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Expo Milano 2015 - Nutrire il Pianeta, Energia per la Vita

Expo Milano 2015 - Nutrire il Pianeta, Energia per la Vita
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Exposition universelle de 2015 Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. L'Expo 2015 est une exposition universelle dont la tenue est prévue à Milan, en Italie, du 1er mai au 31 octobre 2015. Milan a déjà été autrefois le siège de l'Exposition universelle de 1906 sur le thème des Transports. Description[modifier | modifier le code] Le thème proposé pour l'Exposition est « Nourrir la planète, énergie pour la vie » et veut inclure tout ce qui touche à l'alimentation, au problème de la sous-alimentation dans certaines régions du monde et à celui de la nutrition, mais aussi à la thématique liée aux OGM. On estime que : Organisation[modifier | modifier le code] La décision d'attribution de cette exposition a été adoptée par l'assemblée du Bureau international des expositions (BIE) réunie à Paris, le 31 mars 2008. Le premier pays à confirmer sa participation est la Suisse, le 3 février 2011[1]. À noter que le pavillon de la France sera réalisé par l'agence d'architecture parisienne X-TU[3]. Rai Expo

TODAY'S MENU {Alphabet Soup} {A Graphic PUNCH between the Eyes} I attended a typography exhibit a few days ago, it was there I realized my love and appreciation for graphic posters. Really, anyone who can turn an ordinary letter/word/idea into a 24X36 piece of art must possess the true talents of a creative mind. Oddball Alphabet... The Letter I | KID independent – handmade for kids Get out your reading glasses and pull up a cosy chair folks, because it’s time for another serving of the Oddball Alphabet. The star of today’s show is the letter I; a tall and slim letter who is known for his individuality and intelligence. He’s loves to be the centre of attention and at times can be a little bit selfish, after all, there is no I in team! Idiosyncrasies – Dear Friends Print by Kil. Share the love!

March | 2012 | Jama's Alphabet Soup Looking for some cool ways to celebrate National Poetry Month during April? Check out for all kinds of great resources for teachers, students, librarians and poetry lovers of all ages. There’s a Spring Book List, information about Poem in Your Pocket Day (April 26th), “30 Ways to Celebrate Poetry Month,” and a Calendar of Events taking place around the country. Here’s a list of what some of the kidlit bloggers are doing. If you’re also planning something special for April, or know of anyone else who is, please mention it in the comments so I can add it here. 2012 Kidlitosphere Poetry Month Events Greg Pincus is once again hosting his wonderful 30 Poets/30 Days at GottaBook. Irene Latham at Live Your Poem is trying something new this year — the 2012 Kidlit Progressive Poem. ♥ Laura Shovan at Author Amok, who does a different poetry project every year, is featuring, “30+ Habits of Highly Effective Poets.” ♥ Jone at Check it Out is doing her fourth annual Poetry Postcard Project.

Institut culturel Google s'est associé à des centaines de musées, d'institutions culturelles et d'archives pour héberger en ligne des trésors culturels du monde entier. Grâce à une équipe dédiée d'ingénieurs, nous mettons au point des outils qui permettent aux acteurs du secteur culturel d'afficher en ligne les divers héritages culturels et de les rendre ainsi accessibles à tous. L'Institut culturel de Google vous permet d'avoir accès à des œuvres d'art, des monuments et des sites du patrimoine mondial, ainsi qu'à des expositions numériques qui vous en apprendront plus sur les archives d'institutions culturelles du monde entier. S'abonner à l'Institut culturel sur YouTube Suivre l'Institut culturel sur Google+ Nos projets Art Project Des musées très divers (petits et grands, classiques et modernes, locaux et de renommée internationale) situés dans plus de 40 pays ont partagé plus de 40 000 images haute résolution d'œuvres d'art : huiles sur toile, sculptures, mobilier, etc. World Wonders Project

