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Free Online Multi-Language Number Converter From Ultralingua

Free Online Multi-Language Number Converter From Ultralingua
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Les nombres Les nombres Les mots simples Certains nombres s'écrivent simplement avec un seul mot. On parle de mot simple. Ceux-ci sont : * les nombres jusqu'à 16 : zéro, un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix, onze, douze, treize, quatorze, quinze et seize. * puis les dizaines jusqu'à 60 : vingt, trente, quarante, cinquante et soixante. * et enfin 100 et 1000 : cent et mille. Les mots composés Lorsqu'il n'est pas possible d'écrire un mot simple, on compose les nombres avec plusieurs mots simples. Prennent un trait d'union tous les nombres composés inférieurs à 100 ne se terminant pas en 1 sauf 81 et 91 : * dix-sept, quarante-huit... * quatre cent cinquante-trois... Pour les nombres se terminant en 1, on ajoute la conjonction et : * soixante et un * soixante et onze * cinquante et un 81 et 91 sont écrits avec un trait d'union: * quatre-vingt-un * quatre-vingt-onze Particularités locales En Belgique et en Suisse, 70 et 90 se disent septante et nonante. * septante et un * nonante-trois

Car Bingo / Auto Bingo, Travel Bingo & many other free PRINTABLE travel games to play in the car Car Bingo Here are two different Car Bingo games. Each has 4 different cards with the items scrambled up. Print enough for each person to have one from each game. Pennies make good card markers, or you can print fresh ones for each trip and check off items with a pencil. They will also fit into a quart sized zipper bag that you can write on with a dry erase marker. More Free Printable Car Games: Instructions for String GamesThis link takes you to another website where you can print a booklet for the "Introduction to Easy Figures". For more license plate fun, check out a fun sticker book called License Plates Across the States. Printable Coloring PagesColoring fun for the road. Printable Cootie Catcher (Fortune Teller)Personally I think it's the most fun to make your own cootie catcher. This article is copyright © For tons more printable activities, I highly recommend Ultimate Road Trip Games Download this 148 page printable bookA great book -- worth every penny!

Word Information - an English dictionary about English vocabulary words and etymologies derived primarily from Latin and Greek word origins Dictionnaire des synonymes English to French, Italian, German & Spanish Dictionary - Numération : les nombres en français. Ce module regroupe pour l'instant 21 exercices sur l'apprentissage des nombres en français et sur la numération. Attention : Dans les exercices où il faut écrire les nombres en chiffres, il faut mettre des espaces tous les trois chiffres ou pas d'espace du tout. Dans les exercices où il faut écrire en lettres, les fautes de tirets et de pluriels ne sont pas comptées. Après avoir choisi un ou plusieurs exercices, cliquez sur Au travail. Vous pouvez mettre deux nombres dans le chronomètre, séparés par des virgules sans espaces, le deuxième étant plus grand que le premier. Contributeurs : P.

Crisscross Bingo Board Maker | printable bingo boards for language classes, English lessons, Spanish, french and more These CrissCross Bingo board makers are game templates that allow you to create CrissCross bingo boards for any of the available vocabulary categories. These boards are designed to be used with the dice from the dice maker or you can use flashcards from MES-English. Below you will see options for making 3x3 boards or 4x4 boards with images. (Any of the templates can be used to make text versions as well.) You can find a write up of how to play Crisscross Bingo here. Currently available sets: I recommend laminating your boards so you can reuse them. If you have larger classes, you don't need to make 30+ unique boards.

Grandiloquent Dictionary This is the result of an ongoing project to collect and distribute the most obscure and rare words in the English language. It also contains a few words which do not have equivalent words in English. At present, the dictionary contains approximately 2700 words, though it is constantly growing. Following a large number of requests, pronounciations are now being (slowly) added to the listing, although it will be a long time before they are all added. After almost three years of work, the new Third Edition of the Grandiloquent Dictionary is now available as a PDF File. Including ~500 Words Not in the Online Version! In honour of ten years of the Grandiloquent Dictionary being available online, a special edition print version has been published! The Author's Webpage You are visitor since this counter was added. Donate0 Donate0 Experimental Search The authors intend to eventually add a search box for searching this dictionary, but for the present we rely on a more general google search.

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