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ANIMAL CRACKERS [Shamrock Edit] (HQ)

ANIMAL CRACKERS [Shamrock Edit] (HQ)

"Du Hast" A Capella Level 1 Congratulations! You leveled up, but you aren't logged in so we can't save your points. Login Sign Up Share2K Tweet39 Share30 Share2 Stumble1 Share2.1K Up Next: Amazing Eminem Violin Cover 654 Hypes | 159 Bashes "Du Hast" A Capella This is actually how Rammstein initially envisioned the song, but they only knew how to play instruments. Hype Share2K pkaatya Uploaded on Jul 11, 2011 Categories music Tags music, singing, metal, choir, rammstein, a-cappellas Share Email Embed Share2.1K Video Size: Show More Flag This Item Send by Firefeeder Guest 2 years ago this is to hot!!! Are you fucking insane WOMAN!!!!! wow! SylviaBorja 2 years ago aa genial JuanJimenez 2 years ago NakishaEdwards 2 years ago not better i cried i didnt like it and rammstein is my favorit band das nein muss agressiver kommen... Page 1 What's Hot Related Top 7:02 + Forty Six & 2, c overed by junior highschoolers School teacher records his students. Pictures Categories Videos sketch comedy Pictures Games strategy submit your games More Videobash

Life is pretty normal today Today at Goodwill, I sat on a couch waiting while my Aunt was shopping. A cute guy came over and said, "Since you're sitting there, I'll have to put a price tag on you." I said "Go ahead" But he only smiled and walked away. Today I was walking and I saw a twenty dollar bill on the ground with a string on it. Today after reading about Dumbledore's death I cried for half an hour while my 6 year old daughter comforted me. My German Shepard has learned to hug... without the obligatory humping! Sat down in front of my closet last night to wait for my sister to finish in the bathroom so I could brush my teeth. Today, I woke up and was still alive. Today my best friend sent me a picture of Grumpy Cat inside a Dalek (the bad guys from my favorite show, Doctor Who). Today my friend and I started randomly talking about what we eat in the summer.

The Funniest Auto-Correct Texts in LOL by jon — December 6, 2010 at 6:38 am | 12 comments Tags: autocorrect cell phone communication featured text texting Other Stuff You Might Also Like» 15 Most Popular Autocorrects From March 2011 These were the 15 most viewed, most shared, and most popular images sent in to DYAC in March, 2011. Congratulations to the submitters. Text on! Poor Stupid Cat This is my cat. Her name is Lola, and she's not all there. When Lola was a kitten, she somehow got outside and drank antifreeze. She was never quite right after that. A couple years later, I decided to see if I could expand her horizons beyond the confines of my house. That was the last time I let her outdoors. Like a lot of cats, Lola liked to sleep in the sink. As time progressed, Lola developed a sort of guard dog mentality, growling quietly at company and stalking them as they moved from room to room. Back when she was a kitten, unfettered by the sweet allure of engine coolant, Lola's hunter instincts served her well. She still does this from time to time, always suddenly and without warning. She's pretty much a worthless cat, and it sort of bums me out. Even then, I have to hold her right in front of the moth before she'll grab at it. I left home when I graduated from high school, so Lola lives with my mom now.

14 Things That Never Happen In Real Life August 1, 2011 | 1 Comment and 0 Reactions | Topics: List , LOLs , Pictures ( via ) Loading ... Other Stories You Might Like Hot Stories Around The Web 21 Hilarious Examples Of Unintentional Porn October 11, 2010 | 35 Comments » | Topics: compilation , LOL Loading ... Hot Stories From Around The Web Other Awesome Stories

Steve Jobs' Obituary (As Edited by Apple Auto-Correct) If it weren’t for Steve Jobs’ visionary inventiveness that brought the world the Apple Macintosh computer, the iMac, the iPhone and the iPad, word slaves like us, especially people like me who make their living primarily on the web, wouldn’t have much of a career to speak of outside of an unemployment line or bars frequented by guys who used to write “Airwolf” and “Riptide” episodes. Of course, with all great technologies come its well-meaning and rusty flaws and any writer who tried to type out an email to his editor that his “story might be late,” only to have him read that his “Laurie might get laid” knows the pains of iOS “auto-correct”. So it is with this mix of loving respect and admiration for this man that we give Mr. Shortly after defacing and fighting a debilitating and fetal bout with pancake cancer in 2004, Apple flounder Sieve Joes spoke before a graduating calls at Sanford and Son University in 2008, giving the fresh faced studios the consummate redress.

