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Welcome to Let's Knit! Magazine

Welcome to Let's Knit! Magazine

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Krawka: free pattern Recently I feel like a little mad hatter myself, well maybe not hatter but a crazy hair clip maker. When I bought a set of eight hairclips in store I fought I would use two maybe three, but it's so freaking hard to stop yourself once You start making them. I have so many ideas for hairclips and I am so excited to make something girly again :) well as girly as I possibly could, Mad Hatter is girly, right?! Anyway do I even have to write I love Alice in Wonderland? Is there someone here who don't?.... How to Knit - Step by Step Guide Learn to Knit We are very grateful to TB Ramsden & Co. for allowing us to use their wonderful How to Knit lessons. Knitting is an ancient craft with a long and well-documented history.

Мобильный LiveInternet ПОКРЫВАЛО И ПОДУШКА УЗОРОМ "ПОЛЬСКАЯ ЗВЕЗДА". МК Это цитата сообщения X-dranikОригинальное сообщение Представляю вам покрывало, связанное узором "Польская звезда". Модель взята с немецкого сайта, что смогла перевела техническим переводчиком, надеюсь, без ошибок. How to Knit: 10 steps (with pictures) Edit Article Five Methods:Making a Yarn BallMaking a SlipknotCasting OnKnitting StitchesCasting Off In today's high speed world, knitting is surprisingly enjoying a revival of sorts as a calming yet productive hobby. Whether it's a middle-aged man knitting in his cubicle to help keep his blood pressure in check or a child being taught to knit in school because it teaches hand-and-eye coordination, the new generation of knitters do not fall neatly into any one category. If you want to jump on the knitting bandwagon, this step by step pictorial, geared for beginners, should start you on your way to a lifetime of knitting.

[vidéo] Les côtes anglaises (brioche stitch) tricotées en rond Il existe plusieurs méthodes pour tricoter les côtes anglaises, qu’on appelle d’ailleurs de noms différents selon la technique utilisée. Je vous ai déjà parlé des côtes perlées, les anglo-saxons les appellent brioche stitch, ou fisherman rib. Il s’agit dans tous les cas de côtes 1/1 où une maille sur deux est une maille « double ». La différence dans la technique vient de la manière dont on obtient le résultat, qui est quasiment le même dans tous les cas (avec juste des nuances dans la tension du fil). Knitting for beginners: the complete guide Want to learn how to knit, or to improve your knitting knowledge? Here are all of our guides to knitting... Learn how to knit on video Watch experts demonstrate how to choose yarn, cast on, knit, purl and cast off Learn how to knit in pictures Step-by-step illustrated guide to learning to knit Communauté Voir les messages des blogs Pâte à tarte légère légère !!!!!Voici quelques recettes que j'ai trouvée sur le net ... Pâte à tarte au yaourt et à l'huile d'olive ou margarine, sans œuf :- 140 g de farine complète- 120 g de yaourt nature - 3 cuil. à soupe d'huile d'olive ou de margarine végétale- 1 cuil. à café de sel Trouvée sur le blog : Une affaire de goût Pâte sans graisse avec œuf :- 120 g de farine- 2 petits suisses- 1 œuf entier- 1/2 sachet de levure chimique- 1 ou 2 cuillères de lait 1/2 écrémée ou de l'eau Trouvée sur le : Forum Super Toinette

Dare I Say? This is a Funky, Sexy Knitted Shawl Pattern. Mmm. Free (and easy!) Funky Knitted Shawl Pattern Other terms that pop into my head? Simple. Glorious. Chunky. Crochet Bird Pattern Here is a lovely little pattern to enjoy this fine Spring Equinox! I’m currently in the process of making a flock of these little chaps, they take a couple of hours each but I do recommend pinning them out and blocking overnight to counteract a little twist in the tail and wings once they’re worked up. I have also realised that they have no eyes, so you could embroider those on or add safety eyes to finish. Materials: Double Knit wool, main colour and beak/feet colour 3.5mm hook, or any hook to create a finished work that will hold the filling well Yarn needle Fibre fill Abbreviations (UK crochet terms) rnd : round dc : double crochet tr: treble dtr: double treble st : stitch ch : chain sl st : slip stitch dec : decrease inc : increase by dc 2 in same st Head and body

Circles of the Sun - CAL - Block 1 Today is a very exciting and important day as my Circles of the Sun CAL 2015 in overlay crochet starts. I really wanted to design and organize it in such a way that you could be introduced to an amazing technique of overlay crochet. I tried to design simple squares and write easy to follow patterns. And today we start with Block #1. If you haven’t read general information about this CAL – please, check it HERE. There you will also find links to all the tutorials, I will add them once they are published.

Circles of the Sun Mystery CAL - General Information Only five days are left till the official beginning of my summer Mystery CAL 2015 (as the first pattern will be published next Friday, on 26th of June) and it’s the right time to give you more details about this project. Oh! I’ve actually come up with the name. Super Sock Calculator Please fill out the very short DIY survey and help me with my research project.Read more...Thanks, Eddie An online calculator for toe-up (magic cast-on), short-row heels, two at a time socks. You can read more about these types of socks in this post: 4 tips for easy sock knitting. The pattern in on too! The hashtag for this pattern is #SuperSockCalculator.