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Related:  HERRAMIENTAS3#VisualMooc Object moved El concepto de aula tradicional cambia y es el momento de llevar a nuestras aulas metodologías tales como; flipped classroom, aprendizaje basado en problemas ABP, aprendizaje cooperativo y trabajar para desarrollar en nuestras aulas una cultura de pensamiento #culturadepensamiento con rutinas de pensamiento. Las Rutinas de Pensamiento, fueron desarrolladas por los Investigadores del Proyecto Zero (2008) de Harvard, son estrategias cognitivas que consisten en preguntas o afirmaciones abiertas que promueven el pensamiento en los estudiantes. En definitiva, hacer visible nuestro pensamiento. El uso sistemático de las #rutinasdepensamiento conduce al estudiante a crear cultura de pensamiento en el aula. Aprendemos a trabajar las rutinas de pensamiento en nuestras aulas. 1. Maria Domingo Coscollola entrevista a David Perkins, codirector del Proyecto Zero , junto a Howard Gardner, desde 1972. 2. 3. 4. 5. Carlota Penagos comparte en este video se muestra la rutina de pensamiento llamada: Zoom in.

MACHINE MUSIC LIKE YOU’VE NEVER HEARD - Electronic Sound New genre alert! Well, maybe calling it a genre might be pushing it, but it’s definitely what we call in the internet/social media age ‘a thing’. It’s the sound made when you import a binary file into an audio app. We’ve been softened up to the idea of glitch for at least a couple of decades now. What’s new here is that the music is a by-product of code. The following piece, uploaded by Josh Keaper, comes with the following useful notes: When binary files (like EXE or DLL) are imported into some audio editor (like SoundForge) as raw audio data, they sometimes turn into weird and interesting music tracks. In this case, shell32.dll became an ambient progressive-noise track of 17.5 minutes (I’ve removed silent gaps and some noise), here are the logical parts of the track: Overall, such “music” will probably be a hit among the robots in the future (after the humanity is exterminated, of course). Here’s another, this one is the app MS Paint, which is incredibly musical.

Get loupe: Crear collage rápidamente – Tecnología + Get loupe es una herramienta en línea que facilita la creación de collage rápidamente. Un dato importante es que no requiere registrarse. Para crear un collage, basta con dar clic en el botón Make your own de la pantalla principal: Dar clic en el botón Add Photos: Elegir la ubicación de las fotografías a cargar: Fotos propias ubicadas en Facebook, Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, Instagram, Google+ o Loupe.En la web por medio de Google, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbr o una dirección URL.Nuestra computadora. Dar clic en el botón Done, una vez que las fotografías han sido cargadas: Elegir de las opciones disponibles el diseño deseado: Para guardar el diseño final se da clic en el botón Save, se asigna un nombre, una descripción y se da clic en el botón Save de la caja de diálogo recién abierta. ¡Ya está listo para ser compartido! Sitio web: Get loupe Me gusta: Me gusta Cargando...

From Visible Thinking Routines to 5 Modern Learning Routines | Silvia Tolisano- Langwitches Blog I have been a fan of Visible Thinking Routines which were developed by Project Zero from Havard, for a while now. I have used these routines with students, as blogging routines and in professional development workshops. The Visible Thinking Routines website explains that: Routines exist in all classrooms; they are the patterns by which we operate and go about the job of learning and working together in a classroom environment. As I am trying to make 21st century, modern, contemporary or “now” learning visible, it seemed a natural step to point out “Modern” or “Now” Learning Routines. Here are my 5 routines that promote modern learning: 1. Read as much as you can on your subject. Write about what you read, write about connections you are making between the content you have read, write about things you wonder about and write your reflection of your thoughts. Comment or annotate on the things you read. 2. Share your learning and your reflection with others. 3. 4. Teach it to others. 5. 22.

Cornell University - World’s largest natural sound archive now fully... iPad Teleprompter by speedy777 I needed a video camera teleprompter recently and (unbelievably!) did not find one already on Thingiverse (as of July 9th, 2016), so had to cobble one up quickly. I'm sharing it here for anyone who needs something like this. This was quickly designed for my specific needs so please don't complain that it doesn't do this or that. If you need something else, please modify it or design it yourself. Some notes: The ipad arms and camera risers are mirrored, so just print two of eachThe glass is 10" x 8" and was appropriated from a picture frame. ** 7/11/2016 - Added Manfrotto round mount for Compact Action tripod Printer: Flashforge Creator Rafts: No Supports: Resolution: 0.25 mm Infill:

Visible Thinking Routine in Action: Chalk Talk | Silvia Tolisano- Langwitches Blog We are fortunate to have a Visible Thinking Routine (VTR) expert at our school. Claire Arcenas, our MS/HS Physical Education teacher, previously a third grade classroom teacher who has done extensive readings and research in experiencing, implementing, embedding VTR in teaching and learning. Recently, she started sharing her experience and reflection on her professional learning blog: Visible Thinking Across Subject Areas. Claire invited me to an 8th grade PE class before a unit on Volleyball skills and allowed me to film her facilitating the VTR called Chalk Talk. Grade 7 and 8: Exploring our Enduring Understanding and Essential Questions for Volleyball… Enduring Understanding:Volleyball requires the application and coordination of skills necessary to contribute collaboratively in achieving a common goalEssential Questions:What is volleyball? At the end of the unit, students met in the same groups to come full circle with the chalk talk routine. Related 8. In "Documenting4Learning" 22.