Beauty company Lush releases mesmerising new video of dissolving bath products Cosmetics company filmed the moment bath bombs hit the waterA reaction to the 'emotional hijacking' of corporate Christmas adverts The Experimenter has original score performed by a 45-piece orchestra By Olivia Foster for MailOnline Published: 13:12 GMT, 19 December 2014 | Updated: 14:30 GMT, 19 December 2014 Swirling colours, mesmerising clouds of glitter and dust, and bright splashes of liquid - a hypnotic new video could be the latest installation in an art gallery. In fact, the short film - dubbed The Experimenter - captures the moment when Lush bath products hit the water to dissolve and disperse into stunning shapes and shades. The makers behind the video were inspired by David Attenborough documentaries in which the camera zooms in on natural wonders to highlight fascinating natural detail. Scroll down for video The Experimenter is an artistic video capturing the moments that Lush beauty products are dropped in water

7 Reasons to Travel with Us - Tour Company | Localers 1| Travel like a Local Discover our beautiful country like an insider and experience how to live like a Parisian, a Bordelais, or a Provençal for a day. Unlike the standard visit where you’re sealed off behind the glass of an air-conditioned bus, listening to a guide shouting down a microphone, we propose an encounter with France and its people the local way. We offer a real exchange between the travelers and us, the locals. 2| Explore France with True Experts The principle behind most guided tours is usually the following: they offer visits to a handful of cliché sights (i.e. Before creating the visits themselves, we start by selecting passionate locals, who are experts in their domain, thereby capitalizing on the knowledge and aptitudes of each guide. 3| Diversity and Adaptability Lovers of an authentic experience: smelly cheese, vintage fashion, interior design, history, there’s something for everyone! 4| A team of Francophiles at your Service 5| Cut Out the Middlemen

Cesar Santos’s Skillfully-Painted Pastiches Reference Art History Cuban-American artist Cesar Santos modernizes academic art styles and techniques through witty compositions that juxtapose elements directly borrowed from canonical art pieces with his own, contemporary imagery. His work raises questions about the ways meaning changes over time. Through bizarre fusions, including a memorable rendition of Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe with a hint of McDonald’s burgers and fries, Santos aspires to bring clashing worlds into a disparate communion. “In a suggestive and theatrical manner,” he says, “I seek to raise questions, to entice one to probe the imagery that I present, and attempt to decipher its meaning.” By doing so, he encourages the viewers to compare different aesthetics and, in turn, cultural periods in history. Santos’s technique also plays a big part in what he tries to achieve with the aesthetics and concepts of his art.

The 21 Art Exhibitions You'll Be Talking About This Year "Another year over," John Lennon still coos, posthumously, over the course of several, semi-irritating weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's. "And a new one just begun." It's probably the most succinct way of melodically paying tribute to the passing of one 365-day period and the dawn of another. We're reminded of Lennon's lyrics as we scan our list of the new year's most drool-worthy museum shows. Yes, artists like Alex Katz, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Barnett Newman have wound their way into our ranks, but we're pleased to see shows like "Islamic Art Now" and "Women to Watch 2015" making waves for underrepresented and emerging figures too. The following 21 shows will debut at some of the biggest art institutions in the United States, and a few small ones too. 1. Sixteen performance artists working in pairs and shifts take part in a previous staging of "One Million Years." Also on view: Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian: Infinite Possibility, Alberto Burri: The Trauma of Painting 2. 3.

22 Movies Every Designer Should Watch On Netflix Sometimes you take a look at your Netflix queue and think there's nothing decent on the service. That's not entirely true! Netflix has certainly lost its library of mainstream Hollywood films over the past few years. But for the designer in search of inspiration—or anyone with a love of visual culture—Netflix is still loaded with some superb films and documentaries. Here are 22 to get you started. 1-2. Call it two thirds of director Gary Hustwit's Design Trilogy. 3. Vignelli Associates is considered one of the greatest cross-disciplinary design firms in history—best known for producing the iconic, once-polarizing Vignelli NYC Subway Map. 4. We all know the Gucci brand, but this film takes us right inside Italy’s famed fashion label, following ex-creative director Frida Giannini for 18 months. 5. 6. Some documentaries feature a lot of talking heads. 7. 8. "It’s one snap, two snaps, or he ignores you, which is death." 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Yes it was filmed in 1927. 16. 17. 18. 19.