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XPlora (Avans University) Xplora Breda and Onderwijsboulevard both feature a professional multimedia studio. Xplora Hervenplein has some special workstations for editing audio and video. Reserve audiovisual equipment University Libraries Today's Hours Mary Idema Pew is closed until 10am Sunday Steelcase is closed until 11am Sunday Frey is closed until 7:30am Monday More » Exam Cram Extended hours at the GVSU libraries begin April 14. Exam Cram activities begin April 7. Find out what's going on to help you unwind. Research and Graduate Studies Home › Research › Research Research Integrity and Compliance Research Scholars Forum Research Scholars Forum Data Sharing & Management/Publication and AuthorshipNovember 4, 2013 12:00-1:30 Library Room 101 Data in the Research Enterprise: If publication is the coin of the realm, then data is gold!

Discovery Services - The Summon® Service A Unified Index of Content The Summon service is the only discovery service based on a unified index of content. More than 90 content types, 9,000 publishers, 100,000 journals and periodicals, and 1 billion records are represented in the index. New content sources are added every week and content updated daily. Quinney Library - Planet Green April 24, 2014 Planet Green is the multi-platform media destination for people looking for something new. Robertson Media Center - Virginia University Alternative Form of Consuming Content Michael McCarthy and John Burns, both 3rd year students majoring in Math & Econ, are taking a break from their group study to test out the newest technology available in Clemons Library. This equipment is located on the third floor of the Library. Is this an Immersive Listening Chair? Is this a 21st Century Phone booth? Stop by the third floor of Clemons and add to the list of possible names for this newest piece of technology we have available!!

Campus Repository Service The UA Campus Repository facilitates access to the research, creative works, publications and teaching materials of the University by collecting, sharing and archiving content selected and deposited by faculty, researchers, staff and affiliated contributors. Faculty, researchers and departments can use the Campus Repository Service to set up collections and deposit content into the UA Campus Repository. If you have items you would like to make available using this Service and would like to inquire about establishing a new collection, please email UA Campus Repository. Campus Collections ANR Research and Extension Centers Administration Office - ANR REC AO Webpage The REC system is a strong, vibrant organization of research and education academics supported by extraordinary research management capacity to conduct agriculture, natural resource and human resource programs that enable the delivery of the highest quality science to promote healthy citizens and thriving communities. Click Here for more information View ANR REC Locations in a larger map REC Blog Beware - Turkeys on the road! Added April 23, 2014 This title might be found on the front page of any newspaper in California!

Scholarly Communication Officers Group (SCO): UC Libraries Reporting to the UC Libraries’ Collection Development Committee (CDC), which is part of the Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG) structure, the Scholarly Communication Officers (SCO) group supports the UC libraries scholarly communication program and priorities. The group includes a representative from each campus library system and the CDL. Members of SCO also coordinate the implementation of the eScholarship program at their campus. Co-Chairs are selected by the membership for a two-year term. The July-June terms of the two co-chairs are staggered. As the current scholarly publishing environment grows increasingly diverse, distributed and unsustainable, it is incumbent upon the University to protect and make widely visible the fruits of its academic labor or risk being divested of any control over this immensely valuable scholarly capital.

Strategic Action Group 1: Scholarly Research & Communication (SAG1): UC Libraries SAG1 Charge (March 3, 2014) [PDF] Overview Strategic Action Group 1 (SAG1) is charged by the Council of University Librarians to make decisions for the University of California Libraries’ shared services and collaborative activities in the functional areas defined below. SAG1 is a component of the advisory structure of the University of California Libraries, established by the Council of University Librarians in July 2013. Research and Creative Activity NDSU Centers and Institutes According to ND State Board of Higher Education Policy, Section 307.1, a “center or institute” means a unit that has as a primary function or activity academic instruction, research, or service beyond the immediate campus community. The terms do not include space designations, or units that simply have the word “center” in their title, or units that provide non-academic services, such as dining centers. Note that many of the NDSU centers and institutes listed below have been officially reviewed and approved by the ND State Board of Higher Education (NDSBHE), the ND State Legislature, or the ND Centers of Excellence (ND-COE) program.