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Juntoo - Browser window sharing for remote collaboration

Juntoo - Browser window sharing for remote collaboration
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Animate Your Life | Tellagami Tellagami® Edu is a paid version of the Tellagami® app loaded with features that allows classrooms to use the app without in-app purchases. Click on screenshots to enlarge. Male | Female Text-to-Speech Text-to-speech allows you to convert typed text into a voice you select for your character. Character Customization Contains all wardrobe items to customize for both male and female characters including hairstyles, tops, bottoms and shoes. Backgrounds Includes several categories of backgrounds to create the perfect setting for your Gami video. Voice Record Record and preview a message for your character to say using your own voice. Doodle Allows you to add a personal touch to your Gami video with a handwritten message or draw your own background! Save to Device Save your completed Gami video to your device. Share Options

10 outils pour enrichir Dropbox Dropbox est d’origine un service Web fantastique. Il vous permet d’avoir accès à tous vos documents en ligne, du moment que vous avez une connexion Internet à vos côtés (qui n’en a pas aujourd’hui ??). Pourtant, le “service de stockage dans le nuage” pourrait aller encore plus loin en proposant quelques options supplémentaires : création d’un site hébergé sur Dropbox, rangement automatique des documents, envoi de pièces jointes directement sur un compte, etc. En attendant, que Dropbox active tout ça, je vous invite à découvrir ces 10 outils pour enrichir Dropbox… 1. SortMyBox vous aide à trier votre Dropbox de la meilleure façon qu’il soit et en fonction de vos règles. 2. Si vous stockez des fichiers sensibles ou personnels dans votre compte Dropbox, alors il est grand temps de se poser des questions sur leur sécurité ! 3. Ifttt est un service en ligne qui vous permet d’automatiser des opérations sur tous les grands réseaux sociaux et application Web, dont Dropbox. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Usability vs Beta Testing (The What & When)UX Sisters: A User Research Life If you work in software and product development (or are stumbling around a UX blog…) you’ve probably heard about usability testing and beta testing. They sound kind of useful and buzzwordy, but what do they actually mean? Are they even different from each other in any meaningful way? Usability Testing Usability testing is the process of watching an actual user use your product/screen/app to see if it’s usable. What does that mean? Some say that usability testing is too contrived to be useful because it forces a user to concentrate on a task more than they typically would. When to usability test: During a design phase, gathering baseline data, or when you have a question you want to answer. Usability testing is great when a team has a design that hasn’t yet been fully developed but would benefit from some exposure to real users. It’s also great to simply sit down with users and ask them questions before the design phase has even begun. Usability testing is also helpful if you: Beta Testing

The Definitive Guide to Finding Images for Blog Posts and Content You get it, I know. Content is important for marketing your business, ranking in search engines and attracting well-qualified, eager-to-buy customers. What you may not realize is the value of images in that content. We’re not talking about infographics, videos or memes, here. Content containing related images get more views and tend to perform better across all content categories.On average, total views increased by 94% if a published article contained a relevant photograph or infographic, as compared to articles without an image in the same category. Notice the stat in the second bullet. Clearly, content alone isn’t the golden goose for your marketing. That’s what you’ll find in this Crazy Egg guide. Here’s what’s inside: Table of Contents Introduction: Why You Need Images Chapter 1. Chapter 2. 2.1 Rights Managed Images2.2 Royalty Free Images2.3 Public Domain Images2.4 Creative Commons Images Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. 5.1. Chapter 6. Chapter 7. Useful resources Why You Need Images 1.

Tableau blanc en ligne et outil de collaboration en ligne | RealtimeBoard Guerilla Research Tactics and Tools I was recently in a project meeting in which several stakeholders were drawn into an argument over a homepage design. As the UX professional in the room, I pointed out that we aren’t our users, and suggested we invest a few weeks into research to learn what users are really doing. The project lead rejected the idea, deeming that we didn’t have time for research. Instead we’d just have to rely on assumptions, debate and ‘best practice’. Many UX practitioners can relate to this scenario. The need to stay competitive forces agencies, freelancers and internal teams to reduce budgets however they can. The problem is that cutting research often results in usability disasters. In times like these we need guerrilla research. The concept of guerrilla research isn’t new. Research smart, research fast Limited budgets require us to be very efficient, and a traditional UX research phase can be very involved. Let’s refer back to the meeting I had, discussing my client’s homepage design. Online tools

Free Layout and Design Software Online | Lucidpress Lucidpress removes the learning curve of traditional layout and design software. Nothing to install Say goodbye to the hassle of using desktop software. No more worrying about updates or sending files back-and-forth between your work and home computers. Lucidpress always online and just a click away. Drag and drop Our easy-to-use app makes every aspect of the design process more intuitive. Easy import Comment choisir mon logiciel de mindmapping ? Il y a en ce moment (mars 2013) plus de 200 logiciels de mindmapping sur le marché. Comment m’y retrouver dans ce foisonnement ? Et comment faire le bon choix parmi ce qu’on me propose ? Voici quelques critères et conseils qui devraient vous aider. (Article mis à jour le 23-03-2013 : nombre de logiciels disponibles sur tout support et plateforme collaborative de MindMaple. Pour les traitements de texte ou les tableurs, le choix n’est pas trop compliqué : quelques standards se sont imposés et ils proposent des fonctionnalités presque semblables. Mais pour les logiciels de mindmapping, la situation se complique : plus de 200 noms s’affichent dans le domaine et vous êtes parfois perplexe devant cette offre pléthorique. Je remercie Pascal Le Rudulier qui m’a donné l’idée de cet article au cours d’un échange sur Linked’In. Des critères objectifs Lorsque vous prévoyez l’achat d’un véhicule, vous tenez compte d’une série de critères objectifs. Critères pour choisir votre logiciel de mindmapping

Replacing Personas With Characters — down the rabbit hole With some anxieties and motivations defined, let’s move to Purchase-Progress Events. Purchase-Progress Events While your Characters are going about their life with their motivations and anxieties, they are going to experience particular events which will pull them toward a purchase. These are Purchase-Progress Events. Here are the Purchase-Progress Events I experienced: Lately, male celebrities and actors in movies have been wearing more alternative tuxedos — most notably created by Tom Ford. Leading up to the purchase, I saw advertisements for the latest James Bond movie. I recently read an article in GQ magazine on how to buy a tux. So far, I’ve been experiencing Purchase-Progress Events through the lens of my anxieties and motivations. Purchase-Progress Situations Purchase-Progress Events are passive. Here are the ones I encountered: I had just got married and I met a lot of people. In both cases, I had to make a decision: I have to use a tux in the future, will I buy or rent it?

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