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Introduction Basic Cold Weather Manual FM 31-70

Introduction Basic Cold Weather Manual FM 31-70
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Survival Center, Survival Supplies, Survival Food, Survival Mini 14 vs Saiga 7.62x39 I considered both and made the choice to get a saiga. For the reasons you mentioned. Reliability is my number 1 factor in choosing between two weapons. The most reliable wins every time. I decided not to convert the saiga, but instead to install a custom vented railed forearm a side rail scope mount for a red dot, and a tapco t6 intrafuse pistol grip stock. Another thing that can be done, and I plan to do is install a bullet guide from dinzag arms. And another big plus is, its a true russian AK, made in Russia the izmash factory, qwhere kalishnakov still works. I'd wouldnt trade my saiga for anything else in 7.62x39.

Setting Up A Food Storage Pantry | Personal Liberty Digest I strongly suggest you find a place in your home or on your property somewhere — either in a basement, spare bedroom, closet, junk room, under the stairway, heated garage, out building or root cellar — and turn it into your own home grocery store and pharmacy. Somehow, get shelves in there: Build them, have them built or buy them pre-built. The room needs to be well insulated so it doesn’t freeze in the winter or overheat in the summer. My pantry is located in the utility room next to my kitchen. My freezer is also located in this room, and I keep it stocked with the meats and frozen vegetables. I call my pantry “my home grocery store.” My Dehydrating, Sprouting And Baking Center On each side of my rolling shelves, I have regular shelves on which I keep my baking items. I like to dehydrate excess fruits and vegetables from my garden and orchard. I even dry tomatoes, onions, cabbage, corn, peas, beans and zucchini. I also sprinkle Italian herbs on slices of tomatoes and dry them. The Goal

Wilderness Survival School | Wilderness Awareness School - Nature and Outdoor Survival School Homemade MREs For quite a while now, I've wanted to make up my own "MREs" for my Get Home Bag (GHB). I was recently out scouting some properties, and realized that my GHB only had some packs of tuna and some candy in them. I had broken my own Cardinal Rule - If you use it, replace it immediately. So, I went about making up some MRE packages. I assembled my "ingredients" based on "Best By" date, calories and protein content. The idea was to put long-life food together and vacuum seal it in a FoodSaver bag. For my first MRE, here's what I included - It includes: One individual serving of Beef-a-roni, 2 ounces (by weight - about 1/2 cup) of dry roasted peanuts, one pack of Land-o-Lakes French Vanilla cappuccio, one Promax energy bar, 4 pieces of Jolly Rancher hard candy, and utensiles (plastic spoon, knife and 2 napkins). Since the peanuts were loose, I wanted to separate them in the pouch. I then filled that with the peanuts and sealed it. Here are the stats - Here's the result - Times have changed! 8 Common Mistakes of Wilderness Survival 1. No Shelter This is a two fold mistake that will cost you your life in a Wilderness Survival Situation. The first fold of this mistake is not having a proper shelter with you, the second fold is not having the knowledge to build a shelter from nature’s tools which are all around you. 2. People who venture into the Wilderness without a map, compass, and GPS are flirting with disaster. Anyone who has spent time in the woods knows that within seconds even the best woodsman can get turned around in thick trees and bushes and begin to walk the wrong way. 3. “Be Prepared” is the motto of the Boy Scouts, unfortunately most people who find themselves in a Wilderness Survival situation have very poor knowledge on how to survival and are usually totally unprepared. 4. Most Wilderness Survival situations start off very innocent; like a fishing trip with friends, a day hike on a familiar trail, or a planned father & son hunting trip. 5. 6. 7. 8. Visit Sponsors of Save

