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32 Mágicas Fotografías De Niños Jugando Alrededor Del Mundo

32 Mágicas Fotografías De Niños Jugando Alrededor Del Mundo
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Banco de Imágenes Gratis | FreeJPG Teenager hopped trains for 5 years and caught it all on camera Portraits of Reconciliation Last month, the photographer Pieter Hugo went to southern Rwanda, two decades after nearly a million people were killed during the country’s genocide, and captured a series of unlikely, almost unthinkable tableaus. In one, a woman rests her hand on the shoulder of the man who killed her father and brothers. In another, a woman poses with a casually reclining man who looted her property and whose father helped murder her husband and children. The people who agreed to be photographed are part of a continuing national effort toward reconciliation and worked closely with AMI (Association Modeste et Innocent), a nonprofit organization. The photographs on the following pages are a small selection of a larger body on display — outdoors, in large format — starting this month in The Hague. At the photo shoots, Hugo said, the relationships between the victims and the perpetrators varied widely.

24 Children From Around The World Posing With Their Toys. The Differences Are Mind-Boggling. Over the course of 3 years, Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti met with children from 58 different countries to take portraits of them with their toys. Tangwizi was born in a Maasai village in the south of Kenya in a small hut made of dung and straw. His bed is made of a few rags on the ground. He always plays outside with all the other children of the village but every night he sleeps together with his unique toy: a little plush monkey. Kalesi loves to cook for her dolls using her small cooking tools and the mud from the garden. Maudy was born in a hut in a small village close to Kalulushi, in Zambia. Reanya was born in Kuala Lumpur, but now lives in a big, new house built in one of the many satellite cities around the capital. Chiwa lives in a small hut with her mother, father and sister. Orly was born in Browsville to a Mexican mother and American father. Li Yi was born in Shenyang, a big city in the north part of China. Arafa and Aisha are twins. Noel is 100% Texan!

El porqué de pensarse mucho el salto a FX (Full frame) ~ Supongamos que te gusta la fotografía, así que has trabajado duro, o te has privado de algunos caprichos porque quieres una cámara seria. Imaginemos que de ese modo has conseguido amasar una pequeña fortuna de cerca de 2500€. ¿Qué máquina debo comprar? Si compras una máquina full frame, cada objetivo que te compres te saldrá mucho más caro que el que haría un trabajo equivalente en sensores más pequeños. Si bien todo el mundo está de acuerdo en que las full frame son mejores en casi todo que las cámaras con sensor algo más pequeño (con las importantes excepciones del macro y la fotografía de vida salvaje), creo que alguien con un presupuesto ajustado no debería seguir esa vía. Esto lo voy a hacer con productos de Nikon, porque es lo que yo conozco, pero una comparación similar daría resultados semejantes con otras compañías. Pondré además algunas imágenes de, que irán siguiendo los cambios en los precios. Cámara. Relacionado: Recomendaciones lowcost

Jimmy Nelson Photographs Vanishing Tribes Before They Pass Away Photographer Jimmy Nelson in Papua New Guinea I’ve been fascinated by tribal cultures for over 20 years, ever since I interviewed my grandfather about our family history and learned we had American Indian blood on both sides. In the years since, I’ve traveled to indigenous communities in Dominica, South Africa, Tahiti, the Peruvian Amazon and numerous other destinations in an effort to learn from the tribal cultures there. So you can imagine how much photographer Jimmy Nelson‘s new book, Before They Pass Away, resonated with me on a personal level. The project began in 2009, when the British photographer set out on a journey to visit and photograph 31 secluded, visually unique tribes. “I wanted to witness their time-honoured traditions, join in their rituals and discover how the rest of the world is threatening to change their way of life forever,” Nelson says. A Nenets (a.k.a. Let’s start off talking about the origins of this project. Our world is changing at breakneck speed.

Nepal's 8 Key Historic Sites: What's Rubble, What's Still Standing The collapse of Kathmandu's 183-year-old Dharahara Tower, which once loomed nine stories over the ancient city and modern capital of Nepal, has become a symbol of nation’s cultural loss in the wake of last weekend's earthquake. (See how the earthquake has devastated Nepal.) While the 19th-century watchtower was a civic icon, sites of critical importance to the more ancient cultural and religious legacy of Nepal have also been damaged and destroyed by the quake. A country that occupies a mountainous land 1/20 the size of India (approximately the size of the U.S. state of Arkansas), Nepal is nonetheless home to eight UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites. Many of these monuments were damaged earlier in the 8.1 magnitude earthquake of 1934 and were subsequently rebuilt—a testament to the role they play in the lives of the Nepalese and the 1.5 billion Hindus and Buddhists elsewhere around the world. Kathmandu Durbar Square Bhaktapur Durbar Square Boudhanath Temple Changu Narayan Lumbini

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