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AGC Awards $230,000 in Support of Workforce Efforts - AGC The Associated General Contractors Oregon-Columbia Chapter recognizes the critical need to increase and maintain a pipeline of skilled tradespeople and professionals to ensure well trained construction workforce for the future. Under the direction of the Workforce and Professional Development Council, AGC recently awarded $230,000 in workforce development grants to the following 12 organizations. It is estimated that over 2,000 individuals will be directly impacted by these grants through the various programs. Plus, it is estimated an additional 17,000 students will receive some exposure to careers in construction through career fairs and events.

4 Steps to a Useable and Used LMS The term learning management system (LMS) means many different things to teachers, administrators, students and parents. For some, it’s an essential part of their teaching and learning. Many others, however, feel their schools succeed despite their LMS – not because of it.

Center For Resource Management A major difference setting this project apart from other initiatives that tackle humanity’s grand challenges is the systems approach to imagining how society could operate. All permanent residents of the experimental community in the Center for Resource Management will have access to housing, food, water, clothing, energy, education, all at no cost. Resources will be much more intelligently managed - 3D printers, tools, bikes, vehicles, and so on will be collectively used and shared, while ensuring they are in good condition and always available without waiting lines. While the technological and social innovation in this first experimental community will be limited by the available resources, the first city and subsequent cities will incorporate lessons learned and improve every aspect of the system.

Celebrities who look alike - INSIDER NBC/Getty Images We all likely have a doppelgänger in the world somewhere. It's not just everyday people who are running into their look-alikes. Getting Started with Meditation I have a hard time sitting cross-legged for any length of time. Is this the only posture that works for meditation? The best posture for meditation is one in which you are simultaneously relaxed and alert. You will notice that when your spine is erect rather than slumped over, there is a special quality of wakefulness or presence that becomes available. When you sit erect, with your sitz bones heavy and your chin slightly tucked in to elongate your spine, a natural alignment occurs; you feel attentive, open, engaged, and bright. The challenge is to combine this aligned posture with total relaxation, dropping all tension in the body, especially in the shoulders, face (including the eyes), and hands.

Sign in - Google Accounts One account. All of Google. Sign in with your Google Account Find my account Forgot password? Sign in with a different account Create account Google Classroom is not an LMS. It’s better. I have encountered many strong opinions about Google Classroom. The overwhelming majority of these are positive like my own. However, some colleagues dismiss it by saying it is not a Learning Management System (LMS). EarthTime No layers found with that search criteria. Sorry, but it looks like your system is not currently supported by EarthTime. At this time, we support systems with WebGL enabled and running recent desktop and mobile browser versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge.