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Greek Bible

Greek Bible

Worldwide Classroom Learn Hebrew P-R-E-C-E-P-T    A-U-S-T-I-N An Epiphany Is A Wonderful Thing An Epiphany Is A Wonderful Thing EPIPHANY, e-pif'a-ni, An appearance, or becoming manifest: specifically, a Christian festival celebrated on the sixth day of January in commemoration of the manifestation of our Savior's birth to the wise men of the east (Webster's Dictionary, 1950). An epiphany is a wonderful thing. I wish I could have an epiphany, because it seems like every time I turn around, someone rises up in Christianity with a new "epiphany" guaranteed to change your life. It started several years ago with Blackaby's "Experiencing God" craze. The next epiphany of note was "The Prayer of Jabez", by Bruce Wilkerson. But now, here's a new epiphany within Christianity. Basis of the Epiphany Grace Walk, the first in a series of books by McVey (the others - Grace Land and Grace Rules, with more to come, I assume), details how the author was living a life of mediocrity and failure within his Christian walk. Philippians 3:5 "... as touching the law, a Pharisee" Gnosti .... Legalism Gnosticism

Home page of Greek New Testament Notice of Pending End of Availability The Support Staff here have kept the software associated with these web pages running, through various hardware and software upgrades, in honour of Tony's memory since his death in 2000. However, we have reached the point where we can no longer guarantee to maintain this service - as such we are advising users that it could disappear at any time. Fortunately, Jonathan Kimmit has very kindly offered host the facility on his Web site. For anyone who would like a copy of the software to install on their own Web server, a version can be downloaded as a zipped tarfile. We believe that various other resources, similar in nature, are now available - the Bible Research Web site contains links to a number of these. Introduction This is a browsable, Web-based interface to the Greek New Testament (GNT). Caveat I am a student of New Testament Greek. Instructions (If you are using Netscape, the table will appear near the top of the window. Source

How to Win Your Unbelieving Spouse Tonight in our study of the Word of God we come to a very important subject and a very important text. And I want to encourage you to open your Bible right now to 1 Peter chapter 3. In 1 Peter chapter 3 verses 1 through 7 we have the subject, "How to win your unsaved to lead your partner to Christ." Now as we approach the passage let me give you just a basic grasp on the flow of thought in this epistle because it's necessary for interpretation. Now Peter is writing to some Christians, Christians who have been scattered and are under going certain persecutions. Now he directs their attention in three ways. So you have three perspectives in looking at your living hope, remember your past salvation, remember your present witness, and remember in the future Jesus is coming. The bottom line in our testimony in this society in which we live is submission. Now let me review the problem for you just briefly. Now we begin with wives. So that's the issue.

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