the needles are anything but woolly-minded. Dave Cole’s Big Idea (image via: Daily Serving) Dave Cole thinks knitting is going to be big someday, but he’s not waiting for that day to come. (image via: The Knitting Machine) Cole continues to tour the art exhibition circuit, showcasing what he calls “Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting” and adding to his extensive portfolio. Knit Rhymes with… (images via: Craftbits and Naida’s Crochet) Tell Naida you don’t like her knitted crap and you might just get a needle where the sun don’t shine. C’thulhu Waits, Knitting (images via: SickSickCity, Well isn’t it nice? Hair of the (Sheep)Dog (image via: If it’s hip, it’s here)

Main : Joshua Ben Longo Ana Voog I shall never complain that I am too busy after discovering Ana Voog. Performance artist, writer, musician, blogger and crochet goddess; Voog still finds time to crochet some of the most original and sassy hats I’ve ever seen. Ana’s sophisticated and colorful creations bear witness to an evolving, experimental approach to her art: extending the notion of pure artistic practice to the simple and humble medium of crochet. Ana claims “I do not knit, I freeform crochet” and her yarn fuelled improvisations brings life and movement to her hat designs (or lack of design should that be?). Some hats grow out of the crown of the head and spurt down the body like the bright orange “Pumpkin Jellyfish hat”. One hat can also be worn as a scarf, belt or legwarmer, another hat sits snugly round the head like a flapper hat. Going beyond standard threads and wool, Ana indulges in a diverse pool of textiles like recycled yarn, flax, toys, copper wire - even poodle fur! See Ana's site

Top 40 des photos d’animaux empaillés ratés ou les misères de la taxidermie Voici une liste non exhaustive de ce que vous pouvez faire de votre animal de compagnie lorsqu'il mourra : l'enterrer, l'incinérer, le manger, le laisser sécher sous une cloche à fromage, le balancer nonchalamment sur le pare-brise d'un automobiliste... Il y a pourtant une chose qu'il vaut mieux éviter : la taxidermie. Cette méthode qui consiste à empailler son animal nécessite un peu de savoir faire. Et si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur le dur métier de taxidermiste, découvrez Le Gros Métrage, le premier film vraiment grolandais, le samedi 19 décemb à 20h55, qui suit deux crétins débarqués à Paris pour faire de la taxidermie leur nouveau métier. Un renard plat Une "lionne smiley" Une chauve-souris-cochon ? Un sanglier mouton Une marmotte (avec des sandales) Un magnifique Kangourou à pattes de chien Un cerf ? Source : Badly Stuffed Animals

Knitted Masks by Aldo Lanzini ” Definitions are always quite liquid. I use my needle as if I were a sculptor. I move instinctively and I don’t think about the design of my work: I create straight away. ” – Aldo Lanzini Plush Organs : I Heart Guts, Love Your Insides *NEW* - Everything Plush Guts Set - 20 Organs Get every big plush we've got - even our newbies - and save big! Includes monster versions of the thyroid (11" x 8), appendix (15" x... $400.00 $328.00 (18% off) *NEW* - Lymph Node Plush - Rock Your Antibody Your immune system never looked so cute. *NEW* - Skin Plush - In The Flesh High-quality 9” x 9” x 7” plush feels soft against your own skin, the body’s largest organ! *NEW* - Super Big Big Heart It's HUGE! Big Bladder - Urine Great Hands This super-soft bright yellow enormous 9" x 14" x 6" urinary bladder plush is perfect for telling someone when urine love, or... Big Brain - Brain Power! This brain is bigger, better and badder, with more neural folds for you to love. Colossal Kidney - When Urine Love! Same great kidney, new huge size! Eyeball Plush - Party Pupil in the House! This 10" x 7" fluffy peeper loves eyeglasses, but hates eye patches and is looking for someone special. Gigantic Gallbladder Plush - You've Got Gall! Don't skip this beat!

Smart Car Stands Out With Crochet Cover, Plus 6 More Knitted Wonders Recyclart found this great photo on Flickr by StartTheDay showing a Smart car standing out from the crowd in Rome. The photographer states, "Admiring the architecture in Rome we came across this Smart car which had been decorated with a natty, crocheted cover! Never seen anything like this before!" Neither have we -- but we've seen some amazing crocheted and knitted things before. From coral reefs to chicken sweaters, check them out after the jump.The Smart car cover reminds us of another surprising vehicle cozy knitted up a few years ago. The pink tank cozy made quite a splash when it was knitted as part of a peace protest in Copenhagen. Image via Crafterati, credit But knitted wonders don't stop with four-wheeled machines. There is also crocheted food: And even a knitted house: Of course, there's also knitting for a greener purpose, which includes keeping rescued chickens warm: As well as keeping trees cozy:

Cravate corde fermer [x] Cet article provient de l’édition papier du magazine. Seuls les abonnés ont un accès illimité à ces articles. Pour lire cet article ainsi que tous les autres publiés dans le magazine Bénéficiez de l'accès illimité au contenu de L'actualité marqué livraison à domicile de l’édition papier de L'actualité accès à l’édition numérique de L'actualité Full access to L'actualité on all web-enabled devices Des rabais sur de nombreux livres, livrels et éditions spéciales publiés par Rogers. Monte A. Smith Monte A. Smith: I am a fine arts major with a digital media emphasis at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. I work mainly with narratives using video and photography. Lately I have become more interested in interactivity and installation. Outside of digital/new media I am working with street art in the form of knitted/crocheted coverings of things such as parking meters, bike racks, traffics signs etc.