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60 DIY Beauty Products You Should Start Making

60 DIY Beauty Products You Should Start Making
You can save a bundle on beauty products when you make them on your own at home. Some of these recipes show you how to use simple ingredients that are low cost, while others show you how to stretch out high-quality ingredients so they last longer, saving you money that way. 1. Coconut Oil Honey Hair Mask Coconut oil and honey combine to make a mask that your hair won’t soon forget. The richness of the coconut oil, combined with the antibacterial nature of the honey give this a consistency that feels amazing while applying it, and leaves your hair feeling amazing. 2. This scrub will keep you feeling refreshed with the scent of lemon combined with the pine-like smell of tea tree oil. 3. Stop buying expensive acne treatments and put Mother Nature to work on your breakouts. 4. Keep your skin looking great all summer long with this lotion specifically designed for the warmer months. 5. 6. 7. 8. Treat your feet right with this all-natural foot scrub that you can make at home and save a bundle.

Cómo construir un captador solar con botellas PET (DIY) Hace unos días nos sorprendíamos con la mayor instalación solar realizada con botellas PET. Un lector de aquél post nos dijo que quería saber cómo construir algo parecido. Aquí os dejamos esta estupenda guía gráfica que hemos encontrado en autosuficiencia y que explica paso a paso, viñeta a viñeta, todo el proceso de fabricación de un captador solar ultra económico para calentar agua reutilizando botellas PET. Que la disfrutéis. 19 Ways to Give Up Sugar 1. Avoid double agents, says Tasneem Bhatia, MD, former FDA commissioner and author of What Doctors Eat. If you think your oatmeal and yogurt are health foods, time to turn the package over. More: 11 Weird Things Sugar Is Doing to Your Body Yogurt is another sneaky sugar food. 2. Clean up your liver with these 34 foods so that your detoxifying organ can do its job keeping your blood sugar stable. 3. More: The 8 Best Foods For Your Gut 4. Chocolate is a great way to train your brain to prefer less-sweet foods because there's a wide variety of chocolate sold, from milk chocolate to upwards of 85 percent dark. 5. Instead, satisfy your cravings with healthy fats. 6. 7. 8. "The second problem is that they list total sugars, not added sugar." The Food and Drug Administration is currently working to add a line on food labels for added sugar, so Dr. 9. 10. More: 3 Tips for Mindful Eating 11. 12. 13. Dr. 14. 15. More: How Soda Destroys Your Body 16. That said, fruit itself isn't off the table. 17.

How To: Make the Best Paper Airplane (Ever) Today is your lucky day.Why, you ask? Because you will learn how to make one of the best paper airplanes of all time. Step 1. Grab yourself a piece of paper, preferably size A4 or letter. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 5 complete. Step 6. Step 7. Step 7. Step 8. How high up or down you decide to make your wing from the spine of you plane is up to you. Step 9. Step 10. You wouldn’t let a Bald Eagle loose to fly around in your studio apartment would you? P.S. Enjoy. 100 Healthy Study Snacks You Should Reach For Instead November 16th, 2010 Studying can be hard work, and you’ll need some serious brain fuel to get you through acing that exam and breezing through getting your degree. Yet the foods many students reach for when they’re deep in a study session are often not only unhealthy, but not exactly ideal choices for energy, concentration and boosting your brainpower. Instead of going for salty, sweet or fatty snacks — however satisfying they may be — try these healthy alternatives instead. Your grades, your brain and your waistline will thank you. Instead of Potato Chips Those crispy taters are delicious, but these snacks are healthier and pack more of a nutritional punch. Popcorn. Instead of Unhealthy Dips and Spreads Just because you’re not loading stuff up with heaps of Cheese Whiz and ranch dressing doesn’t mean you have to go without. Salsa. Instead of Pre-Packaged, Processed Snacks These snacks may be convenient, but they’re often packed with sodium, sugar and a wide range of chemicals. Cheese.

Él construyó una piscina natural en su jardín y el resultado es impresionante Con las piscinas naturales haciéndose cada vez más famosas, son muchos los que están incursionando en esta alternativa para tener una piscina donde refrescarte para los días de calor y a la vez mejorar la apariencia del jardín. Este hombre en una de aquellas personas que se literalmente “se ha lanzado a la piscina” y ha creado un hermoso espacio verde para disfrutar en el verano. Aquí puedes ver la impresionante transformación que tuvo su jardín: Así era su jardín cuando comenzó el proyecto en 2011. Removieron gran parte de la tierra con una excavadora. Después instalaron los conductos y tuberías de drenaje. Una vez completado el agujero, se repartieron el trabajo entre toda la familia. Aislaron la tierra utilizando varias capas de fieltro para crear el fondo del estanque. Por último colocaron una gran tela asfáltica, muy resistente y completamente impermeable, para retener el agua de la piscina. En el sótano, instalaron el sistema de filtrado natural y una bomba de retorno. Original

Pound-Melting Pilates Workout Three things are on nearly every woman's wish list: smaller pores, a fat bank account, and a Pilates body. Problem is, you don't get that enviable long, lean physique simply by showing up to class a couple of times a week. "The average Pilates session will tone muscles and improve posture, but it's probably not going to result in significant weight loss or dramatic body changes all on its own, especially if you're not watching your diet," says Kit Rich, a Pilates instructor and personal trainer in Los Angeles. An adrenaline junkie herself, Rich cooked up a way to combine the body-sculpting benefits of Pilates with fat-melting cardio training. "It's about adding cardio intervals that pump up your heart rate, then spending the 'recovery' time doing Pilates, which means you're getting the most out of every minute," she explains. The Workout Pick a form of cardio you can do for two minutes at an all-out pace.