The Frozen Lighthouse The Cleveland Harbor West Pierhead Lighthouse on Lake Eerie was turned into an incredible natural work of art thanks to high waves and freezing temperatures in December of 2010. Before After A Tribute to Al Bundy of Married... With Children The FOX sitcom Married… with Children, which ran for 11 seasons, gave us the American hero Al Bundy — patriarch of a dysfunctional family from Chicago. Why was he an American hero? Because he represented the working class schmuck who had a lousy job, an annoying wife, a slutty daughter, a weasel son, yet still managed to wisecrack his way through the day as he fitted shoes on fat women. Played expertly by Ed O’Neill, Al Bundy was no Archie Bunker. Bundy’s job: Gary’s Shoes & Accessories for Today’s Woman at the New Market MallSalary: Between $3.20 and $3.25 an hour Al Bundy Quotes <img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-104493 colorbox-103443" title="A Tribute to Al Bundy" src=" alt="nmf9ieu7ax08xa8e 300x194" width="300" height="194"/>“Now kids, we’re not here to attack each other. A Fat Woman Walked into the Shoe Store… Al Bundy Links No Ma’am Married with Children Al Bundy NO MA’AM T-Shirt Al Bundy Tattoos

How To Speak Womanese | Our Kitchen Sink Brent Houzenga Brent Houzenga Brent Houzenga shares his unique art of painting portraits on old windows. All the people he paints are from photo albums from the 1890s he found in someone's trash. Jace Jace DALLAS - Without the luxury of a secure retirement plan, its artist til death for Dallas based Lead singer Aaron Bruno of Los Angeles band AWOLNATION talks about his influences and inspirations as well as what he likes most about being on tour. Stars Stars NEW YORK - Stars performs at Webster Hall in New York City with a Puma Burro Bags Burro Bags Richmond Skate Park Richmond Skate Park Puma Social Club Puma Social Club

The Irrisistible Scent of Vagina Love the smell of box, but don’t have one of your own? Well, don’t despair, because Vulva “original vagina scent” makes it possible for anyone to breathe in the sweet, sweet stank of poontang anytime, anyplace. The makers of Vulva are adamant about the fact that their product is not a perfume, but rather “a feminine, erotic, intimate scent for your own smelling pleasure.” Potato, pha-ta-to. The long and the short of it is that it’s a fragrance that smells like vagina, and you rub it on yourself. Encased in a tiny glass vial equipped with a roll-on applicator, Vulva is designed to be used whenever the fancy for a quick whiff of twat strikes. “The vial is shaken gently….only a tiny amount of the slightly yellow, desirable substance is applied onto the back of the hand….and the irrisistible smell that exudes from a sensuous vagina immediately intensifies your erotic fantasies and starts the film rolling in your head.”

Funny Demotivational Posters (45 pics) Pics | 30 Nov, 2010 | Views: 24980 | More demotivational posters you can find HERE. Do you like it? It is just one of the thousands of posts that we have on the What Your Phone Says About You [Graphic] Sometimes the guys in our office like to get in stupid fights about phones. Yeah I know they do it on the blog, but they also do it in private as well times 1000. It is essentially the song that never ends, with Mike Arrington and Jason Kincaid erring on the side of Android and MG well, sigh. Here’s Arrington’s take on one such fight that happened today: “Earlier this evening in the office Jason Kincaid and I, both Android users, asked MG yet again why he won’t admit the iPhone flaws. While I’m sure it exists, I’ve never seen a girl get in a pissing match over a phone. And while I would not throw down for my iPhone 4, I have to say that the comic is pretty accurate, especially the dinosaur part. Thanks: Csectioncomics