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Claremont Colleges Library Librarians Answer Reference Questions With Text Messages - Wired Campus For a student who doesn’t want to swing by the reference desk, there are plenty of other ways to ask a librarian a question—instant messaging, e-mail, a phone call. And now, on a growing number of campuses, students can ask questions with text messages. Oregon State University is among the institutions that have recently added “text a librarian” services. Students text a question to an advertised number during library hours, and an alert appears on the computer screen of any librarian who is signed into the library’s instant-messaging service. Margaret Mellinger, an assistant professor and engineering librarian at Oregon State, said the library staff expected that students would ask only questions with quick, simple answers. “We weren’t thinking that they were going to ask serious research questions,” Ms. Students have also asked about checking out laptop computers and locating library books. Return to Top

Oklahoma State University - Stillwater - Library Home Drexel University Libraries Home | Drexel University Libraries Le projet | Ce Serious Game a pour objectif d’amener les 12-17 ans à porter un regard critique sur leurs usages d’Internet fixe et mobile, à travers une démarche ludique. Au fil des différents épisodes des jeux, leurs usages des réseaux sociaux, d’internet mobile, des blogs, de la recherche d’information ou du chat sont passés au peigne fin… Il aborde l’ensemble des usages des jeunes sur Internet en posant les questions : De la responsabilité et de l’impact de leurs actions sur le web De la dimension temporelle du web Du rapport entre vie privée et vie publiqueDe la responsabilité individuelle et collective Il ne diabolise pas le media, approche les questions des risques liés aux usages dans un contexte positif de socialisation et invite à une réflexion prospective sur l’Internet de demain.

Home | Princeton University Library University Libraries Today's Hours Mary Idema Pew is closed until 10am Sunday Steelcase is closed until 11am Sunday Frey is closed until 7:30am Monday More » Exam Cram Extended hours at the GVSU libraries begin April 14. Exam Cram activities begin April 7. Find out what's going on to help you unwind. Learn More » Do Better Work Make an appointment today to meet with peer consultants from the Libraries, the Writing Center, and the Speech Lab. Learn More » Page last modified January 6, 2010 Expérience pédagogique avec des iPod - TIC et éducation au Canada : l'Infobourg L’application eClicker a été spécifiquement conçu pour répondre aux besoins de l’éducation. Elle permet aux enseignants de questionner les élèves par le biais de questions à choix multiples. L’enseignant doit se doter de l'application « hôte » de eClicker (25 $) pour pouvoir envoyer les questions aux élèves. Quelques jours avant de vivre l’activité en classe, M. Martel avait donc demandé à ses élèves de lui soumettre des questions à choix multiples sur la langue française en général ; une trentaine de questions qu’il avait ensuite intégrées dans son application hôte. Finalement, la journée de l’activité, M. Regroupés en équipe, les élèves avaient 15 secondes pour répondre à chaque question. Une fois le questionnaire complété par tous, il a pu s’envoyer l’ensemble des résultats par courriel. « Je n’ai jamais vu personne répondre à des questions de français avec autant d’enthousiasme », ajoute-t-il. L’enseignant a définitivement aimé l’expérience et il souhaite bien recommencer.

New York University Libraries Discovery Services - The Summon® Service A Unified Index of Content The Summon service is the only discovery service based on a unified index of content. More than 90 content types, 9,000 publishers, 100,000 journals and periodicals, and 1 billion records are represented in the index. New content sources are added every week and content updated daily. Unparalleled Customization Capability The Summon service is highly customizable. True Web-Scale Discovery The Summon service is multi-tiered system architected to span silos of content. Superior Search Experience Users can enter search terms in the basic search box or leverage an advanced search form to perform a query. Exceptionally Relevant, Easily Refined Results The unified results set delivers faster results, superior navigation and faceting, and relevance across your collection. Automated Contextual Research Assistance Saving and Exporting Results Usage Statistics Community & Support The Summon service has a strong user community.

Online seminar 2010 - Games and public libraries This seminar is over, the information is being left as a record of the training. Time : 9.30 am - 12.30 pm 24 June 2010, Australian Eastern Standard Time. (hints for other times zones ) Cost : For new players US$34.98 (or approximately Australian $38.00) Note this is paid directly to Blizzard. To participate in this seminar you will need an Alliance toon in Saufang as the seminar is taking place in World of Warcraft. The seminar will explore options of using online games environments to provide library services, especially in the area of readers advisory services. To find out more check out the slide share presentation shown left (use the right arrow key to move through it, or you can look at it here ), pre-seminar preparation and frequently asked questions . You will need to do about twenty to sixty minutes of preparation before participating in this seminar.