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Types of listening

Types of listening
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Practice with Movie Clips SECTION 1: Movie Clips Learning through media (movies, music, etc.) is one of the best ways to learn a new language. The exercises below use movie clips to help you to better understand spoken English. Here's what you do: Click on the video you want to watch below.Watch the video, and pay attention to it! The Great Gatsby Moonrise Kingdom Silver Linings Playbook Away We Go Bolt Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Chronicle The Avengers Adventureland The Royal Tenenbaums NOTE: All of these videos are protected by copyright. Web 2 Tools by Task Avators: Build your Wild Self - create a self portrait and learn about the animal parts incorporated into your avatar. Mikons - where people communicate through visual symbols, logos, icons, or avatars to tell a story is a web application that produces animated characters to which you can add your voice (or anybody else’s). Blogging / Bookmarking Tools: 43Things - share your list of 43 life goals/priorities Corkboard - create an online corkboard to collect images, text, video or even music Delicious is a social book-marking site which allows you to access your book-marks from any computer. Diigo allows you to access and share your bookmarks from anywhere. Digg - social bookmarking Ecto - blog management tool which allows for features driven offline blog prep Edmodo is a micro-blogging service (like Twitter) for teachers and students. Edutopia - Empowering and connecting teachers, administrators, and parents with innovative solutions and resources to better education. Comic and Animation:

Irregular verbs straightforward - Games to learn English | Games to learn English I have already tried teaching irregular verbs in many ways. I have tried irregular verbs associative method, irregular verbs listening drill, irregular verbs in context and many others. However, the results were not very good. That is why in my next four posts I would like to present 100 irregular verbs straightforward. First, watch the video and repeat the words. The second half of the verbs is presented in the following video: Irregular verbs – worksheets The first worksheet contains all the verbs in a table. Irregular verbs 01_all Then there are two worksheets containing activities to practice the irregular verbs from the two videos. Irregular verbs_worksheetIrregular verbs_worksheet_key The activities for the second video are over here:Irregular verbs 2 _worksheetIrregular verbs 2_worksheet_key Irregular verbs – quizzes The first two quizzes test the knowledge of the first thirteen verbs presented in the first video. Irregular verbs – simple quiz Irregular verbs – On Target

Learn English for Free with elllo! Learn English Through Movies Mobile Thankful as I am for this great website, I'd like to share this simple worksheet for practicing Past Simple and Continuous. It is a popular song which I find adequate for teenagers between 13-16 years old. They can review past forms of regular and irregular verbs as well as the Past Continuous forms.

12 canciones son suficientes para aprender a pronunciar en inglés | Cultura Colectiva Twitter7012 7012facebook1136K 1136Kpinterest20.3K 20.3Kgoogle plus1276Share1276stumbleupon299Share299meneame1379Share1379tumblr327Share327 Podrá parecer un comercial para aprender inglés en algún canal barato de infomerciales, pero de verdad existe un método infalible para que la lengua inglesa se apodere de nuestras vidas y se facilite en el habla: escuchar música. Nada tiene que ver con una especie de mensaje subliminal dentro de las canciones ni un ejercicio alternativo o milagroso que te haga hablar como un anglosajón hecho y derecho, el esfuerzo nunca escapa de nuestras obligaciones como estudiantes. Es por esto que, atendiendo a una necesidad siempre creciente de aumentar el conocimiento útil y humano, comprendiendo que el mencionado lenguaje no es la herramienta comunicativa del futuro sino del presente, debes poner atención a las siguientes canciones y su pronunciación. –ABBA – ‘I Have a Dream’ I have a dream, a song to sing To help me cope with anything. –Adele – ‘One and Only’

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