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Screenbird Alice Leung | learning and leading | Page 3 In New South Wales, Australia, the 2014 school year is just about to start so I thought I’d share with you my 4 professional goals for 2014. Goal #1 – Keeping science real 2013 was the year where I started the journey of connecting my students with current, practising Australian scientists. 2014 will also be the year where I want to utilise social media and technology to connect students with scientists, not just in Australia but from around the world. Goal #2 – Embed science communication into my teaching I was very privileged to be involved in the UTS Summer School this year where I worked with Christy, a former Questacon presenter (a science communicator who does science shows for children). One of the ideas I have this year is to have a science communication project where students work in small groups and become science communicators themselves where they design and perform an act that explains a scientific concept. Goal #3 – Making learning, thinking and understanding visible

System Dynamics Society PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative Create Animated Presentations Online Flip your classroom, inspire, engage and delight your students Have fun presenting your assignments with a Wow! Finally, a presentation tool that incorporates an intuitive user interface, super cool comic graphics, is 200% less frustrating than Prezi, and offers a zillion more options than the free version of GoAnimate. I know we just met, PowToon, but I think I am in love. - Amy Gibson HS Teacher - Most of my classes responded with clapping and a “That was awesome!”. - Elizabeth Frank, Teacher -

SOLO Hexagon Generator This HookED app populates a SOLO Hexagon Template. Brainstorm content ideas and enter them in the fields below. Click “Generate Document” to populate the template. Print the template and cut out the hexagons. Ask students to arrange the hexagons in sequences and clusters, justifying and annotating any connections made. Unistructural learning outcome-student identifies one hexagonMultistructural learning outcome-student identifies several hexagonsRelational learning outcome-student connects hexagons and explains the connections with annotations.Extended abstract learning outcome– student tessellates (clusters) hexagons adding annotations to make generalisations about a vertex (intersection point).

System Dynamics Learning & Teaching Introduction to System Dynamics The CLE has created a packet of key articles that touch on the important concepts of system dynamics, How to implement SD in K-12 Education, and How to explain systems thinking in 25 words or less. Simulations A variety of simulations allowing students to explore the consequences of actions. more material here... Road Maps is a self-study guide to learning system dynamics. Each chapter contains a number of individual papers - use the links below to navigate to each chapter. To learn more about Road Maps, please see the introduction (D-4500-10). The Road Maps Appendix contains a collection of short papers that are designed to help the reader during the process of going through Road Maps. There are several books required to help you complete Road Maps.

Fastest Way to Create Comic Strips and Cartoons - Toondoo Snagit Context is everything. Recording a video lets the person on the other end actually hear your voice. So the next time a webpage, PDF, or video edit is sent to you for feedback, consider dropping the red pen and record a video instead. Webcam recording - Toggle between webcam and screen recording during a video to add a personal touch with teammates or clients, no matter where they are.

Resources and tools for Optics and Photonics Educators SPIE has assembled this list of websites containing lesson plans, activities, demonstrations and free materials to provide resources for educators, parents and students. Use them to bring light into your classroom! The Exploratorium Science Snacks - Snacks about LightNASA Educational Materials - Light and Color activities for grades K-12Flame Challenge--What is Color? - Winners from the 2014 Flame Challenge explain colorCanon Science Lab - What is Light? 2015 International Year of Light - Official website listing events, resources, sponsors and information on how to get involved International Year of Light Posters - Dozens of free posters available for downloadNanoscale Informal Science Education - International Year of Light Resources assembled by NISE Discover Engineering – Information about Engineers Week, self-guided tutorials content and activities for volunteers and educators - Browse standards based K-12 curriculum modulesWhat Is Engineering?