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Introduction - Material design - Google design guidelines

Introduction - Material design - Google design guidelines

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How to Make an Animated GIF in Photoshop [Tutorial] If you've spent any time on the internet at all, you've probably come in contact with an animated GIF. It's an image file that allows you to feature animated images that makes it seem like the image is moving. Think of them as a hybrid between a still image and a video. Sketch AppleWatch, Watchkit Icons Free template for exporting the various sizes icons needed for your WatchKit App. A simple template for creating and exporting Icons from Sketch in the proper sizes needed for your watch app in Xcode. It does not include the iOS app icons (for your phone homescreen).

14 free ebooks for designers We've done some extensive research and found these brilliant free ebooks for you to download and read – but let us know in the comments if you've come across a good book we've missed! There has always been a healthy market for commercial books written by experts, and this isn't likely to change any time soon: sometimes there's just no substitute for splashing your cash and getting high quality content in return. That said, there's a growing movement towards free and freemium content on the web, and the quality of the content is often on a par with the books you'd part cash for. Obviously nobody can afford to print and distribute free books (with the exception of the excellent World Book Night movement), but in this age of tablets, smartphones and laptops the electronic book offers a fantastic, and very cheap, way to spread this content. So, with all that in mind, what content can you get for free in the field of graphic and web design? 01.

Creating Icons for the Apple Watch ~ App Icon Template I just released a new template specifically for creating icons for the Apple Watch. Let's get started making icons for this new platform by taking a look at how WatchKit app icons differ from their iOS siblings and how we best take on this new challenge. Most Apple Watch icons will be natural extensions of their iOS siblings as a WatchKit app complements your iOS app, it doesn’t replace it. As such we must realize that when creating an icon for this platform, we’re potentially starting out with a lot of decisions already made for us. However as iconists it’s also important that we recognize the new environments our icons will live in and the new ways users will interact with them. The Apple Watch takes something that we’re familiar with and puts it in a distinctly new frame and environment.

Building Themes with CSS4 Color Features - Cloud Four I’ve been experimenting lately with a new way to apply color values in my CSS. Instead of setting explicit values for each color, I calculate the entire palette from a small set of base colors. It’s not an applicable solution for every project, but it might be an interesting alternative method to consider. There’s something about the way I’ve traditionally applied CSS color values that seems off. Designing for the new iPhone 6 screen resolutions - Createful With the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came a new set of screen sizes, including an entirely new set for the iPhone 6 Plus, which is a first for Apple devices. As designers, this could theoretically add quite a bit of extra work and we need to find the best ways to incorporate designing for them into our workflow. Previous iPhone models Designing for the first iPhone models was a relatively simple affair.

Livret d'initiation au graphisme Livret d'initiation au graphisme© Aurélien Farina, Sophie Cure, HEAD – Genève Lead by Aurélien Farina et Sophie Cure The introductory booklet to graphics was designed by Paper! Tiger (Aurélien Farina) and Sophie Cure for Chaumont Festival graphic design. It is an introduction to the concepts and techniques of typography and graphic design, through a series of games for young and adults. By this playful way, the reader / player can "learn without understanding", "understandwithout learning how a typeface is it designed? iOS 9 Design Guidelines for iPhone and iPad iOS has matured a lot over the years. In its 9th upgrade, Apple introduced a new system font called San Francisco, 3D Touch and multi-tasking on the iPad. In Xcode, you’ll find Stack Views, a fantastic tool for making your layouts more adaptive without the complexity of Auto Layout. More than ever, Apple encourages adaptive layouts so that your design works across multiple devices.

App Icon Generator for IOS and Adroid The following chart outlines the icon sizes and additional information about each kind of icon for Apple iOS and Android that Icon Slayer outputs. iPhone-only Apps The following information was derived from: iPad-only Apps iOS Universal Apps