The Raw Chef | Raw Food Recipes. The Philosophy Of A Tree. | The Raw Chef - Raw Food Recipes It’s rare, if ever, that I re-post full articles that help me in my life; usually I provide a quote on Twitter or my Facebook page so you can find out more. But I really felt compelled to share this full article with you from one of my mentors, Geoff Thompson. Take time to let this wash over you and marinate in it for a while; I think you’ll like it. Republished with kind permission of Do you know what you should do if you ever find yourself in a dilemma and need some concise answers to probing and difficult life questions? Ask a tree, of course! My wife Sharon said to me (a little exasperated) you’re not hugging trees now, are you? Don’t be silly, I insisted. Well, maybe I hugged it once, or twice (who’s counting). It was worth the embarrassment. How many times have you heard that old fable? It is hackneyed and it is corny and … it’s actually true. It was a formidable sight to behold. It was an inspiring sight. You have great potential Don’t be safe Never rush Have faith

The 12 Rules of Survival The 12 Rules of Survival has been out of a couple of years now, but it never hurts to reread them. Read the whole book “ Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why ” if you get an opportunity! Also, check out his new book “Lucy” at ! By Laurence Gonzales As a journalist, I’ve been writing about accidents for more than thirty years. Survival should be thought of as a journey, a vision quest of the sort that native Americans have had as a rite of passage for thousands of years. Don’t fall into the deadly trap of denial or of immobilizing fear. Many people who in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, died simply because they told themselves that everything was going to be all right. Survivors see opportunity, even good, in their situation, however grim. In the initial crisis, survivors are not ruled by fear; instead, they make use of it. Survivors also manage pain well. Yes you might die. Now, What is the reason for this?

Green Mountain Diapers: Cloth diapers and diaper covers for baby Cleaning, Disinfection, and Sterilization of medical instruments and supplies in survival situations In survival situations, medical emergencies will arise. One of the main concerns with any medical procedures is clean, sterilized equipment so as to not pass on infection and compound or completely compromise any medical procedures that must be done.. Here is a basic primer on disinfection and sterilization in survival situations Q. A. Sterility is only a temporary state – once sterile packaging is open or the product has been removed from an autoclave colonization begins almost immediately just from exposure to air and bacteria present in the environment. Q. A. Infection rates are no greater if a superficial wound has been irrigated and cleaned with tap water vs. being cleaned and irrigated with sterile saline. Expendable vs. Expendable supplies are used once and discarded. Sterilisation of specific items: Syringes: There are two types of syringes: disposable and reusable. The best method to sterilise syringes is to use a rack to suspend the barrel and plunger. Surgical instruments:

4 Ways Breast-Feeding Saves Money Wise Bread Picks I breast-fed my son exclusively for the first six months of his life, and then I supplemented his meals with some homemade baby foods. For his first twelve months, most of his food was breast milk. Breast Milk Is "Free" I never knew how much baby formula cost until I started to look at baby products during pregnancy. Breast-Feeding Equipment Is Tax Deductible As mentioned in the previous section, you do have to buy breast pumps and other breast-feeding equipment if you intend to store your milk. Breast-Fed Babies Are Sick Less Often There are numerous studies that show that breast-fed babies are less likely to experience Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and other childhood diseases. Health Benefits to Mom There have been numerous studies that show that moms who breast-fed for six months had less chance of developing diseases such as reproductive cancer and diabetes. Breast-feeding is a very personal choice, and it does not work out for everyone for many reasons.

10 Ways to Survive a Snowstorm There's no truer statement than the old adage "you can't control the weather." You can't­ even predict it with complete certainty. As advanced as our meteorological forecasting techniques are these days, weather systems are changeable forces of nature. They can come on quickly, switch direction without notice and build in intensity in a short period of time. Whether you're at home, on foot, in your car or at work, a winter snowstorm can catch you off guard. The Nation­al Snow and Ice Data Center defines a blizzard as a "violent winter storm, lasting at least 3 hours, which combines below freezing temperatures and very strong wind laden with blowing snow that reduces visibility to less than 1 km." If a blizzard is bad enough, snow plows and salt trucks won't even brave the elements.