How to Build a Folding Table: Simple DIY Woodworking Project Finding just a bit more table space in a hallway or living room, only when you need it, isn't easy. A classic solution is the drop-leaf table, a 16th-century design still useful today because it's so efficient. Lift the leaf when you want more surface area. Drop it when you want a slimmer, neater look. There are several variations on these tables--and we chose the simplest one, with a single leaf and a fifth leg that swings out to support it. It's perfect for a foyer and can be built with basic tools and a small table saw in a home workshop. Probably the trickiest step is cutting the leg tapers. Download an animated walk through and full printable plans for this project (PDF, 2MB). Make the Legs and Aprons Rip and crosscut the leg blanks and the aprons. Join the Aprons and Legs Use a dowel jig to bore holes in the aprons [ 3 ]. Make the Top Rip and crosscut boards for the top and drop leaf. Fasten the Top

Bottle sling The bottle sling (or jug sling) is a knot which can be used to create a handle for a glass or ceramic container with a slippery narrow neck, as long as the neck widens slightly near the top.[1] While classed with binding knots, such as the reef knot and miller's knot, the bottle sling is able to perform a function for which most other binding knots are unsuited. The bottle sling's specific form allows it to grip a cylinder, assuming it has even a slight flare or collar, and lift it along its axis when the knot is loaded by all four strands.[1] With appropriate size cord, most wine bottles can be reliably suspended with this knot. History[edit] The bottle sling was described in detail by the Greek physician Heraklas in his first century monograph on surgical knots and slings. Usage[edit] As the name suggests, the primary use for this knot is to suspend bottles, jugs, and other items with similar shapes. Tying[edit] Path the bight takes through the cat's eye See also[edit] References[edit]

NewspaperWood by Vij5 and Mieke Meijer NewspaperWood by Vij5 and Mieke Meijer flips the idea of materials on its head. Instead of using wood as a source to make paper, NewspaperWood uses the paper to make wood! The design was Meijer’s project at the Design Academy Eindhoven, who decided it was time to create something useful from old newspapers that no one wanted. For the launch in Milan at Salone, Vij5 invited some designers to create products using the NewspaperWood materials. Here are a few examples: Desk by Greetje van Tiem Cabinet by Breg Hanssen Frames by Ontwerpduo [via Yatzer] D.I.Y Tutorials from Free flyin’ feather D.I.Y Posted by on oktober 16, 2012 · Leave a Comment I’ve been experiencing somewhat of a writers block lately, meaning no posts on the blog for a while. Itchin’ to be stitchin’ Posted by on september 19, 2012 · 1 Comment Oh boy have I gotten the itch for cross stitch! The great DI(-Y)VIDE Posted by on september 18, 2012 · 3 Comments I gotta tell y’all, the D.I.Y blogosphere is indeed where the magic happens! Hacky Hanger D.I.Y Posted by on september 7, 2012 · 4 Comments Coat hangers are super easy to come by, you’ve probably got a bunch of old ones stacked at the back of your closet or in a dusty box in the attic, am I right? Hu(e)moristic Ombre D.I.Y Posted by on augusti 29, 2012 · 2 Comments Oh la la, ombre! Clever Corner D.I.Y Ideas Posted by on augusti 28, 2012 · Leave a Comment Let creativity sprawl into each and every corner of your home – literally! Just Bead it!

20 Inventive Ways to Upcycle Shipping Pallets by Ian Rebello | Bob Vila Nation repurposing, diy By Inthralld on Aug 19, 2012 Shipping pallets have become a bit more popular with the quest for sustainable elements and materials in one’s home. We’ve rounded up 20 great inventive uses of the bland old wooden pallet and put them together for you to gain some inspiration from. What have you made out of pallets? Visit Inthralld » Pallet Inspiration Pallet Inspiration You can find free pallets at flooring and furniture stores, lumber and stone yards, etc... Pallet stools at a pop-up restaurant by Joost Bakker for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. The whole building and all the furniture were made from reclaimed materials. An old alcohol distillery in Barcelona gets warmed up with pallet sofas. Ingenious - a multi-tiered TV watching platform. More ingenuity: a pallet TV holder. Kitchen in Lombardy by Katrin Arens, who reuses "materials from derelict country houses, cellars, and carpentry studios." Pallet kitchen island. Pallet wood kitchen cabinets.New Moon Cottage Long Beach Island, NJ Designed by: Richard Bubnowski Design LLCPhoto: Sam Oberter Photography Pallet Bed Frame. Pallet bed, side table and end table. Pallet bed by Sandbox Studios., See Lori's detailed How-to! Pallet Sofa. Books: