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V I K I N G S : T H E   N O R T H   A T L A N T I C   S A G A

V I K I N G S : T H E   N O R T H   A T L A N T I C   S A G A

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Secrets of Lost Empires by Dennis Gaffney The trebuchet was one of the most devastating weapons of the Middle Ages. During medieval sieges, this destruction machine crushed castle walls. Using trial and error, medieval engineers adjusted the trebuchet to make sure its missile hit the castle wall—and destroyed it. Viking Axe - Cold Steel Knives Specifications: Overall Length: 52" Hawk Length: 9 5/8" Primary Edge: 10 1/3" Steel: 1055 Carbon Weight: 4 Lbs. 10 oz Handle: 48" Long. Hickory Viking Axe Cold Steel has been a long time believer in the ferocious cutting power of a well-designed Viking Axe.

Prehistory-1500s Tip: Press ctrl and F (or Command and F on a Mac) to perform a keyword search of this page. To keyword search all Best of History Web Sites pages use the search engine located on each page. Pre-Colonial Web Sites The Sport of Life and Death: The Mesoamerican BallgameThe Sport of Life and Death was voted Best Overall Site for 2002 by Museums and the Web and has won a slew of other web awards.

Recreating a Viking voyage Six months ago I set out on the most unusual and the wettest journey of my life. I was on board a replica Viking longship, the world's largest and most authentic, which was attempting to sail from Denmark to Dublin. The aim of the voyage was to test the ship and gain an insight into how the Vikings would have fared when making the same journey. One of the first lessons was just how dependent we were on the weather. With two days of strong winds in the right direction, we had managed to sail over 250 miles (400km) in one stretch.

Black Plague Simulation A "Time Travel" Pilgrimage/Voyage during the time of the Black Plague Your old pal Professor Sy Entz has been reworking his Time Travel Machine in the garage. You have stopped by after school and are having a conversation with him about the early Renaissance and Medeval period in Europe (he is a history buff, besides being a science genius!). You muse half-aloud, "Wouldn't it be great to travel back to the days when people wore those interesting clothes and there were fortresses and knights and damsels and all of that kind of stuff?" "Of course," mentions Professor Entz, "this was a time of great pestilence, including cholera and the Black Plague!" What Vikings really looked like The fine decoration of the Oseberg ship in Norway, which was buried in the year 834, provides clues to what Vikings looked like. Inside the ship were two women and the archaeologists believe the ship has served as a sarcophagus. (Photo: Annie Dalbéra)

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Viking ships A modern replica of a Viking ship. This ship is of the Snekkja longship type. Development[edit] A medieval mystery - The National Archives Tax records can tell us a great deal about life in the Middle Ages. They don’t usually come with pictures, but this one does. It is a cartoon from 1233 during the reign of King Henry III. It’s a detailed, complex cartoon and it is a bit of a mystery. It was found on an Exchequer Roll, a kind of government document recording various payments that is stored rolled up. This roll listed tax payments made by Jewish people in the city of Norwich in Norfolk. Mead hall A reconstructed Viking Age longhouse (28.5 metres long). In ancient Scandinavia and Germanic Europe a mead hall or feasting hall was initially simply a large building with a single room. From the fifth century to early medieval times such a building was the residence of a lord and his retainers. The mead hall was generally the great hall of the king. As such, it was likely to be the safest place in the kingdom.

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