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ANCIENT EGYPT - History & Chronology

ANCIENT EGYPT - History & Chronology - Amduat Aegypten Buch Buecher Totenkult Mumien Aegyptologie Achilles Thutmosis III Totenbuch Pharao Totenbuch der Aegypter Digital Art ROSTAU /ROSTEAU ..the GIZA PLATEAU UNDERGROUND ... Plans & Diagrams above b&w image from "SECRET CHAMBERS" by Robert Bauval,1999 The idea of hidden secret chambers , caverns, tunnels and passageways under the Egyptian Sphinx, indeed under all of the Giza Plateau, is not a modern concept, but actually derives from the Ancient Eyptians themselves. References from the Pyramid Texts (PT, Old Kingdom , 5th Dynasty, Pyramid of Unas,2500-3000 BC), and the Coffin Texts (CT, early Middle Kingdom 2250-1580 BC) allude to several mysterious and "secret" locations. ROSTAU was the AE name for the entire Giza Plateau Necropolis, both above and below ground. SOKAR was its divine protector diety. The above overlapping swap-images illustrate the similarity of the 5th Hour of the AmDuat to Giza/Rostau plateau/necropolis, as viewed from the south side of the Sphinx. Continued on Page 2...>>.

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