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E-learning, conocimiento en red

E-learning, conocimiento en red
#Gamonal #NOmooc (XII) Vencereis pero no convencereis ... Viva la Muerte!!! Unamuno vs. Millan Astray . PensamientoS vs. EjércitoS

Entornos Personales de Aprendizaje: claves para el ecosistema educativo en red Páginas: Codrops: Free Responsive Book Social icons Presentación El interés de los Entornos Personales de Aprendizaje (PLE, por sus siglas en inglés) no reside tanto en su novedad conceptual o tecnológica, como en la asunción de una perspectiva sobre la educación que intenta responder al gigantesco cambio tecnológico y cultural que ha tenido lugar en las últimas dos décadas en nuestra sociedad. Todo lo que sea verdad Learning Styles Quiz Results Your Child's Personal Learning Styles Can Create Higher Grades FAST! Stunning New Discovery Shows How Your Child Can Get Higher Grades in 14 Days! Are you frustrated with your child's low grades or lack of motivation?Is your homelife stressful due to homework hassles and poor report cards?Have you tried absolutely everything to help your child get higher grades?Do you have a bright child who seems to know information, then forgets it during the test?

Creating a PLN Skip to content Building your PLN Know it or not, you already have some sort of Personal Learning Network or PLN! It could be your colleagues, family, students, friends – whoever! Teacher Action Research on ePortfolio Implementation Last week, I was the external examiner on a Masters Thesis entitled, ELECTRONIC PORTFOLIOS: TOOLS FOR SUPPORTING THE TEACHER’S NEED FOR ASSESSMENT AND THE STUDENT’S NEED FOR DEEP LEARNING. I was given permission to post his final thesis. "The intent of this study was to examine how qualitative assessment in the form of electronic portfolios could be conducted to engage students in their learning."

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Blank A portfolio is a collection of work that has undergone a process of selection, reflection, and revision. I believe these 3 key components are critical when thinking about portfolios, especially writing portfolios. Over the last 2 decades there has been a push to use portfolios to assess student writing. All across the country one can find schools and school systems creating their own portfolio initiative. More recently, especially in the collegiate world there has been a push for students to create electronic portfolios using Web2.0 technology.

15: Organize and Share with Livebinders This is the 15th post in the “30 days to using the best of the web’s free tools for educators” series. Be sure to subscribe to the Teacher Challenge blog by RSS, like us on facebook, and follow us on twitter to keep up with future challenge posts as they are published. Objectives: What The Heck Is Livebinders? Nirvana › Tour Capture Nirvana provides multiple ways to capture actions, thoughts and ideas to your Inbox. Keyboard shortcuts, rapid entry typing, via email and mobile apps... the faster you can clear your mind, the sooner you can free your mind for creative work. Process Processing your to-dos has never been faster, easier or more intuitive.

Sample Professional Teaching Portfolios McGill University Quick Links Elementary 3rd Year Fall Term Option Creating a Service Learning Portfolio Creating a Service Learning Portfolio What is a Learning Portfolio? A purposeful collection of student learning that exhibits the student’s efforts and achievements in a specific course or project. How can Learning Portfolios be used? Portfolios are gaining popularity in College and University education as a means for students to demonstrate the knowledge and abilities they have acquired from a specific activity (e.g. participation in service). Ray Tolley's Demo eFolio : eFolio Notes If you've reached this page on our website, you've likely arrived here as the result of some error. In July of 2012, we undertook a branding change and converted the product known as eFolioWorld to myeFolio. As such, the content in individual eFolioWorld accounts was not changed, but instead the location of our hosting environment AND the name of our product and subsequent URLs did change. The cut-over to myeFolio was completed on July 6th at 3:00 p.m. If you had an eFolioWorld site and are attempting to find it, please check your URL and be certain that you've replaced eFolioWorld with myeFolio in the address (for example, is now; and is now Also, please check the spelling and punctuation of your URL, often times people attempt to locate web sites using an incomplete URL, such as instead of