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the healthy living manifesto 16 maps that Americans don't like to talk about - Vox If there was a single moment when the US became a global power, it was the war with Spain. The Spanish Empire had been crumbling for a century, and there was a ferocious debate within the US over whether America should replace it as a European-style imperial power, or if as a democracy the US should instead liberate peoples from imperialism. The debate centered on Cuba: pro-imperialists wanted to purchase or annex it from Spain (pre-1861, the plan was to turn it into a new slave state); anti-imperialists wanted to support Cuban independence. In 1898, Cuban activists launched a war of independence from Spain, and the US intervened on their side. Image credit: Anand Katakam

we have a responsibility ... Historical European martial arts Historical European martial arts (HEMA) refers to martial arts of European origin, particularly using arts formerly practised, but having since died out or evolved into very different forms. While there is limited surviving documentation of the martial arts of Classical Antiquity (such as Ancient Greek wrestling or Gladiatorial combat), surviving dedicated technical treatises or combat manuals date to the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. For this reason, the focus of HEMA is de facto on the period of the half-millennium of ca. 1300 to 1800, with a German and an Italian school flowering in the Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance (14th to 16th centuries), followed by Spanish, French, English and Scottish schools of fencing in the modern period (17th and 18th centuries). The term Western martial arts (WMA) is sometimes used in this wider sense including modern and traditional disciplines. Early history (before 1350)[edit] Fol. 4v of the I.33 Renaissance[edit]

the four directions Merchant Networks Timelines0 1629: In 1629, many Englishmen with vehement Puritan views backed the Providence Island Company, to be theirs exclusively, and in 1629 the Earl of Warwick, Sir Nathaniel Rich, Lord Saye and Sele, and another puritan, the third Earl of Lincoln (Thomas Clinton, 1571-1619), patronized the Massachusetts Bay Company. (Third Earl Lincoln: Who's Who /Shakespeare, p. 152. GEC, Peerage, Lincoln, p. 695, Clinton, p. 318.) So, American puritan ports siphoned off religious exiles (and later, undesirables). There emerged a large network, finally, of merchants, puritans and nobles, each influencing the other, and most of them influencing trade. (In the late 1620s and early 1630s, a few Levant-East India Company men also dominated the Russia Trade, being Hamersley, Job Harby, William Bladwell and Henry Garway.) Once again with the plan for a West Indies Company, the idea was to keep fifty ships stationed, and fifty as back-up. By 1634 there were 175 men trading with Virginia; by 1640 there were 330.

Are you an Empath? By Openhand Guest Writer for Wake Up World Unfolding the Higher Paradigm. Imagine being able to feel and sense everything, whether positive or negative around you, 24/7. An Empath can’t turn off empathy (unlike someone who is perhaps ‘empathising’). It is possibly one of the most challenging of psychic gifts to master. Empaths incarnate into this world without a manual. Everything is energy Everything is energy, pulsating particular vibrations. Empaths will feel the energy in the field, feel the energy of conversation, feel body language, feel words used (or not used) without intellectual interpretation. Because of the tendency for people to hide the full story, or try to control the situation, an empath will tend to feel a huge inner conflict or inability to process the enormity of the engagement. “Make it go away!!!” Most people who have this trait do not see it as a gift. In my early days I used to cry out to the universe “I don’t want to feel all this energy – it’s not mine”… Soul to Soul

General Braddock’s Defeat on the Monongahela in 1755 Part 2 An account of General Braddock’s expedition to Fort Duquesne in 1755 in 15 parts: Part II: The deterioration in relations between Britain and France in America The French & Indians launch their attack on the British & American troops; Braddock falls shot while George Washington attempts to assist him.Click here or image to buy a print The appointment of Robert Dinwiddie as Lieutenant Governor of Virginia: On 4th July 1751 the new Lieutenant Governor of Virginia was appointed, Robert Dinwiddie. Dinwiddie had served as collector of customs duty in the colony, and was known, and largely disliked, from this service. Robert Dinwiddie: portrait by an unknown artist Dinwiddie was also a member of the Ohio Company. The British North American colonies were an extraordinary muddle of conflicting interests. The history of British America in the 18th Century shows a succession of quarrels between these two institutions in most of the colonies. The Virginia Charter granted by King James I in 1606

A Disconnected Humanity: The Age of Pineal Suppression By Michael Roads Guest Writer for Wake Up World We live in an age of pineal suppression. We imbibe and ingest substances that tend to calcify the rice-grain-sized pineal gland, and on a global scale we have become subservient to the various systems of government. We are continually subjected to a number of controls all designed to disempower us. As we become less self-reliant so also our relationship with the world around us is reduced and diminished. We live in a world where over a hundred million people in the Western World take anti-depressants on a daily basis. The answer is simple: from a metaphysical viewpoint, our pineal is the interface between we humans and the greater world around us; the galaxy around us; and even the multiverse in which we live. We all know that if you disconnect an electrical appliance from electricity, it will not work. If you find the idea of a multiverse too challenging, then we will call it your connection with the greater reality in which you live.

Hidden secrets revealed in 1491 world map that may have guided Columbus | Ancient Origins A map of the world produced in 1491 by Henricus Martellus has been subjected to multispectral imaging, which has revealed hidden details on the map not previously visible, including numerous Latin descriptions of regions and people. Henricus Martellus is also known as Heinrich Hammer. He was a German cartographer who lived in Florence from 1480 to 1496. Not much is known about Martellus, but he probably lived in Nuremberg. Martellus used information brought back by Marco Polo from his travels in Asia to compile his map. Multispectral imaging has helped to reveal details on the 1491 map that have previously been obscured by five centuries of fading and scuffing. “We've recovered more information than we dared to hope for” map historian and lead researcher Chet Van Duzer told Phys Org. World Map Universalis Cosmographia, 1507; by German Cartographer Martin Waldseemüller (Wikimedia Commons) Interestingly, the image of Japan on the map is completely wrong. By Robin Whitlock

Power robs the brain of empathy Researchers have some new insights into how power diminishes a person's capacity for empathy. According to scientists, a sense of power shuts down a part of the brain that helps us connect with others. For their study that builds on past information about how the brain operates, the researchers found that even the smallest bit of power - for instance from a job promotion or more money - can shut down our ability to empathize with others. Read more... The study authors write: "For example, with respect to action observation, neural circuits that are related to action execution become active when the person observes someone else making the same action; in other words, the observer’s brain resonates with the model’s motor behavior."

sexycodicology: Amazing manuscript in the shape... 30 awesome tutorials for Photoshop Below given are 30 awesome Photoshop tutorials that will definitely help you to master your knowledge and skill for any of your photo editing task, graphics design, 3D modeling, animation or any illustration work. Get through these tutorials and be skilled! 1. The Blur Gallery tutorial teaches you the photo-realistic depth of field adjustments via an interface which allows you to place and manipulate controls directly on the image area. 2. James Paterson shows how to get to grips with one of the most powerful tools in your creative arsenal — the Brush tool. 3. This video tutorial introduces the Custom Shape Tool and teaches how to use various settings such as Fill, Stroke and more. 4. This video tutorial introduces the Color Replacement Tool, which lets you paint roughly over an area of an image. 5. This Photoshop video tutorial introduces the Burn tool. 6. Learn how to use CS5’s built-in filter effects to add a feeling of movement and power to your images in this tutorial. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.