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81 Dash - A Nice Backchannel Tool for the Classroom 81 Dash is a nice backchannel platform that I learned about today during the "Smackdown" at Hack Ed 2014. 81 Dash provides a place for teachers to create chat rooms to use with students to host conversations and share files. Once you are registered you can begin creating rooms. In your chat room you can exchange messages and files.

5 Free Annotation and Collaboration Tools for Web Projects This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. Specific, contextual feedback is crucial for teams collaborating online, which is why it's so important to make receiving it as fast, efficient and easy as possible. Asking for feedback can be tedious and is often done out of context, for example, via e-mail. However there are numerous tools available to make the task of gathering and giving feedback for web projects simpler and swifter. This article is interested in those that focus on annotation and are available freely to the widest possible audience.

Day 1 #30DC14: Effective Communication with Celly Effective communication is key in the educational environment. In the past we have shared similar resources, but we always strive to take stakeholder communication to a new level. That is where Celly comes into play. Celly is basically a social media network for communication that not only allows you as a teacher to send direct messages to your students and parents as a group, but it can diversify how that is done. The messages can be sent via text (sms), email, or on the web.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Teacher's Guide to Using Padlet in Class July12, 2014 Padlet is a great platform for bookmarking and sharing digital content. Since in its launch a few years ago, Padlet (formerly Wallwisher) has undergone several great updates that make it an ideal tool to use with students in class. Before we see some of the ways to use this platform with students, let us have a look at some of its features . Padlet features : Padlet is very easy to use and has a user friendly interfacePadlet is web based and does not require any software installationIt allows you to easily add notes, text, images, videos, and drawings to your wallYou can also add word documents from computer to your Padlet wallPadlet provides a wide variety of layouts to choose fromPadlet works across multiple devices including mobile phonesAny Padlet wall you create can be embedded into your blog or website.It enhances collaborative work. Some suggested ways to use Padlet in class:

13 Free Web Annotation Tools for Teachers to Draw, Add Notes, and Highlight Sections on A Web page 1- Diigo Diigo is the first web service that comes into mind when talking about web annotation. . Diigo has a tool that lets you annotate web pages, add notes and colour specific chunks of a paragraph to share with your colleagues. 2- Sharedcopy This is another great bookmarking and annotating web service. It allows users to save a web page and annotate it the way they want via adding comments in text boxes or highlighting important parts. It also has a social ingredient in it in that users can share their annotated content with each other. 3- Awesome Screenshot This is one of my favourites.

Reeves in the Middle: Celly VS Remind - Classroom Communication For the past several years, I have used Remind in my classroom, but at the GRITC conference I was introduced to Celly. They both offer a great resource for connecting with students outside of class time, but they have different features. What is the best fit for your classroom? My Study Life - A Student Planner On the Web and Windows 8 There are plenty of online, Android, and iOS planners for students. So far there aren't many that have been built with Windows 8 in mind. My Study Life is an exception to that pattern. My Study Life is a free student planner available online and as a Windows 8 app. My Study Life allows students to organize tasks according to their course schedules.

Building Communities Around New Technology, with Walter Isaacson Transcript Walter Isaacson: Almost any time we’ve created something new in technology we find ways to create communities around it. That was true of the Internet with the news groups and the bulletin boards. And it was true of the early online services like AOL and CompuServe. 20 great ways to text students with Remind 101 Text message is the new e-mail, and it’s the best way to contact students outside of class. Here are 20 great ways to use texting with students. (Image via Remind 101) Text message is the new e-mail. Ask students if they have an e-mail account. How to Manage Classroom Digital Portfolios by Using Page-level Permissions in Google Sites Earlier this week on the Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page I re-shared written directions for using page-level permissions in Google Sites to manage classroom digital portfolios. A couple of people have asked me to elaborate on those directions. I created the following video to demonstrate how you can use page-level permissions to manage a group digital portfolio. Page-level permissions in Google Sites allows the creator of a site to share and give editing access to specific pages within a site rather than giving access to edit the entire site. To use page-level permissions open your Google Site editor then click "enable page-level permissions."

Collaborative Tools Skip to main content Create interactive lessons using any digital content including wikis with our free sister product TES Teach. Get it on the web or iPad! guest Join | Help | Sign In Science Teaching Junkie: Buh-Bye Remind101...Hello Celly! Up until today, I was the #1 Fan of Remind101. In fact, I was in the middle of preparing a presentation for the faculty of my school for inservice week, when my world was changed. Now, I don't want to knock Remind101....they have been wonderful! A welcome, free resource to use in my classroom to improve communication and reminders to my students and parents.

Guides Teachers - Start Learn how to set up a FlipSnack Edu account and set up a classroom. Teachers -Students and groups - Creating groups