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DIY Glitter Tights

DIY Glitter Tights

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DIY CHLOE INSPIRED SCALLOPED BIKINI 12th June 2013 Ever since I saw the Chloe version a few years ago I’ve yearned for a scalloped bikini – to me they seem like the perfect (ultra feminine) beach attire. Although this style seems to be everywhere this season (here, here and here), I’ve always wanted to make my own, however deciding on the right method and finding a black bikini I was willing to sacrifice has taken longer than it should (two/three years even!). When I was trying to work out the best way to do this I had soooo many different ideas, from cutting lycra into scalloped trim to cutting the actual bikinis themselves into scalloped shapes, but at the end of the day I knew that unless I could hem the lycra (tricky) those options would only be good for one or two wears, which wasn’t what I was looking for. Read on to see how I did it! Pin It

How to Create an Ice Bowl: 19 Steps Edit Article Balloon ice bowlFloral or citrus ice bowl Edited by 59Ballons, IngeborgK, BR, Krystle and 10 others An ice bowl is a spectacular way to present food or drinks for a party or dinner table. Or if you are bored, and are looking for something to do, this is perfect! There are several ways to create an ice bowl, depending on what presentation you're after and how much effort you're prepared to put in. Okay, I admit it. Nail Art is just totally Cool. If you find yourselves in one of those situations when you have absolutely crap-all to do, attempting some nail art is probably a good idea. I do declare that there are a few rules however! 1) Nothing too fancy. This is not a trend to be taken too seriously but you don’t want it to look like something threw up all over your nails either.

Art Platter - StumbleUpon Boutique quality bows can be made using ribbons in varied sizes and materials. You can make these bows to match your kids’ outfit and can also be attached to headbands. Glimpse of the Result: DIY STRAPPED BRA TOP 16th October 2013 I’ve been obsessing over strapped swimwear and bras for ages now, and recently took a moment to create a style of my own. I was inspired by lots of designer versions out there but in particular this one. Such a simple update to a triangle bra!

Canvas Project To all of your coming over from Pinterest:Thanks so much for stopping by! Who knew such a simple project could become so popular? If you have any questions please ask! You can also check the comments because many people have shared tips and tricks they discovered as they've tried this project. Tutorial: Easy Sponge Gradient Happy Sunday! Today, I wanted to show you guys how I did the Tropical Gradient from earlier this week. It's very easy and I like that it has that seamless look. You'll need: -two or more polishes. DIY ALEXANDER WANG INSPIRED BRALETTE 1st November 2013 As some of you will have noticed I’m going through a bit of a bralette / crop top phase (DIY ones here and here), worn under blazers with high waisted skirts or palazzo trousers. As soon as I saw this amazing Alexander Wang style on Nicole Richie I knew it was something I would have to try to make myself. Trouble was, I had no idea where to start. I ended up taking an afternoon out and playing around until I got it (kinda) right. There was a lot of trial and error, particularly getting the cup shape jussssst so, but I think it worked out ok!

Chalkboard Mason Jar Magnetic Jars Longest title ever for a craft? I just couldn't decide what to call it, so it;s a little long-winded.... But, here's a tutorial on how to make Chalkboard Mason Jar Magnetic Jars: DIY Wall Art: Dreamy Letters Wall art featuring a special quote or song lyrics is a great DIY project. The words can be very personal like a line from your wedding song or just for fun like what I've done here. In this DIY project, I'll show you how to make these dreamy watercolor letters to spell out anything you like. Here are the supplies you'll need: large canvas board like thiswatercolor paintslarge flat watercolor paint brushwatercolor paperalphabet stencilscissorsgluewater and paper towels Hair Romance Hair Romance is a wonderful blog dedicated to all things hair related, where Christina, a super lovely australian blogger, offers a lot of valuable hair advice. A few words from Christina : "I believe your hair is your best accessory. We want you to love your hair and to have fun styling your hair. Your hair is your headsuit and we want you to be well dressed at all times." During the month of May 2011, she posted a hairstyle everyday.

Pretty DIY Fabric Feathers Dishtowel I am so ready for spring. I would like to go pick flowers and strawberries and to not have to wear a sweater all the time. I’m a big baby when it comes to weather. Usually when I get all anxious for Spring to come, I try and rush things inside a bit by doing all my spring decorating – as soon as Valentine’s Day is over. Citrus Facial Refresher In a small sauce pan, bring water to a boil. Add vitamin C tablet and stir until dissolved. In a medium glass bowl, add the lemon peel.

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