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Voici “Smartcloud”, la toute dernière version de Pearltrees. Elle permet d’importer et d’organiser tout ce que vous avez partagé sur les réseaux sociaux ou stocké sur Internet. Dès aujourd’hui, vous pouvez remettre la main sur les centaines ou les milliers de contenus que vous avez partagés ou stockés au cours des dernières années. Voici comment ça marche : 1. Le bouton “ajouter”, identifiable par son symbole “+” permet d’accéder aux imports. 2. Dès que les contenus importés sont nombreux, un algorithme d’auto-organisation vient vous aider. 3. Nous avons amélioré toutes les fonctionnalités d’organisation et de personnalisation pour vous permettre d’ajouter facilement une touche personneIle à vos collections. 4. Vos contenus n’ont jamais été aussi bien mis en valeur dans Pearltrees. Cette nouvelle version de Pearltrees est disponible dès aujourd’hui sur le Web. Filed under: Community, News, Platform, User Interface by pearltrees on September 24th, 2015 | No Comments » Related:  Pearltree Misc

The web's third frontier Patrice Lamothe, CEO of Pearltrees October 22, 2010 Everyone realizes that the web is entering a new phase in its development. One indication of this transition is the proliferation of attempts to explain the changes that are occurring. Functional explanations emphasize the “real time web,” collaborative systems such as Wave, and the growth of localized social networks such as Foursquare. These technical explanations argue that the interconnectivity of data is the most significant current development. Although these explanations are both pertinent and intriguing, none of them offers an analytical framework for assessing the developments that are now underway. In contrast, other explanations are far too broad to serve any useful purpose. How can the web’s development be understood? The web represents a compendium of technical resources, functionalities and usages, and it cannot be reduced to just one of these dimensions. The founding principles 1- Allow anyone to access any type of document

Démarer Quel plaisir de revenir à ce blog et d’écrire les premières lignes de ce billet! Je sais, je sais, voilà déjà quelque temps que mon rythme a ralentit au point de sembler se suspendre, et même, certains diraient de complètement s’arrêter. Ce n’est pas que je m’éloignais du Web, c’est assez précisément le contraire, et c’est que le Web absorbait toutes mes pensées. Il faut que je retourne un peu en arrière. Au fil des mois, les idées jetées sur ce carnet se sont cristallisées. Le projet était déjà lancé. Ne cherchez pas d’adresse ou de site. C’est certes un paradoxe que de lancer une start-up sans en presque parler. Rien de tout cela aujourd’hui… Pas de changement radical sur un carnet dont le changement radical a été et restera le sujet. … et le plaisir de revenir à ce blog et d’écrire les dernières lignes d’un billet ! Tags: Entreprendre, Internet, pearltrees, Start-up, web

Founding principles Patrice Lamothe, CEO of Pearltrees, November 2008 A short description of Pearltrees Pearltrees is a collaborative project enabling Internet users to become editors of the Web, i.e. to visualize, organize and share their navigations. By building their own Web, they collectively build the living map of the entire Web. Context The development of content creation, sharing and discussion sites has radically transformed the practice of Internet users. However, the democratization of creation has not led to the democratization of access to this content. This imbalance between democratic content creation and centralized access to content poses one of the main barriers to the development of the Web. As spectators, Web users cannot find their way through the mass of content that is of interest to themAs creators, Web users are obliged to engage in disseminating and referencing activities, far removed from their real interests, if they want to attract the audience their content deserves.

Alles über Suchmaschinen auf Pearltrees On The Internet map The map of the Internet Like any other map, The Internet map is a scheme displaying objects’ relative position; but unlike real maps (e.g. the map of the Earth) or virtual maps (e.g. the map of Mordor), the objects shown on it are not aligned on a surface. Mathematically speaking, The Internet map is a bi-dimensional presentation of links between websites on the Internet. Every site is a circle on the map, and its size is determined by website traffic, the larger the amount of traffic, the bigger the circle. Charges and springs To draw an analogy from classical physics, one may say that websites are electrically charged bodies, while links between them are springs. Also, an analogy can be drawn from quantum physics. Anyway, the real algorithm of plotting The Internet map is quite far from the analogies given above. Semantic web The map of the Internet is a photo shot of the global network as of end of 2011 (however, baloons show actual statistics from Alexa). The Internet Phenomenon

Le blog de la communauté Maintenant, vous pouvez tout organiser dans Pearltrees : documents, photos, musiques, films… Votre bibliothèque devient universelle et vous pouvez retrouver et partager tous vos contenus, où que vous soyez. Organisez TOUS vos fichiers Pour télécharger un fichier dans votre bibliothèque, cliquez sur le bouton “+” pour ajouter des perles et sélectionnez “fichiers”. Vous êtes sur mobile ou tablette ? Accédez à vos fichiers, où que vous soyez Que vous soyez au bureau, chez vous, ou en déplacement, il y a toujours un appareil sur lequel vous pouvez retrouver vos fichiers. Partagez vos fichiers en tout simplicité Les fichiers que vous ajoutez sont publics, comme toutes les autres perles. Ajoutez autant de fichiers que vous le souhaitez Dès maintenant, vous pouvez ajouter vos fichiers dans votre compte ! Filed under: Community by amsika on November 21st, 2013 | No Comments »

What's a team? A team within Pearltrees is a group of people who have come together to collaboratively curate a common interest. When you want to join a team, just click on the “team up” button to send a request. As soon as your request has been accepted, you’ll be able to curate the pearltree with the other team members. Each member can add and organize the pearls and pearltrees of the team. Each member can also decide to accept or invite other members to expand the team. The founder has some privileges : he can express his objectives for the pearltree to the team in the editorial panel, and he’s the only one who can create subteams. - Schlagzeilen Pearltrees - Visually Organize and Share Collections of Files and Links Pearltrees is a visual bookmarking tool that I first tried nearly five years ago. Over the years it has changed in response to feedback from its users. One of those changes was a transition from free-form webs of related files and links to its current format of visual squares and folders. I'm a big fan of the current format. Pearltrees now allows you to organize collections of links, videos, images, and files. All of your collections appear in your Pearltrees homescreen and from there you can access and add to any of your collections. Pearltrees offers a handful of ways to share your collections of resources. Applications for EducationPearltrees recently published a good guide to using their service in schools. Last but not least, Pearltrees now offers a slideshow display option that you can use when viewing all of the resources in a collection.

The girl with the pearl Pearl the stuff you like Pearls can be created in several ways: Pearltrees has extensions for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer that make it easy to create pearls while you are browsing the web. Using the extension for your browser you can put any content you wish to keep directly into your dropzone or anywhere else in your account with only two clicks. The extensions for Firefox or Internet Explorer: They have 3 buttons: Pearl: It turns the web page you are reading into a pearl In: It lets you choose in which pearltree you want to put the page you are reading. Reveal: One click and you will go directly into your account. Also, with Firefox you can “right click” any link and then add content directly to your Pearltrees account from right within the context menu. The extension for Chrome: It only has one button, but enables you to do the exact same things: If you use Safari or Opera, Pearltrees has a bookmarklet that works in the same way. Create pearls with Facebook and Twitter From the links you tweet!