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Cool Tools for School | Learning 2.0 for Schools & Libraries Raising good digital citizens At a glance Today's kids need new skills to behave safely and responsibly online. Good digital citizenship follows the same basic rules as good citizenship in the offline world. Filters only prevent some kinds of unsuitable material being accessed via your computer; parents still need to be vigilant. It's important for parents to model good online behaviour – such as courtesy, obeying the law (not downloading something illegally) and protecting yourself. We're always reminding our kids to "pick up after yourself" and "cover your mouth when you cough", but lately many parents have had to add rules like "don't bring your mobile to the dinner table" and more importantly, "don't use my credit card to shop online". We're the first generation of parents responsible for equipping our children with ‘digital citizenship' skills – how to use technology safely and responsibly, and how to evaluate, manage and use the information and tools they find online. Being PC on the PC (or Mac) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Five-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Digital Citizenship "Digital citizenship" is an umbrella term that covers a whole host of important issues. Broadly, it's the guidelines for responsible, appropriate behavior when one is using technology. But specifically, it can cover anything from "netiquette" to cyberbullying; technology access and the digital divide; online safety and privacy; copyright, plagiarism, and digital law, and more. In fact, some programs that teach digital citizenship have outlined no less than nine elements that intersect to inform a well-equipped digital citizen. But while there is much talk about the importance of teaching digital citizenship in this information society, not many are sure what that really looks like. Video Playlist: Teaching Digital Citizenship Watch the player below to see the whole playlist, or view it on YouTube. What is Digital Citizenship? More Resources for Learning About Digital Citizenship

Technology Find out about all the technologies your child could be using at school, at home and on the go. We have heaps of great information on how gadgets work, their good points and what things you may need to be careful of. AUDIO: Listen to child psychologist Kimberley O'Brien talking about the dangers of sexting [read] Keep up with the technology your kids are using with our handy Technology A to Z. [more Technology A to Z] Tips to help parents keep their kids safe online and deal with cyberbullying if it occurs. [more Cyberbullying] Experts say kids should not keep computers in their bedroom. [more Cybersafety]