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国内最优质图片灵感库 已有数百万出众网友,用花瓣保存喜欢的图片。 要发送私信,请到该用户主页,点击私信按钮 转采于2012-04-09 05:43:55 雕花蝴蝶灯 推荐给你的采集 正在加载... 加花瓣为微信好友 Related:  Artistique - BricolageECLAIRERdeuck

30 Façons de Recycler des Objets du Quotidien Pour Faire Revivre Votre Maison Des bouteilles en verre en abat-jour Des planches de skateboard transformées en table de pique-nique Une batterie transformée en lustre Une vielle échelle pour vos livres favoris Une baignoire de bain coupée en fauteuils de salon Une valise transformée en siège Des chaises collées au mur pour le rangement Des languettes de canettes de soda en sac à main Des cuillères en plastique pour faire un abat-jour Des vieilles cassettes audio en porte-monnaie Des bouchons en bougies Des boîtes de conserve en rangement Un vieux tonneau transformé en niche pour chien Des bocaux transformés en vases Un tronc d'arbre pour descendre les escaliers en toute sécurité ! BONUS : 7 façons de recycler notre bonne vielle technologie | Tutoriaux, exercices de couture sur machines à coudre, brodeuse aust & amelung: a floor lamp Some pieces of functional design recall special affinities and ideas. We had this kind of reflection upon "a floor lamp" created by aust & amelung, design studio of Miriam Aust and Sebastian Amelung based in Kassel, Germany. The project is founded on the simple mechanism of a beam balance. A long beam cranes across the room and balances a lampshade on one side against a sandbag in the other. The sandbag can be moved manually into four positions weighing in different lighting situations. The idea to make something so simple yet mechanical and surprisingly innovative for a modern home space absolutely caught our hearts. Words: aust & amelung, Thisispaper Photography: Minu Lee

DIY Trendy Hanging Lamp Home design DIY Kids Weddings Fashion and Style FOOD Cool stuff DIY Trendy Hanging Lamp As I mentioned before, honeysuckle is a color of this year so why not to make something trendy for your interior? Materials and tools Sheet of colored PlexiglasCord setPlastic cupDecorative metal chainPink spray paintQuick-setting gluePensilElectric jigsawDrillScrewdriverLightbulb Instructions Find some nice neo-baroque template and print it.Transfer it on the Plexiglas sheet using pencil.Saw the sheet using a jigsaw.Repeat first three steps to get the second piece of the lamp.Carefully remove the protective film from the Plexiglas. share More about creative lamps, diy hanging lamps, diy lamps, diy modern lamps, diy pendant lamps, hanging lamps, lamps, pendant lamps, suspended lamps 12 Comments elsa Says: April 24th, 2011 at 8:05 pm this is wonderful, so creative! 4 Trackbacks For This Post DIY Cute Flowers Lampshade | Shelterness Says: April 23rd, 2011 at 2:41 am [...] Leave a Reply Related stuff Popular:

Phillips Designs Solar Powered City Street Light Smart design meets city lights in these solar-powered LED street lights by Phillips. Inspired by how flowers open up to the sun to collect the sun’s energy, the Sustainable City Lights feature photovoltaic petals that open during the day to collect the sun’s rays and transform them into energy. Then at night, the light closes and LED lights turn on to brighten city streets. Designed for the Phillips Simplicity Event in 2008, the Sustainable City Light is an intelligent outdoor lighting system meant to enhance city life by providing accurate lighting on demand as needed. Powered by the sun, the street light blooms open during the day to collect energy through its solar panels. + Phillips Via Yanko Design

tabouret recyclé en organisateur Bougie ciment By Claire of Fellow Fellow Hi there, it’s Claire from Fellow Fellow here! I’ve got a really cute DIY for you today! A laced cement votive, perfect for summer nights spent outdoors. Keep reading to see the full tutorial after the jump! Step 5. Tucker Lamp by Tucker Waugh I was perusing the perpetually well done output of Working Class Studio, a division of the Savannah College of Art and Design, the other day and came across a lovely lamp by furniture designer and SCAD alum Tucker Waugh. The eponymous Tucker Lamp cuts a nice modern profile, lights the room from both above and below, and at a very economical $110 certainly makes it the best single way to make your well Ikea-ed friends envious without a Ligne Roset budget. This acrylic table lamp stands 19" high by 9" wide and comes with a pair of drum shades in both walnut veneer and white acrylic. I think I prefer the black body with the walnut veneer, though white on white certainly affects that cool, contempo vibe. It also comes with a 60 watt bulb, making it a fine accent to your current living room lighting scene. Even a pair of Tucker Lamps on either nightstand, or a trio on top of a piano, as this yorkie seems to prefer, might make good sense.