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The best place online to learn English for free SchoolsWorld HippoCampus - Homework and Study Help - Free help with your algebra, biology, environmental science, American government, US history, physics and religion homework CBC Digital Archives Countdown to Victory: The Last... Day by day, the news got better as the Second World War wound down in Europe. Sixty years ago, CBC Radio brought home re... Go Glenn Gould: Variations on an ... He adored Arrowroot cookies, Barbra Streisand and animals. Go Canada's Earthquakes and Tsuna... Beneath our feet, Canada is constantly atremble. Go - Scientific Video and Animation Site The Power of Twitter: Personalized PD At Your Fingertips | The Golden Age of Education Have you ever wanted to be in two places at the same time? Do you often feel as if you’re being pulled in three directions? In my roles as teacher, technology staff developer and father of four I frequently feel this way. Saturday was a good example of this as there were two education conferences in the NY Metropolitan area that I really wanted to attend, but family responsibilities prevented me from going to either of them. However, Twitter made it possible for me to “be” in three places at once! Long Island Connected Educators Summit 2015 (#CELI15) Teachers’ College Reading and Writing Project 88th Reunion (#TCRWP) Learning NEVER Stops on Twitter The awesome power of Twitter allowed me to participate in both conferences simultaneously while at my son’s snowy LAX practice. Six Take-Aways From My Personalized PD Session on Twitter: This is just a little taste of what I learned in one afternoon of riding hashtags. Like this: Like Loading...

Math Videos Teacher Sign In Student Sign In Welcome, View Dashboard Sign Out Classroom: Advertisement | Go Ad-Free Math Videos - Concepts and Problem Solving Place Value 3 Digit Numbers Picture Graphs Intro to Multiplication Associative Property Addition with Regrouping Money Bar Graphs Multiplication with Three Multiplication and Division Subtraction/Regrouping Telling Time Line Plots Multiplication Vocabulary Division Vocabulary Subtraction with Zeros Elapsed Time Skip Counting Commutative Property Division and Remainders Long Division Distributive Property A Story about Kindness Beginner A Beginner B Learner A Learner B Whiz A Whiz B Expert A Expert B Star A Star B Pro A Pro B Genius Lines and Angles Polygon angle sum Pythagorean Theorem Square Root operations Triangle angle sum Using a protractor Plotting Points Definition of Slope Finding the Slope of a Line Graphing Lines Calculating the midpoint 2D and 3D Shapes Numbers and Properties What is a prime number? Whole Number Operations How do you subtract by regrouping? Fractions

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