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Accio Quote!, the Largest Archive of J.K. Rowling quotes on the web

Accio Quote!, the Largest Archive of J.K. Rowling quotes on the web
Note: If you wish to comment or subscribe to this site's news, please go to our blog, "Madam Pince's Potter Pages." Jo on BBC Radio 4 archive podcasts The BBC is releasing past episodes of some Radio 4 programmes as podcasts. These include Jo's appearance on Bookclub from August 1999 (partial transcript here) where she discusses Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone with James Naughtie and answers questions from a group of young readers, and her appearance on Desert Island Discs from November 2000 where she talks about her life, the 8 records she would choose to take to a desert island, Goblet of Fire and Rita Skeeter (who was originally going to appear in the first book and was going to be called Bridget). Posted 13th May 2012 by roonwit Jo's website is redesigned Jo's website was relaunched on 12th April 2012. This removed the canon information, though it can still be found on Internet archive site, and should eventually reappear on Pottermore.

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Pet Project Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a harry potter fanfic Disclaimer: Neither Severus nor Hermione belong to me. Everything belongs to the JK Rowling. I only get to play in the sandbox she's provided. Thanks to raven gr, Liz, Peri and queenp for making the story presentable. Harmony Bites Author has written 27 stories for Harry Potter, Star Trek: 2009, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, and Firefly. Believe it or not, it was The Half Blood Prince that made Snape's character intriguing to me and sent me in search of the fandom and its fan fiction. I saw plenty in the novel to make me believe the reader was being set up, and not all was what it seemed--so I went looking and found that others saw the same things I did. Then I stumbled upon Snape/Hermione fan fiction, and I was lost.

Harry Potter universe Fundamentals[edit] The entire Harry Potter series is set from 1991 to 1998 aside from the opening chapter of the first book, which takes place on 1 November 1981, and the epilogue of the seventh book, which takes place on 1 September 2017. The depiction of the wizarding world is centred on magic, which not only imbues objects such as wands, but is portrayed as an inborn ability. It is also centred on the separation of the wizarding world from the non-wizarding, or Muggle world.

Dark Chocolate by Dianann Slytherin, as a rule, was a very stylish house. Those who resided deep under the ground in their cavernous, damp rooms, were the epitome of class and prestige. Most, if not all, were from respectable families with dark pasts, and there were rarely any Muggles placed in Slytherin. If there were, they knew better than to say anything. That’s not to say they were an unfavorable house.

The Resistance Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic Author's Note: This is my first published attempt. I make no promises concerning its completion. Constructive feedback would be appreciated. Deathly Hallows Campaign Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tells the story of Harry’s journey to identify, track down, and destroy Voldemort’s remaining horcruxes and subsequently face the Dark Lord in the ultimate wizard death match. Inspired by the excellent work of Harry and his closest friends, the HPA joined with fans and activists across the globe on an epic journey to destroy seven real world horcruxes. This effort spanned the nine months between the release of each Deathly Hallows movie, and included the following initiatives: Starvation Wages Horcrux (began October 2010): On November 1, 2010, we sent a letter to Time Warner asking that all Harry Potter chocolate products be made from Fair Trade-certified chocolate, to ensure it was not made under inhumane conditions. Titled Not in Harry’s Name, our efforts in this campaign are ongoing until we reach a compromise with Time Warner.Dementor Horcrux (December 2010): Working with the help of, we strove to fight the effects of depression.

A Site for Quality Harry Potter fiction. Obscurus Fiction Drive Criteria: Any couple (or non-couple) Any rating Harry Potter with or without any crossover fandom I also thought to make this interesting and give you the option of participating in a challenge too (just in case inspiration is taking its time in hitting). The challenge: Select your couple and write a New Year’s Eve story featuring one or more of the below: The Harry Potter Lexicon click above for detailed menus, click below for special sections Affiliate Sites: These web sites have received special permission to use material from the Lexicon to create similar sites for non-English-speaking fans. The Ink And Quill Two New Stories for your weekend enjoyment. 9th April, 2004/Headmistress Laura Two new stories have been posted - "On A Level" by Redknight38, and "Daddy" by Gaineewop.

Know it Alls Welcome to Know it Alls, the very best of Harry Potter Fanfiction Recs. We want to point you to the best stories in Harry Potter in all pairings and ratings, both Het and Slash, as well as Gen centered on all the different characters, but we have our own preferences that draw us to certain kinds of stories. You can help us diversify by giving us suggestions for stories in the underrepresented pairings on our Suggestions page and a Know-it-All will check them out. And who knows, if we like your recommendations and come to trust your judgement, we may not just include them among our recs but ask you to become a Know-it-All. Wanted ~ January 19, 2007 Know It Alls is looking for rec’ers. Anybody interested in rec’ing stories on the site, should click the the banner to find out how to apply: